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A potent mix of neo soul, hip hop,and jazz to move and, share, and enjoy. @djcomeofage
Jazz Essentials

Seriously, you should call us. We're doing this for you and this mix represents the tip of the iceberg. We've already dug in the crates, mastered the mix, and now we want to hear from you. It's about the music and making lifelong connections with like minded individuals. So find us, download us, and reach out to show your love. Can you do that for us? Great. Talk to you soon.

Bekay the Brass King

1-305-951-1956 Call/Text your love...

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DJ Damage: Summer of Peg

It is indeed a pleasure to introduce everyone to DJ Damage. We caught this mix as it was posted on Twitter by NuJazzSpirit's Music Blog. If you haven't already done so, stop by and get a generous portion of wonderful music and dj mixes. We are kindred spirits and have similar tastes in artistry. Another good friend and a blogger worth noting is my friend Nathalie. Her bilingual french/english posts focus on great musicians who are full of soul. Shout outs to Nat and NuJazzSpirit for an outstanding selection of musical tweets. We'll be sure to keep you close by our side.

C’est une jolie surprise que nous offrent deux amoureux de Jazz, que j’ai nommé Nu Jazz Spirit, blog français de référence en la matière et DJ Damage, membre de l’ excellentissime groupe Jazz Liberatorz. Lectrice fidèle du blog et grande fan des Jazz Lib, c’est avec grand plaisr que j’ai découvert The Breath Summer Of Peg . La tracklist ne nous est pas dévoilée, et c’est tant mieux, c’est une bonne occasion de laisser la musique couler et de juste apprécier ce que DJ Damage a soigneusement sélectionné pour nous. Big up à eux qui font vivre le Hip Hop et le Jazz en France. Enjoy ! Nathalie!

DJ DAMAGE a concocté un mix intitulé  »THE BREATH SUMMER OF PEG » en exclusivité spécialement pour tous les fans du blog NU JAZZ SPIRIT. Il a donné libre cours à son inspiration et créativité. Pour tout vous avouer, j’ai été particulièrement touchée car on peut deviner la « grande sensibilité artistique » de DJ DAMAGE et il a tellement bon goût ! Cette sélection est parfaite pour l’été ! SUBTILE et CLASSE ! J’adore ! Pas de tracklisting cette fois…Amis mélomanes … Un choix délibéré de la part de DJ DAMAGE. Seule la musique compte ! Voici donc sans plus attendre leMIX RARE sélectionné avec soin par DJ DAMAGE à télécharger !! DJ DAMAGE’s GOT SO MUCH SOUL !! – Nu Jazz Spirit

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Sunshine and Lemonade by Trizonna McClendon  (Chicago)
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Soul Flo by Anonamas
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Kyra Simone (UK) Cup of Coffee
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The Brass King Volume 3

"Of course you want the us"


Bekay the Brass King

Above Ground Music

Miami, Florida

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DJ Crash of Gullah Music put this funky mix together for the Facebook and Twitter Massive. We hope you all reconnect with him and we're gonna make it easy for you. Give us a call at 1-954-297-7473 . We'd love to hear from you or get your text messages.

If you tweet, meet us here!  @djcomeofage or @cutmastercrash

Connected Spirit Mix (Tracklist)

1. The World Is A Beat - N'dambi
2. Didibina feat.Falu - Nickodemus
3. New Day For You - Basia

4. Running Up That Hill (12'' Mix) - kate bush
5. Don't Stop the Music - Bugz in the Attic
6. C Sharp - Waajeed
7.Journey - D'Influence
8. Shatow - Artist Unknown
9. Africa - Salif Keita
10. Cuban Nasty Snip - DJ Crash
11. Sedonia's Circle - Airto
12. Smoker - Visioneers
13. StarChild (Extended Mix) - Level 42
14. Consequences - Bugz in the Attic
15. This Beat Is Mine (Extended version) - Vicky D
16. Mystery Of Love (Unreleased Demo Version) - Mr. Fingers
17. Love To The World - LTD
18. Afro Rhythms - Artist Unknown

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Mr. Mendez : Another Saturday....

I wish I could say that I "discovered" the talent of Anthony Mendez. Yeah, that would be too cool. Truth is, he was referred to "us" by my dear friend Sharon Holleran. Sharon and I always have wonderful conversations and if it werent' for an unlimited calling plan, I'd be in trouble. During one of our recent lengthy interludes, Sharon mentioned Mr. Mendez and the rest is his--story.

This is an exclusive listen and preview of his yet untitled album. Yeah, for everyone from Cali to the rest of the world in search of new, wonderful, and refreshingly good music.  Check out my man Anthony Mendez and show your love....


Mr. Mendez

DJ Come of Age


(and Sharon Holleran too)


Another Saturday
Anthony Mendez ©2005

I hate the fact you gotta come home to bullshit
Come home and do shit
Tweaking on the weekend just to feel like you’ve used it
Again I’m so tired of losing time/ But
Blame myself, because I’m the only one seeing
The choices I’m choosing
Fusing together / music with weather
Sick of California but it’s hard to fuck with
Better places / sweeter faces.
A City map full of mazes
Will get you lost trying to trace it
Drawing dreams on your legs
It makes sense to break a couple of eggs
In the process
It’s like a mosh pit, running around in circles
Acting like you’ve lost it
The cost of freedom makes you go a little crazy
Amazing what you see at bus stops
When the love stops baby
I’m going insane, I’m feeling the pain

Why on earth we gotta play
With old formulas
I’ve sold all my trust / Just to say
We should never hesitate to look behind us
Smiling as we walk away
Reminding me of Saturdays
When things are the way they should be.

Too often I find myself; teetering the fine line
In the divine search for happiness, I hunt god
But find me and nothing else
Justified by calling it discovery of self
You know / ordinary practices of artists on their mattresses
And you know, you
Get to the point where all you think about
Is you know…you
But I’m proud and I miss my momma too
I’m worried my little nephews growing up with
Out a clue on how to be a man
With the only men in his life is his crack daddy
And “Dez Hope” for the mic
Me’ I’m too busy star gazing for my name in lights
Always preaching that tomorrow I’m gonna make it right.
And his father / you know what he’s fucking like
The kind of man that would dare steal his son’s bike
Destroy a kid / sprinkle him inside his crack pipe
Not give a fuck
Then throw a couple of dollars and hopes that it’ll make it up

Why on earth we gotta play
With old formulas
I’ve sold all my trust / Just to say
We should never hesitate to look behind us
Smiling as we walk away
Reminding me of Saturdays
When things are the way they should be.
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Brent Crampton: Omaha, Nebraska--Worldwide!!

When was the last time somone thought of Omaha and House Music all at the same time? Been awhile huh? Today we pay hommage to the one man who single handedly put Omaha's music scene on the map. Yeah, you can Google the name of Brent Crampton, that would work. Or, just finish reading this post, download the mix, and then become as connected as you can without seeing pure genius spinning live around O-Town!

Brent Crampton is a seasoned DJ, Party Planner/Organizer, and a networking professional. His charisma and charm are matched by his undying love for great dance music. Simply stated, here is a guy who exudes confidence and delivers with pleasantries all the same. Not only is he a joy to watch, but his track selection in nothing short of impeccable. Deep, soulful, and full of purpose, the man the the music become "one" when he's in the mix. We already know you'll enjoy the session. Please share the moment with others and be sure to come back for more. Here's to hoping that we'll find you in the place where Brent directs the party.

DJ Come of Age

Find Brent Crampton spinning at The Loft 610: Omaha!

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It's August already...dang!!  DJ Eric in the mixx!!
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