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A potent mix of neo soul, hip hop,and jazz to move and, share, and enjoy. @djcomeofage
I speak for the many who find your beauty & charm to be timeless, for the multitude of men who now wander aimlessly in search of that feeling  experienced when they once first laid eyes upon you 😊
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Believe me when I say we are well connected...for fans of pure, soulful House Music, we have the hookup. DJ Elliot Sunn has been spinning only the best for years now. We featured his mixes in years past and he continues to blaze with the latest from the underground. What we like most is that he credits the artists and producers accordingly and it allows us to connect with them as well. He's an innovator, a catalyst for those of us who know there's so much music yet to discover. We salute this brother and put the spotlight on Mix #172. We hope you'll enjoy the groove.




Find more from DJ Elliot Sunn here!



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Slow Grind

A classic from the artist known as Godfather Sage...


"Slow Grind"  circa 2004

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So years ago when I lived not too far from London, I would go there often to shop in a variety of record stores. One day while sampling some new House Music, I found a piece of vinyl that definitely caught my attention.The track was "Don't Fail Me Now" and it was done by Atlantic Fusion. As was common for me back then, I decided to call the label to see if I could meet the production crew. As it turned out, it was a crew of one. One man was the producer, the label, the marketing and he was Felix Hopkins. I got the chance to meet Felix in person and have admired his work since that fateful day in the record shop. Today's download is an old recording of the aforementioned track and was taken straight from the vinyl. The song is not available for download anywhere but the world still needs to hear it. If you run across Felix one day, tell him COA thanks him for the influence and wishes him continued success. Peace, love, and house!

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An oldie but goodie mixed by the phenomenal Katy "We Live in Brooklyn" now. A fantastic set featuring music from the likes of Peter Hadar. So much great music out there. Cut those radios off and dig a bit deeper. You deserve it! For more on Unemployable, follow the link below.

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2015 was an outstanding year for us. We met a lot of our goals and planted more seeds of success. One thing we touched on a bit was music licensing. This track, produced by Stico Von Drake, comes from our vault of songs readily available for media use. Trust me, you're gonna hear more of our production in film really soon. Thanks for the support and feel free to share this with your friends.


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Ode to Unemployable Music and Katy Walker

We've followed Katy Walker and Unemployable Music for years! You feel me? Years! They've repped Brooklyn and more importantly, progressive sounds in all they do. Purveyors of house, electronica, and pure quality dance music that inspires music junkies like myself to stay true to good music. Here is "One Love Vol 2" from Unemployable and we hope it will be enough for you to dig deeper and find what else they've been up to. Happy Holidays and truly all the best for each of you in 2016! 




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"Solitude" by DJ Renay

DJ Renay and I have been friends for years, laughing with each other thru life's ups and downs. One constant reminder of our friendship is our love for music. In particular, our like passion for House Music. Here is a track I'm happy to present to you all, the latest production from my friend DJ Renay. Hope you'll enjoy...

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Mariami mixed by DJ Eric (Kenya)

"The kind of music you've waited all your life for...and didn't even know it!"  The exclusive Mariami Mix as done by our friend DJ Eric from Nairobi, Kenya. Have you purchased our app yet? Stay in touch and follow us online via the Mariami Music App now on Google Play and the App Store.



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Final Installment of Krafty Kuts

Here is the final installment of DJ Krafty Kuts in the mix. A brilliant selection of "ol skool" hip hop and rap, perfectly blended. Destined for heavy rotation on playlists everywhere. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to support Krafty Kuts everywhere online.




Krafty Kuts on Soundcloud

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Did you miss the poetry slam? No worries, we have a few posts from one of our very favorite "slam" artists. Listen the the message from the incomparable Queen Sheba. She has performed at over 200 universities, authored a book, and has countless cds of spoken word under her belt. Inspiring, thought provoking, she is nothing short of phenomenal. Lend this an ear and prepare to be impressed. More to come in 2014!


Queen Sheba

DJ Come of Age

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We're here, getting ready for 2014!!!!  Happy New Year to each of you. Big things coming so stay tuned.  Find us on Twitter and Instagram via the info below:




IG: musicforitunes



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We return with new music for you. Sorry for the hiatus but we indeed accomplished a lot the past few weeks. Don't forget to stalk us on Twitter too.





