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Warm Summer Days by Vybe (Remix)

Happy New Year to all of you....


See ya in 2011!



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"Quick" by Freddie Joachim

Gonna make this "Quick"...literally just got this via a Twitter post by super producer Freddie Joachim. Check it, download this hot track and consider this an introduction to Mr. Joachim if you haven't already recognized his talent and extensive work. I love this style of music, smooth, melodic, and soulful. Much love and much respect and, oh yeah, Merry Christmas.


Freddie Joachim


Freddie Joachim on Twitter

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JSOUL: Black Sinatra

the fruits of his labor, JSoul has teamed up with some of soul music’s most illustrious artists such as: Eric Roberson, The Floacist, Julie Dexter and the incomparable Carol Riddick; who happens to be featured on the official single, “Tell Me.”

No stranger to Hip-Hop, JSoul has collaborated with the DMV’s own, Mr. International himself, Substantial. He is crossing all boundaries and bridging them together with Black Sinatra.        

Baltimore’s own, JSoul, has been influenced by legends. He’s studied their formulas, paid his dues, and has mastered his very own unique style that is reminiscent of old school flavor, with a new school sound. Singer, songwriter and producer are three titles JSoul embodies. He has written and produced all the music on Black Sinatra. JSoul expresses his interpretations of love by using his velvet vocals, gliding them over soulful tracks. This is simply one of the many reasons why it makes him the Soul Brotha #1 to watch out for!

For PR information or booking requests, please contact Drea at 443-527-5204/  Twitter: @whosedrea

 JSOUL: Black Sinatra

 Song: Tell Me featuring Carol Riddick

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Will Vill: Wishes

This is by far one of fav rappers of all time. Check out the flow and crazy lyrical skills of Will Vill. This track is titled "Wishes" and comes from his album "The Arrival". Already half a decade old and still getting mad love and fierce airplay. I'm still conviced....



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Amber Ojeda....

Amber Ojeda shared this track with us via her Soundcloud page. We grabbed it immediately in hopes of spoiling you as usual. Her album has recently been released in Japan by Sweet Soul Records. Read the press release here.

Press Release


2011 is shaping up to be a breakout year for Amber! Be sure to keep in touch and follow her career by connecting online.

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DL Incognito: The best you've never heard...

"Live In My Element" (2006) by one of my favorite rappers, DL Incognito. Check out the song and support his work by downloading the full album via the link below.

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Production by Sole Profit

We create, license, and promote original music for film, television, web videos, and all visual media. Contact us so we may enhance your next project. Serious inquiries only!

DJ Consortium


dj coa, sole profit, jay soul, simpleX, kafele bandele, stico von drake

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Arrested Development-Ease My Mind

Arrested Development-Ease My Mind

DJ Premier Remix (Unreleased)

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Kay Flow courtesy of MrCooDoo

Time to "Welcome to the Game" Kay Flow. The newest spitter hailing out of Northern Cali by way of Southern Cali (Inland Empire). Using hard hitting punchlines and witty metaphors as the "Main Ingredient" to his recipe for success. His intricate flow ranges from a "So Soulful" aspect but easily switches with a volatile "Explosive Content" embodied by a "Savage" delivery. Schooled and raised by the legendary school of that old boom bap, Kay Flow is on a quest for the silence and "Assassination" of wack emcees that tend to act "Out of Character". His survival of the fittest mindset renders competitors weak and no match for his "Lyrical Exercise". Kay Flows lyrical prowess hovers over the opposition....This is only the beginning....

My brother Kafele Bandele

Just listen....and enjoy!

dj come of age

kafele bandele

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Ode to Matt Jam Lamont..

Earlier this week I was browsing online. Not sure where I was or how I came across this mix but it was posted as a free download. This mix was done by Carl "Tuff Enuff" Brown and Matt "Jam" Lamont back in 1997. These guys are world renown for their original mixing style of "house" and "garage" music. Thing is, I had the pleasure of watching them spin live in Blackpool and also in London. I lived in Cambridgeshire for two years in the late nineties and we  used to follow our favorited DJs all over the country. Now here I am 13 years later and still going strong. Much love to all of the DJs who have created, inspired, and made a lifelong impression for the sake of the music. We hope you'll enjoy this mix. May it bring back a memory or two for you and put a smile on your face.


