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Where do YouTube beauty gurus get their music? We provide music for YouTube makeup artists, beauty gurus, fashionistas, and all content providers. Our library of songs contain instrumentals as well as vocal tracks and all are readily available for use. Our team of musicians and producers includes Panda Transport, Jay Soul (Amsterdam), Sole Profit, Markus Ekholm (Sweden) and more. We provide all permissions necessary to use the music as well as the MP3/WAV files upon request. Sample some of our work via our Soundcloud page here. You may contact us via Twitter, email, or phone.

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Kyra Simone (UK) Cup of Coffee
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If it were I,
I'd take you there on the warmest of days
The sand of the beach upon which we would play
In that moment, genuflect, as if in worship
Existing only to witness your receipt of full pleasure

If it were I,
I'd tender your womanhood with no less than
A thousand gentle lashes from the warmth of my tongue
The intensity of which would consume you and your
Moans would echo loudly, the words of a song only
You and I would understand..

The gentle aura would be as if forever
Your legs would spread as if the wings of angels
The rush of your waters so strong but not
A drop of your essence would spill
My stay between your wings lasting long
Long enough to know each hair of your
Womanhood, by name.

If it were I,
I'd watch from the corner of my eye even
As the anklet rolled South, the moment
Of finding your rhythm, an orgasm to take
You high it would be as if your feet touched
The bottom of the clouds...

The gentle lashes now too much to bear
You become mine, the waters now overflow
And meeting the rays of the sun,
A small rainbow will begin to form

My desire now at it's greatest
The longing for you at it's peak
For your tenderness has given me
Strength and vigor, I'd take you
And plunging deep within your walls,
So powerful and strong my thrusts
Would bury you in the sand...

But only if it were I...
And You.

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Akoma Aya

Akoma Aya est un duo féminin de la scène Néo soul parisienne composé d'amies d'enfance et artistes exceptionnelles, Mayi, poète/slammeuse/chanteuse et Sissy, chanteuse/choriste.
Oui, leur musique caresse l'âme et les tympans de chaque personne qui l'écoute. Une caresse. Une claque aussi. Une claque audiovisuelle et émotionnelle. Ce duo Slam/Soul est une véritable alchimie, sa musique est imprégnée de beauté, de sincérité et d'authenticité.
Eté 2008, c'est sur la scène de l'Etage que nous la découvrons. Première claque, elle est visuelle; Mayi et Sissy sont tout simplement belles. Elles apparaissent telles deux reines d'Afrique, deux reines urbaines qui interprètent leur art avec leurs tripes. Deuxième claque: auditive. Leur musique ne ressemble à aucune autre : authenticité, originalité et technicité. Elles chantent ''Guéris", nous sommes conquis. Les yeux humides, nous venons de prendre une troisième claque. Emotionnelle. C'est sur le titre "Art Organique'' que nos larmes ont coulé. La musique d'Akoma Aya parle aux âmes. Le message est bien passé.

Le duo prépare actuellement leur premier album et recherche un label. En attendant, je vous invite (et vous conseille vivement même) à découvrir certains de leurs titres comme le très troublant "Poésie" ou encore le très poignant "Voyage d'une Flamme" (Et ça se passe là :
Akoma Aya se produit régulièrement sur scène, toutes les dates sont sur leur space :

Louisa Stéphanie
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Michael Jackson turns 50!

Michael Jackson turned 50 years's my take on MJ!


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Bernie Mac: You left us way too early!

I can't believe what I just read. Bernie Mac died at age 50! This is sad for me as he was one of my favorite comedians. My heart goes out to his family and may he rest in peace.

9 Aug 2008


dj coa

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