1.Jermaine Hardsoul ft. Eric Roberson - We can't finish.
2.Mayer Hawthorne - The Only One.
3.The Foreign Exchange ft Carlitta Durand - Dreams are made for two.
4.Honey LaRochelle - Spontaneous.
5.Pozi - Beautiful Girl (from Kenya).
6.Vivian Green - Anything Out There.
7.L.A.M.P - Springtime.
8.Mayer Hawthorne - Corsican Rose.
9.Robert Glasper Experiment ft. Emeli Sande - Somebody Else.
10.Vincent Bueno - Wurde Sie Nur Wissen. (from Germany)
11.Deirdre Gaddis - This Funky Ride Of LIfe.
12.Jonell - Round and Round.
13.Amerie - That's what U R.(Roughsoul Remix)
14.Honey LaRochelle - Heaven.
15.Jesse Boykins lll - No One Else.
16.Alsace Carcione - Time Travel.
17.Eric Lau ft. Rahel - Guide you.
18.Arima Ederra - Flow Chart.
19.Ayah - Find My Way.
20.Robert Glasper Experiment ft. Dwele - Worries.
21.Lisa Shaw - I'm Okay.
22.Mayer Hawthorne ft. Kendrick Lamar - Crime.
23.The Foreign Exchange ft. Shana Tucker and Eric Roberson - Better.
24.Bucie - Get Over It(Ezel Nu-Soul Remix).
25.Eric Lau ft. Rahel - Show me.
26.The Foreign Exchange ft. Sy Smith - Right After Midnight.
27.Efya - The GetAway(from Ghana).
28.Rebekka Ling - Fly Away (from Netherlands).
29.Amel Larrieux - Afraid.
30.Quadron - (un)Average Fruit (Ahmed Sirour Remix).
31.Trombone Shorty - Long Weekend

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Introducing Kristopher Lamont...

We are please to close out the year with features on ones to watch for the next decade. Next up, Kristopher Lamont! I have a vested interest in sharing the work of this seasoned soul music performer. A gentle soul and a student of music history, Kristopher's debut single "Change" is the result of years of hard work and sacrifice. Even better, we all get to reap the benefits of his efforts.

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Kristopher this past summer. We are mutually acquainted with the likes of Ann Marie Collymore (Montreal--NY), Stico Von Drake, Tensei Productions, Detrel and Pam, and others. The time we spent was an investment in ideas, setting goals, and finding common ground for releasing and promoting wonderful soul/R&B. Take a minute and join us on our journey and please provide us your feedback. Like always, once we embrace an artist, they fly on our radar for the ages. Here's my testimony to a star that will shine for the ages. Find, follow, and connect with Kristopher Lamont...the debut single "Change" is now on iTunes!

"Change" on iTunes

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Door Kickin' (Akai)--by Shade Cobain
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Introducing Chicago's Finest:  DJ Fathom


Even though we missed the opportunity to meet Fathom DJ in person during our recent trip to Chicago, we won't dare miss the chance to re-post her mix. You all deserve this. For everyone who ever claimed to love House Music , this one's for you. Download, share, enjoy and please echo sentiments of support for Fathom DJ. She's a movement all her own and you can find her blogging, speaking, and daring to plead for your support. Indeed, her voice is one for the people. To Fathom DJ, we want you to know we are listening and we'll see you next time around. For our audience, we say thanks for your support over the years. It's what keeps us going strong.



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Thousands of One: No Separation
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COA--Myxer: Ringtones and Wallpapers for your mobile! -undefined-
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Nyee Moses: One to Watch

I know!!! Nyee is "gorgeous". Je suis d'accord mais, she sings too. I just want you to listen to her, actually, we talked a bit about her in a video review. You can listen, watch, and even download her album via the link below. Then come back and let us know what you think, if you feel what we feel. Holla!

Nyee Review on!

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DJ COA: The Second Verse

The gift rested in full understanding for the power of words. His compositions always constructed to enlighten, to uplift, to bring to light essence of the unspoken.

A respecter of persons, he never intended any disrespect, alas, opportunity within grasp, the moment seized to express warm sentiment to one most deserving.

Even the first day his eyes laid hold in total amazement, her beauty as if divinely touched and having an aura non-pareil. Each day a testament that the first

impression left it's mark, her charm irresistible, her company welcomed, he resigned to cherish her from a distance.

The distance represented timing of the ages, this script written in the key of life. Destined to share with her the thoughts of many, the vibe

penned furtively, the secret revealed in both word and deed. Near the closing of his verse, the boldness taking upon a new risk, he chanced it all

so his mind would be relieved, a bet placed so she'd be assured to have his complete trust for future acquaintance. Alas, the two remaining as

friends, forever linked by his admission that began many moons ago, she remained, to him , as most beautiful....




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If It Were I.... If it were I,
I'd take you there on the warmest of days
The sand of the beach upon which we would play
In that moment, genuflect, as if in worship
Existing only to witness your receipt of full pleasure

If it were I,
I'd tender your womanhood with no less than
A thousand gentle lashes from the warmth of my tongue
The intensity of which would consume you and your
Moans would echo loudly, the words of a song only
You and I would understand..

The gentle aura would be as if forever
Your legs would spread as if the wings of angels
The rush of your waters so strong but not
A drop of your essence would spill
My stay between your wings lasting long
Long enough to know each hair of your
Womanhood, by name.

If it were I,
I'd watch from the corner of my eye even
As the anklet rolled South, the moment
Of finding your rhythm, an orgasm to take
You high it would be as if your feet touched
The bottom of the clouds...

The gentle lashes now too much to bear
You become mine, the waters now overflow
And meeting the rays of the sun,
A small rainbow will begin to form

My desire now at it's greatest
The longing for you at it's peak
For your tenderness has given me
Strength and vigor, I'd take you
And plunging deep within your walls,
So powerful and strong my thrusts
Would bury you in the sand...