DJ Come of Age

Matt "Jam" Lamont

Nakia Henry

I wanted to end 2010 with a bang. We started the year dedicating the podcast to supporting our beloved musicians, we will finish up in like fashion. No secret now, we keep Marion Lombardi very close as her passion and ear for great sounds is impeccable. London and Marseilles should be proud again as Marion has introduced us to another gem, Nakia Henry!

Nakia's album "Remember Me" is available on iTunes.  We are pleased to offer her single  "Love Letter (He Wants Me To Win)" as a free download. For lovers of Soul, this is the perfect way to round up the best of 2010. We are looking forward to more music from Nakia Henry. Her sound, style, and presence all command our attention here at the DJ Consortium. To borrow a quote from her Twitter page, "I am an active participant in the Divine FLOW. I have a lot to give, too. Remember you, and REMEMBER ME!!" Well said!

"Download, Share, Enjoy..."


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Introducing Kristopher Lamont...

We are please to close out the year with features on ones to watch for the next decade. Next up, Kristopher Lamont! I have a vested interest in sharing the work of this seasoned soul music performer. A gentle soul and a student of music history, Kristopher's debut single "Change" is the result of years of hard work and sacrifice. Even better, we all get to reap the benefits of his efforts.

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Kristopher this past summer. We are mutually acquainted with the likes of Ann Marie Collymore (Montreal--NY), Stico Von Drake, Tensei Productions, Detrel and Pam, and others. The time we spent was an investment in ideas, setting goals, and finding common ground for releasing and promoting wonderful soul/R&B. Take a minute and join us on our journey and please provide us your feedback. Like always, once we embrace an artist, they fly on our radar for the ages. Here's my testimony to a star that will shine for the ages. Find, follow, and connect with Kristopher Lamont...the debut single "Change" is now on iTunes!

"Change" on iTunes

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Prosthetik Intelligentz: Headphones

So one day out of the blue, I get this email from Ezra Baptiste and it's loaded with some fierce hip hop tracks. A short while later, we connected on Twitter.  Turns out that we have quite a bit in common. Both hailing from North Carolina and lovers of music in general. Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, you know the deal....but today we are featuring a track of his own. Check out and spread the word about "Headphones" by Prosthetik Intelligentz. This one was produced by Skittzo and was featured on the Man-Cave Music Mixtape. As always, your feedback is appreciated. Get at us!

"download, share, enjoy..."

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Adios 2010: DJ Eric Mixtape

We end the year on a very high note. DJ Eric may have outdone himself but he continued in the monthly tradition of spoiling us all. Shoutouts to my brother from Kenya and we look forward to meeting him stateside next year. Hey everyone, are you following Eric on Twitter yet? No? Well, find him at

Thanks to everyone for the love and support we have received from you over the past few years. It's been a blessing. Thanks for downloading and sharing you love and we mean that from the heart. Be sure to stay tuned, be safe, and keep in touch.

"download, share, enjoy...."

dj eric

dj come of age

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Lifetime feat Kia Bennett

Originally from Richmond, VA Kia Bennett currently resides in Washington D.C.  I first heard her work on the Soulpersona Compilation (UK) a couple of years ago. We've been in touch with Kia since then and were more than ecstatic to have an opportunity to feature her music. "Lifetime" has been a favorite of mine for a minute now. I hope it speaks to you in the same way it did to me. Take a minute to discover and share the work of Ms. Bennett. She'd love to hear from you as well. Contact Kia via email at: and as always, your feedback is always welcome.

Keep in touch!

DJ Come of Age

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November 2010 by DJ Eric

 1. Omar & Estelle - Lay It Down
2. Chris Youngblood - Love In The Morning
3. Joi - 17inch Of Snow
4. Lauryn Hill - Repercussions
5. Norman Thomas - So Good Feat. Pham Recording Artist Lenora
6. Elisabeth Withers - Alright
7. The Roots - Now or Never feat. Phonte & Dice Raw
8. Trice - Music Is My Only Mean
9. Jeff Hendrick - You're A Trip
10.C.E.L. - Fresh Nostalga
11.C.E.L. - K.I.M.
12.Rahsaan Patterson - No Danger
13.Lyfe Jennings - Learn From This
14.Ty Causey - Recognize
15.Dwele - She A Star
16.Joy Dennis - Music Is
17.Asa - Maybe


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Beautiful Sounds by DJ Nerstylist

  I started this mix in 2007, finished it in 2008, and am now finally seeing it come to fruition in 2010. I actually intended for this mix to be a CD release, but ultimately decided that making it freely downloadable would be the best approach.

