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Bashiri Asad: Beautiful You ​Marion Lombardi and I are really onto something special. Each day we communicate and talk about the multitude of talent we have come across. Sometimes, we run out of time because the music has given way to new ideas and of course, more "work" to do. LOL How about this for discovering new talent? Check out the sounds of Bashiri Asad. Bashiri is currently working on his debut LP which will drop in July 2010. He was kind enough to send us a few tracks and we are going to honor his music by sharing "Beautiful You" with the world today. Do us a favor and reach out to him online. You can find our more about the man and his gift by reading the interview on Marion's blog titled "The Wonderful World of Carminelitta".  If this track finds you wanting more, then spoil yourself with some Hip-Hop Soul featuring Bashiri and Pariah da Poetic on Soundclick. 

We are going to continue to spoil you with wonderful music and passionate writings. Thanks for reading, downloading, and sharing our vibes. Together, we are all ONE.

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