Soul Music of the World (videos)
A potent mix of neo soul, hip hop,and jazz to move and, share, and enjoy. @djcomeofage
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Introducing V.Rich -undefined-
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Wade 3: Right Now (the video)
In every generation, an artist emerges whose innovation and cutting edge style changes the face of music by combining different genres, taking music in a new direction. Ray Charles did it in the 1950’s and 60’s, merging R&B with gospel to create soul, along with Sly Stone and Jimi Hendrix who both added a psychedelic edge to their soul, funk, rock, and blues. Prince and Rick James turned the trick in the 1980’s, incorporating new wave and punk in their funk and soul. In this era,Wade3 appears ready to be that innovative artist that will blaze a new trail in music in the 2K.
Booking Agent:
Gigi Thigpen: 919-632-8181
Press Contact:
Gabriel Rich: 919-673-0538
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coming shortly
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Meet Lee: Back 2 Love -undefined-
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