The title "Beautiful Sounds" is pretty self explanatory. Basically, I wanted to take all things that sound beautiful, blend these things together, package it, then share it with all of you. When I think of the phrase "Beautiful Sounds", I hear congas, horns, bass lines, jazz chords, latin rhythms, and sultry voices singing in languages I can't understand. If someone asked me what genres "Beautiful Sounds" would be comprised of, I'd mention jazz, afrobeat, bossanova, samba, salsa, soul, funk, and anything else you don't hear on your local radio station.

I'm quite satisfied with the way that this turned out, despite all the nit-picking I could still do with it. In retrospect, I never thought that my 10+ years of deejaying would amount to me putting out a mix such as this one. Early on in my DJ career, I always thought I would remain a hip-hop battle DJ practicing to be the next Q-bert (just like everyone else in the 90's). I'm nowhere close to competing for a DMC championship, but I'm content that my style has evolved to what it is now.

My heart and soul will always yearn for beautiful music, and as a DJ that's what I'll continue to provide...

-DJ Nerstylist

dj nerstylist - beautiful sounds

1. music 101 (ft. fela kuti)
2. d'angelo "spanish joint" [virgin]
3. grupo x ft. julie dexter "whatever you dream (you can begin)" [freestyle]
4. sunshine state "day job" (alister johnson remix) [do right!]
5. elizabeth shepherd trio "reversed" [do right!]
6. the five corners quintet ft. mark murphy "this could be the start of something" (povo remix) [ricky-tick]
7. quantic ft. alice russell "sound of everything" [tru-thoughts]
8. channel two "jazz move" [kajmere]
9. boogaloo "you gotta have freedom" [gamm]
10. radio city ft. bajka "everything" [ubiquity]
11. bonobo "inbetween the lines" (nostalgia 77 remix/alternate unreleased mix) [tru-thoughts]
12. ijeoma "stand tall" (club mix) [promo]
13. snafu76/slick rick "i shouldn't have done it" (snafu76 remix) [pr]
14. little kids/gangstarr ft. nice & smooth "dwyck" (little kids remix) [white]
15. chico mann "who you runnin' from" (quantic remix) [kindred spirits]
16. akoya afrobeat "wahala" [tip of the iceberg]
17. nightmares on wax "african pirates" (troubleman remix) [warp]
18. antibalas afrobeat orchestra ft. mayra vega "che che cole" [daptone]
19. antonio adolfo, brazil, & brazuka "luizao" [farout]
20. astrud gilberto "gingele" [perception]
21. dj alibi "one day" [tres]
22. greyboy "mastered the art" (nicola conte jet sounds remix) [ubiquity]
23. k54 "candomble" [urban allstars]
24. sergio mendes "rhoda" (smooth edit)
25. mahogany "take a look at me now!" (bossa mix) [white]
26. jazzconductor "wanda vital" [dicey]
27. loop professor vs gilberto gil (get your hand outta my pocket vol. 3) [gyhomp]
28. beatconductor "swing" (extended version) [dicey]
29. beatconductor "senor blues" [dicey]
30. color climax "pa coco solo" [breakin bread]
31. jimmy castor "the return of leroy pts 1 & 2" (original larry levan album mix) [salsoul]
32. jose james "red" [brownswood]

*all vinyl mix
*equipment used: 2 1200 technics turntables, 2 qbert ortofon concordes, rane ttm-56, pioneer efx-500, adobe audition, sony digital recorder
*drops by: realism, dj be brown
*quotes by: fela kuti, jose james, sergio mendes, herbie hancock

Shouts to: Mellow Orange, The Clearing, Sidewok Radio, Vibes & Stuff, Massive Selector, Flo-Ology, The People Oakland, Homegrown Blends, One Cypher, Monday Jazz, Yusai, Terry, Shay, Francis, Jeremy, Dandiggity, Amy Nabong, Melanie, Brandon, Marky, Yosaku, Concise, Jep, Phil, all the dancers, trendsetters, tastemakers, music-heads, and everyone else that has supported me through the years.

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Fall Tonalities by Brent Crampton
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Stacye Branche is here!!
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Jovia: Justified feat Yaw

Sometimes we just seem to be in the right place at the right time. Such is the case as I happened to "discover" the music of Jovia. Actually, we were on Twitter last night and a virtual conversation about music made it's way back and forth as a series of direct messages. As it turns out, Jovia and I are related! LOL Well, we know some of the same people and therefore, we are knit at the souls. One mention of Stico Von Drake, Kafele Bandele, or Koku Gonza and you have my attention for good. See how small the world is?