But only if it were I...
And You.

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Jua: A Testament of Quality Soul Music

Some individuals may recognize early in life their dreams yet only a few dedicate themselves to the actual realization of those same dreams. And then there’s Jua. "Jua" Swahili for the "Sun", was born in Chicago, Illinois; home of the "Musical Melting Pot". He discovered at a young age that the sound of his voice blended with various types of music, moved others to take notice. Encouraged to share this talent, Jua began performing in fourth grade in the Oakton Elementary School Chorus in Evanston, IL. By the time his family moved to Alabama in 1989, Jua had developed an undeniable love for singing. He continued performing as a soloist with choruses and church choirs, in school musicals, community pageants, fashion shows and weddings throughout high school. During his junior year in 1996, Jua was selected to perform with the Alabama All-State Boys Choir. That same year, he was awarded not only the "Best Choral Member" award by the Alabama Boys State Chorus but received a full four year vocal scholarship to Monticello University in Monticello, Alabama. Before moving to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Emory University, Jua participated in the annual highly regarded All-Atlanta Chorus Gospel Christmas performance with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. While in college, Jua continued singing in talent shows and athletic events including the 1998 AT&T Professional Tennis Championship where he accepted the invitation to sing the National Anthem. Revisiting his gospel background, Jua was a member of the Emory University Voices of Inner Strength Gospel Choir from 1997-2000. The year 2000 found Jua in London, England studying abroad. Attempting to take full advantage of his visit, Jua continued to hone his craft at Open-Mic night performances at local London clubs and venues. Returning to the States to graduate from Emory, Jua has since directed all of his energy to his love of music. Since moving to the D.C. area in 2002, Jua’s musical projects have included singing with a local R&B group and being featured on an upcoming compilation album that fuses neo-soul, jazz and funk. In addition, Jua performs with the legendary Blackbyrds as a featured background vocalist. His latest and proudest undertaking is the putting together of his own CD entitled "Anticipation" which not only showcases his vocal talents but his lyric writing skills as well. Jua brings a vocal sound reminiscent of soul and R&B singers such as Donny Hathaway, Will Downing, Luther Vandross; also major vocal influences on his style, along with Nancy Wilson, Chaka Khan and Nat King Cole. Jua’s rich voice resonates with a combination of depth and fresh emotion that is uniquely Jua.


DJ Come of Age

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Cheetah Conservation Fund: Download for Dollars Campaign


Downloads for Dollars

An Innovative Partnership to Benefit Music and Conservation


Namibia, 14 September 2006 â?? The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) proudly announces ' Downloads for Dollars'  in partnership with DJ COA and Markus Ekholm of  the Swedish band Slowmo. DJ  COA and Ekholm, a world-renowned production duo, have pledged to donate fifty percent of the revenues from Internet downloads of their hit single" From A Window ". This soulful, acoustic track garnered critical acclaim in the U.S., Japan, France, and Sweden during its initial release in 2005.


Music lovers everywhere can now help the wild cheetah each time they download the hit song" From a Window,"  performed by Slowmo. The single can be found on digital music stores such as Apple's iTunes, MSN Music, Rhapsody, and Music Net. Each download will send a heartfelt donation to the Cheetah Conservation Fund on behalf of the artists.  

In the wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, many musicians donated proceeds from album sales to victims of this catastrophe. The healing power of music came to the forefront to help those in need. The sincerity of collective artistic efforts was duly noted. What effect would music have on society if it were continually used to garner attention for those in need?  In a digital society, shouldn't digital sales play a major role in fundraising? Downloads for Dollars  hopes to answer these questions. The program is a revolutionary idea partnering stellar independent musicians with established non-profit organizations, and addresses a dual purpose: (1) Give deserving artists much needed recognition and a viable outlet to sell their music; and  (2) Provide a continuous opportunity for non-profit organizations to raise money for their stated aims.


"Downloads for Dollars" was created by DJ Come of Age and Markus Ekholm of Slowmo. Together, this DJ/producer combo has garnered international acclaim with the podcast Soul Music of the World and a catalog of over 200 songs, beats, and graphic designs!

If you would like more information on CCF's research, conservation and education programmes, please contact: Heike Stackmann on +264(067) 304806 or e-mail, or Dr. Laurie Marker on +264(08)11247887) or email


DJ Come of Age/Slowmo/

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Support the Podcast: Soul Music of the World

I just want to thank everyone for their continued support. The dates for the live sessions are being planned right now. First stop in Paris on the 6th of May. More to come next week. Won't you join us? Please visit us at  CD Baby  and iTunes to pick up singles and albums. All purchases go to support the podcast and help us to grow. Also, share the links and mixes with everyone. I'll do my best to keep the tracklists readily at hand. That's very important. Finally, visit me at Myspace or drop me an email at  ! As always, I'll see you at the top! My new mixes will be at very soon.



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