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Beautiful by Stevy Mahy

Stevy is a beautiful human being and an amazing artist. Hailing from Guadeloupe in the French West Indies, having lived in Paris and traveling back and forth between the two places, she is a Creole woman and you can feel this bridging between the two cultures in her music. She sings in French, English, Creole, and her main subject is love. Love for her man or love in the broader and more spiritual sense of the word. Her music is very soothing and uplifting, her lyrics very inspiring and her voice perfectly smooth. You can check out her single "Beautiful" which is a perfect introduction to her universe.  Enjoy!


Marion Carminelitta London

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Moonlight Sessions by DJ Nerstylist

DJ Nerstylist returns with a new website, new mix, and even a funky Twitter account. Yeah, we nabbed the "Moonlight Sessions" mix and couldn't wait to share it. Hopefully, you'll do the same. Keep Nerstylist in your loop and we'll be sure to keep you posted on his latest. Be safe and let's keep in touch.



DJ Nerstylist....

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Introducing Soul Monique (London)

I came across Soul Monique's Podcast on Facebook. Yeah, on the page of a mutual friend and future video blogger, Marion! Seeing as we have very similar tastes, I sampled the Soul Monique Show and instantly fell in love. Not only does she play and support great soul music, she's been doing so for years ! Selfless and genuine, it pays to connect with kind personalities in this business. My hope is that you'll reach out and show your love as well. Take an interest in the Soul Monique Show, subscribe on iTunes and you'll see what I mean. Consider this a welcome opportunity to spruce up your playlists and further expand your musical horizons!

DJ Come of Age

Soul Monique

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Gagnez Poet: Perception -undefined-
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Eric Daniel and Friends: Art of Sax

How about a touch of some sweet jazz today? This should soothe your soul. We feature the sounds of Eric Daniel and Friends. They bring us the "Art of Sax" with this podcast episode. Now, how about you indulge in the melody and support our friends from Rome, Italia!   Find the crew on Twitter at

This is just a taste of the music they have to offer. As always, support the artists with a purchase of the album or digital download. We look forward to your feedback and thanks for allowing us to share our passion with each of you.

DJ Come of Age

24 March 2010

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Tru Spinna and Ty Music Present: Something Big

DJ Bounce, aka Tru Spinna, has put together "Something Big". The mixtape features the music of Ty, just a few short weeks before his new album launches. The album is titled "Special Kind of Fool" and comes to us from one of our favorite labels, BBE! Be sure to grab the debut single "Emotions" which features Serina Leah and Shaun Escoffrey. This free download is yours to share. We hope you enjoy the skits and the remixes in here. Let's keep in touch and be sure to reach out to DJ Bounce and Ty on Twitter.

Much luv,


DJ Bounce



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Wendisue: Suffer the Loss

My sister Wendisue is back!! You feel me? She's back y'all!! After extensive touring with international-supergroup INXS, Wendisue has returned to the studio and has new, exciting material coming soon.  We celebrate her return (don't call it a comeback) by featuring some of her funky material. Check out "Suffer the Loss" and find Wendisue on Facebook, iTunes, etc. Be sure to reach out and bless us with your comments. That always makes our day. This one's for you.


Peace and Love



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Meemee Nelzy: Soul of the French West Indies

We are very happy to introduce you to the music of Meemee Nelzy. She's beautiful and we're doing our part to spread her sound to the masses. Hailing from the French West Indies, he sound is a complete, satisfying dose of Hip Hop-Soul and Creole. It's an amalgamation of all things wonderful and pure. Have you seen her video yet? The track it titled "L'Essentiel" and it recently caught our ear, our attention. Be sure to download this featured track "Soulangee" and then reach out to Meemee Nelzy and support her music. Her new album is now "disponible partout" available everywhere. Enjoy the music.

 P.S. I'd be totally remiss without giving credit to my friend  Marion Carminelitta London for introducing us to Meemee's music. She's an established blogger and soul certified music lover in her own right. Look for big things coming from her and find her exceptional literary gems here!


Meemee on YouTube



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March 2010: DJ Eric

DJ Eric continues to prove that this is going to be a great year. We actually had to pull him out of the studio, tell him to take a break, go smell the roses. Well, we hope that this keeps you coming back..judging by the stats, it will! Now, go one step further and reach out to DJ Eric on Twitter.

and by now, you know where to find the rest of us...right?



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