I can already imagine the feedback we're going to receive about this award winning, multi-percussionist, producer, and seasoned vocalist. As beautiful as the day, Jovia's music is destined to find it's way into your hearts. We asked to feature this track which comes from her album. Find the rest of the album on iTunes and for all the Twitterholics out there, find and follow her at! Show your love....

dj coa

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Welcome to the Bunker!

I just received word that Paul Mac Innes is set to release some new material. Truth is, I'm still rocking joints from his previous release. Since our audience has grown immensely since we last featured Paul Mac, I decided to push a single from his album. So check it, here's the single "Welcome to the Bunker" by Paul Mac and T.B.O.I. Find the album on iTunes or via this link:

We're gonna keep you posted about the new release. I'm sure it's gonna be full of more funk and soul than 2010 can stand. Thanks everyone for the love and for sharing the music...we appreciate it.


"download, share, enjoy..."

dj come of age


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Summer Storm by DJ Sezy...

With winter approaching rather swiftly, we sought out one of the finest DJs around to bring some warmth to your surroundings. We're pleased to introduce everyone to another vinyl addict, DJ Sezy!

Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Sezy has been addicted to vinyl ever since she discovered her father's jazz collection at age 7. Stylish in everything she does, Sezy spins an incredible set off deep house, future jazz and hip hop, usually with a sprinkling of classics and r&b to round out the sound. Currently residing in Philadelphia, Sezy has graced the stage along side of people such as King Britt, J-Live, Jneiro Jarel, Count Bass D, John Tejada & Tony Nwachukwu (formerly of Attica Blues). In October 2004, Sezy was one of 7 applicants from the USA to be chosen for the Red Bull Music Academy in Rome, Italy. After the amazing worldwide adventure, she returned to the States to partner up with Jneiro Jarel in a record label startup, Label Who?, which released their first LP in December 2004. She is currently djing spot dates throughout Philly and the US, and working on music and film projects. Contact her at: . Tracklist below!

1. The Land Of Freedom (Slope Remix) – Hirado / Yusuke ; Matsuoka / Takahiro [Soulphiction & Slope Remixes]
2. Still Waiting – Markus Enochson
3. Truth (Bertrand Dupart Mix) – MdCL presents Sy Smith
4. Someone (Vocal Mix) – Phil Asher & Kai Alce ft Kayenne
5. So Simple – Isoul8 & Rasiyah
6. Fingers – BitterSuite
7. Searchin’ (Motor City Drum Ensemble Mix) – Joey Negro presents Akabu
8. The_Tea_(akctmatic remix) – Choklate ft A Kid Called Trizzy
9. Superman (Main Mix) – Black Coffee feat. Bucie
10. No way back (chi town mix) – Jihad muhammad
11. Where The Music Takes You – Ananda Project
12. Inspiration / Girl Of My Dreams (Timmy Regsiford & Adam Rios Remix) – Peven EverettK

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Transformerz RMX: The Feeling

Here is the new and official  Transformerz Remix  of STRANGE FRUIT Project's "The Feeling"
Special thanks to Sly for putting us up on this. Much love and respect to the Transformerz Turntablist Crew. Be sure to connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

DJ Sly

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Urbansuburbenz: The Return of Mr. Cook

Deep House legend David Cook returns to the scene with a long awaited mix for your listening pleasure. Coming from the heart of Chicago and spinning as Urbansuburbenz, we are pleased to give you the first of many mixes from his vaults. A perfect vibe to chillout with, this groove will put you in the mood for all things both good and true.  I was elated to hear from Urbansuburbenz and immediately requested some of his work to share with our ever growing audience. Feel free to share and indulge and as always, give us your honest feedback.




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Introducing Lando...."Space"

“Highly anticipated” is just one of the thoughts that come to mind when you think of Lando’s music you can use sophisticated, smooth, and heart felt.  Lando, who was born Orlando R. Joiner, started singing at the young age of 5.  Raised on Detroit’s West Side Lando was never certain he wanted to pursue a music career.  This came as a surprise to most because he sang in church. “I’ve always loved music but singing was another thing”, Lando says when asked how his career got started. Lando was always good with numbers so he decided to go to school and become an accountant.  “I couldn’t think of anything else to do being as though I was so good with numbers,” he says humbly about himself. 

If you’ve ever had the chance to experience Lando’s vocal style; then you know you’re in for a treat.  Lando’s delivery is distinctive and captivating when he effortlessly stretches his elastic tenor tone way beyond the limits of many.  Lando has gained a ton of recognition for his strong vocal talent, insightful lyrics, and bold performances.  Lando has the making of greatness and will continue to shower his fans with great music. 

Get in touch, buy the album on iTunes and reach out to Lando on Twitter!

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Mandjou Mix by DJ Crash

1.Boy Remix - Ra Ra Roit
2.Take Me On - ah ha
3.Every little thing - The Police
4.She Really Likes It - Agape
5.Sun - Floating Points
6.Mandjou - Salif Keita
7.Three Thousand and Five - 4hero
8.Drive - The Cars
9.Beloved (Thievery Corporation Remix) - Anoushka Shankar
10. Music - The Brand New Heavies
11. 2 Be you - Raheem De'Vaughn
12. Can't Hardly Wait - N'dambi
13. Star - Slum Village
14. Who Dat - JT Money
15. Viagem - Daniela Mercury
16. Dub Y Guaguanco - Quantic Presenta: Flowering Inferno
17. Play With The Changes - 4hero
18. The Bass Line - Fatlip
19. What I Write - Elzhi
20. Water No Get Enemy - Fela Kuti

Listen, feel, meditate, let go, enjoy and dance to "Mandjou Mix", meant for all who are aware and open to the feeling of music, sound and rhythm. Feel free to leave comments and reach out about the mix.

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What U Said by Rebekka feat Big Pooh

I think we need to get used to hearing from Rebekka Maeland! This rising and shining star from Norway is poised to find her audience and her niche in the music biz. Performing simply as "Rebekka", she has a new label, a new band, and some damn good music. The buzz has started on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. We now have a free download of "What You Said" featuring rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother Fame. We hope you will enjoy this track as much as we have and feel free to share your thoughts and feedback. Stay tuned as we have much more to come.

DJ Come of Age


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Midas Dutch: Missy vs Midnight Star by Jay Soul (Shanghai--Amsterdam)
Direct download: Midas_Dutch_Jay.Soul_Blend.mp3
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Shu: I Wanna Leave

In the early days of our podcast, we featured Shu on the show. Well, here we are 5 years later and this guy's music is just as captivating now as it was then. With social networking sites creating an easy medium to share, we thought we'd re-introduce Shu to our newfound friends and followers. Download, share, and reach out to support Shu. Find his album on iTunes and It's titled  "Shusic".

dj come of age

global reach--global appeal

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London's finest on the wheels of steel, DJ Bounce. Check out his latest, hot off the press is the "Jazz Cafe Mix Volume 2." Catch up with DJ Bounce at his website and/or Twitter page. Much luv!



DJ Bounce on Twitter...


DJ Bounce Homesite

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Isaac Ssebandeke

Once again, Marion was right! Another winner, this young man presents with the grace and prose of a seasoned poet. Isaac Ssebandeke has a story to tell and we are listening. I love his verses, sitting back and listening while in awe, wishing I had talent like this. Nevertheless, it's just as well to be sitting in the front row seat while taking it all in.  Taken from his debut EP, this track is titled "Anthem for Confused Youths". Without further adieu and in hoping ot hear from you, we give you Mr. Ssebandeke....

get in touch!

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Michael Jackson Tribute Mixx by Deejay Eric

World famous DJ Eric, Kenya's finest, put together this tribute mix to Michael Jackson a couple of months back. Due to his busy schedule it took a while to catch up to him. Well, it's never too late to listen and celebrate the music of MJ. Well, what can we say...enjoy this mix and find us on Twitter for more mixes.


DJ Eric

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Labor Day Mixdown by DJ Eric

Labor Day USA? Shouldn't this be our day off? Yeah right! DJ Eric sent in the September Mixx and just in time. So go ahead and download it and then, send us your feedback. We're working on tour dates right now....



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Jazz Essentials

Seriously, you should call us. We're doing this for you and this mix represents the tip of the iceberg. We've already dug in the crates, mastered the mix, and now we want to hear from you. It's about the music and making lifelong connections with like minded individuals. So find us, download us, and reach out to show your love. Can you do that for us? Great. Talk to you soon.

Bekay the Brass King

1-305-951-1956 Call/Text your love...

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DJ Damage: Summer of Peg

It is indeed a pleasure to introduce everyone to DJ Damage. We caught this mix as it was posted on Twitter by NuJazzSpirit's Music Blog. If you haven't already done so, stop by and get a generous portion of wonderful music and dj mixes. We are kindred spirits and have similar tastes in artistry. Another good friend and a blogger worth noting is my friend Nathalie. Her bilingual french/english posts focus on great musicians who are full of soul. Shout outs to Nat and NuJazzSpirit for an outstanding selection of musical tweets. We'll be sure to keep you close by our side.

C’est une jolie surprise que nous offrent deux amoureux de Jazz, que j’ai nommé Nu Jazz Spirit, blog français de référence en la matière et DJ Damage, membre de l’ excellentissime groupe Jazz Liberatorz. Lectrice fidèle du blog et grande fan des Jazz Lib, c’est avec grand plaisr que j’ai découvert The Breath Summer Of Peg . La tracklist ne nous est pas dévoilée, et c’est tant mieux, c’est une bonne occasion de laisser la musique couler et de juste apprécier ce que DJ Damage a soigneusement sélectionné pour nous. Big up à eux qui font vivre le Hip Hop et le Jazz en France. Enjoy ! Nathalie!

DJ DAMAGE a concocté un mix intitulé  »THE BREATH SUMMER OF PEG » en exclusivité spécialement pour tous les fans du blog NU JAZZ SPIRIT. Il a donné libre cours à son inspiration et créativité. Pour tout vous avouer, j’ai été particulièrement touchée car on peut deviner la « grande sensibilité artistique » de DJ DAMAGE et il a tellement bon goût ! Cette sélection est parfaite pour l’été ! SUBTILE et CLASSE ! J’adore ! Pas de tracklisting cette fois…Amis mélomanes … Un choix délibéré de la part de DJ DAMAGE. Seule la musique compte ! Voici donc sans plus attendre leMIX RARE sélectionné avec soin par DJ DAMAGE à télécharger !! DJ DAMAGE’s GOT SO MUCH SOUL !! – Nu Jazz Spirit

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Sunshine and Lemonade by Trizonna McClendon  (Chicago)
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Soul Flo by Anonamas
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Kyra Simone (UK) Cup of Coffee
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The Brass King Volume 3

"Of course you want the us"


Bekay the Brass King

Above Ground Music

Miami, Florida

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DJ Crash of Gullah Music put this funky mix together for the Facebook and Twitter Massive. We hope you all reconnect with him and we're gonna make it easy for you. Give us a call at 1-954-297-7473 . We'd love to hear from you or get your text messages.

If you tweet, meet us here!  @djcomeofage or @cutmastercrash

Connected Spirit Mix (Tracklist)

1. The World Is A Beat - N'dambi
2. Didibina feat.Falu - Nickodemus
3. New Day For You - Basia

4. Running Up That Hill (12'' Mix) - kate bush
5. Don't Stop the Music - Bugz in the Attic
6. C Sharp - Waajeed
7.Journey - D'Influence
8. Shatow - Artist Unknown
9. Africa - Salif Keita
10. Cuban Nasty Snip - DJ Crash
11. Sedonia's Circle - Airto
12. Smoker - Visioneers
13. StarChild (Extended Mix) - Level 42
14. Consequences - Bugz in the Attic
15. This Beat Is Mine (Extended version) - Vicky D
16. Mystery Of Love (Unreleased Demo Version) - Mr. Fingers
17. Love To The World - LTD
18. Afro Rhythms - Artist Unknown

Direct download: Connected_Spirit_Mix_by_DJ_Crash_of_Gullah_Music.mp3
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Mr. Mendez : Another Saturday....

I wish I could say that I "discovered" the talent of Anthony Mendez. Yeah, that would be too cool. Truth is, he was referred to "us" by my dear friend Sharon Holleran. Sharon and I always have wonderful conversations and if it werent' for an unlimited calling plan, I'd be in trouble. During one of our recent lengthy interludes, Sharon mentioned Mr. Mendez and the rest is his--story.

This is an exclusive listen and preview of his yet untitled album. Yeah, for everyone from Cali to the rest of the world in search of new, wonderful, and refreshingly good music.  Check out my man Anthony Mendez and show your love....


Mr. Mendez

DJ Come of Age


(and Sharon Holleran too)


Another Saturday
Anthony Mendez ©2005

I hate the fact you gotta come home to bullshit
Come home and do shit
Tweaking on the weekend just to feel like you’ve used it
Again I’m so tired of losing time/ But
Blame myself, because I’m the only one seeing
The choices I’m choosing
Fusing together / music with weather
Sick of California but it’s hard to fuck with
Better places / sweeter faces.
A City map full of mazes
Will get you lost trying to trace it
Drawing dreams on your legs
It makes sense to break a couple of eggs
In the process
It’s like a mosh pit, running around in circles
Acting like you’ve lost it
The cost of freedom makes you go a little crazy
Amazing what you see at bus stops
When the love stops baby
I’m going insane, I’m feeling the pain

Why on earth we gotta play
With old formulas
I’ve sold all my trust / Just to say
We should never hesitate to look behind us
Smiling as we walk away
Reminding me of Saturdays
When things are the way they should be.

Too often I find myself; teetering the fine line
In the divine search for happiness, I hunt god
But find me and nothing else
Justified by calling it discovery of self
You know / ordinary practices of artists on their mattresses
And you know, you
Get to the point where all you think about
Is you know…you
But I’m proud and I miss my momma too
I’m worried my little nephews growing up with
Out a clue on how to be a man
With the only men in his life is his crack daddy
And “Dez Hope” for the mic
Me’ I’m too busy star gazing for my name in lights
Always preaching that tomorrow I’m gonna make it right.
And his father / you know what he’s fucking like
The kind of man that would dare steal his son’s bike
Destroy a kid / sprinkle him inside his crack pipe
Not give a fuck
Then throw a couple of dollars and hopes that it’ll make it up

Why on earth we gotta play
With old formulas
I’ve sold all my trust / Just to say
We should never hesitate to look behind us
Smiling as we walk away
Reminding me of Saturdays
When things are the way they should be.
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Brent Crampton: Omaha, Nebraska--Worldwide!!

When was the last time somone thought of Omaha and House Music all at the same time? Been awhile huh? Today we pay hommage to the one man who single handedly put Omaha's music scene on the map. Yeah, you can Google the name of Brent Crampton, that would work. Or, just finish reading this post, download the mix, and then become as connected as you can without seeing pure genius spinning live around O-Town!

Brent Crampton is a seasoned DJ, Party Planner/Organizer, and a networking professional. His charisma and charm are matched by his undying love for great dance music. Simply stated, here is a guy who exudes confidence and delivers with pleasantries all the same. Not only is he a joy to watch, but his track selection in nothing short of impeccable. Deep, soulful, and full of purpose, the man the the music become "one" when he's in the mix. We already know you'll enjoy the session. Please share the moment with others and be sure to come back for more. Here's to hoping that we'll find you in the place where Brent directs the party.

DJ Come of Age

Find Brent Crampton spinning at The Loft 610: Omaha!

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It's August already...dang!!  DJ Eric in the mixx!!
Direct download: August_Mixtape_djeric04.mp3
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Nneka--Concrete Jungle (Show Your Love)



Shout outs to ma partenaire Marion Lombardi for all of her help in keeping the podcast rolling along smoothly. She's currently on assignment and trying to catch up with E. Badu during her stint in London. So, have you heard of Nneka? People are still emailing us about Nneka's latest album titled "Concrete Jungle". In our opinion, it is one of the most complete and soulful works of the year. Case in point, well, listen to this groove titled "Come With Me" which we've recently put in heavy rotation. Thanks to Jamiena Shah (Toronto) and producer Stico Von Drake (Chicago) for their drops. Thanks always to the Facebook and Twitter Massive for continued support. Because of you, we have more music on the way. Stay tuned....

dj come of age...

Direct download: Nneka--Concrete_Jungle.mp3
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Direct download: Kick_In_the_Door--Shade_Cobain_Remix.mp3
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Door Kickin' (Akai)--by Shade Cobain
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Omaha's Finest: DJ Brent Crampton

Brent Crampton is single handedly putting the city of Omaha on the map. I had the pleasure of making his acquaintance this past weekend. After witnessing his remarkable set of splendid house music, I asked if he'd contribute a mix to our show. Brent obliged and the result is the posting of his "Deep Coffee House Mix". Check out more of his work via his site at . A noted DJ, graphic designer, publicist and many other talents. Brent is, in a word, remarkable and we look forward to sharing more of his work in the near future. Better yet, the day will come when we will share the stage. You may have to come to Omaha to see it, but it will be worth the wait. Until next time, enjoy!!


Brent Crampton

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Introducing Chicago's Finest:  DJ Fathom


Even though we missed the opportunity to meet Fathom DJ in person during our recent trip to Chicago, we won't dare miss the chance to re-post her mix. You all deserve this. For everyone who ever claimed to love House Music , this one's for you. Download, share, enjoy and please echo sentiments of support for Fathom DJ. She's a movement all her own and you can find her blogging, speaking, and daring to plead for your support. Indeed, her voice is one for the people. To Fathom DJ, we want you to know we are listening and we'll see you next time around. For our audience, we say thanks for your support over the years. It's what keeps us going strong.



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Herma Puma: Pimp Rocker

Herma Puma: Pimp Rocker

We want to continue bringing you the best in music all year long. Fresh off my road trip to Chicago, this track comes from supaproducers Herma Puma.  Herma Puma is the duo of  Simple X and Pimpernel Jones.
 I'll be the first to admit that I'm a beat fanatic. Instrumentals and dope beatz are a fine passion for this ageless B-Boy. No wonder I like to share and promote the music  of the ill headz who are creating these masterpieces. The timing couldn't be more perfect as the new album from Herma Puma drops today on First Word Records and globally on iTunes, Amazon, and all digital stores. Show your love and expand your playlist with some "real" hip hop. Without further adieu we give you a snippet of  Herma Puma. Enjoy.



Herma Puma
1. 7/12 release date on itunes, amazon, etc.
2. 7" single comes with free download code for lp
Twitter Following @hermapuma @SimpleXmusic  or connect with them on Facebook !
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We're on Twitter now and loving it.  @djcomeofage so find us there. This snippet of a mix features Memee Nelzy, Nicole Willis, and Ayah. Download, share, and enjoy...the full mix is coming soon.



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Koku Gonza: So High (Confessions of a Songwriter)

​Koku Gonza is the definition of natural talent. She is a singer who specializes in song writing and her music can be categorized in different genres-- nu soul, rhythm and blues, electro soul, etc.

Koku was influenced by two key musicians in her life--her father and her mother. Her father, a renowned Tanzanian composer and guitarist, exposed Koku to the African music of his roots.  Koku Gonza's mother, a flute/sax player and a cultured musician from the U.S. , shared her knowledge in multiple genres such as Gospel, Jazz and Classical music with Koku.  Koku Gonza inclines the creativity of a combination of various styles of music. 

At a young age, Koku learned how to play piano and sang Gospel in the Classical Citywide children's choir. While attending college, she studied music production and song writing at Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington before deciding to pursue a career in the music industry.

Koku Gonza's voice is unique. Her love for the guitar has resulted in mandatory accompaniment with most of her songs, but she works with different instruments to create her unique sound.

She performed at the Chicago Soul Music Festival with the Legendary ROY AYERS, the Super Soul event with Grammy Nominated YAHZARAH from Foreign Exchange and the Peace House Africa -Tanzania Exposed, an organization which shelters AIDS orphans, with Grammy Nominated MATTHEW SANTOS.

Her style can be heard in a jumping house beat or a soft melodic down tempo tune.

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Aletta: A Jump At The Sun Well, the first two songs ('Drowning' and the title-track 'A jump at the Sun') were posted yesterday, and it won't be long till some more songs of my album will be online too.
The album is now very close to it's release, and I wanted to let you know, not just about me, but also about the other people who worked on this album.

I started writing these songs last year, just me and my piano. Back then I just had the ideas and some sounds in my head. With those ideas I went to Mack (aka Illyg@ll) who is a great producer. Every one of you should check him out, he's in my top-friends!
I would like to thank everybody that worked and helped me on making this album, I've worked with the greatest. So for everyone who doesn't know yet.. These are the names behind the beautiful art and music, these are the album credits:

- All songs written and performed by Aletta
- All songs produced by Mack aka Illyg@ll(exept 'over you' by Mack and Dopey)
- Bass by Erik Rademakers
- Artwork by Kiko (Luis Fortes)
- Artwork inspired by pic Hans van Eijsden
- Mastered by Budy Mokoginta
- Lay-out by Maud van Velthoven
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We're NOT Who You Think We Are!
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1. Larie II - Average Brother
2. Ambersunshower - Chide
3. Priscilla Cruz - Crushin
4. 45 - Fagettabouttit feat.Youngs
5. 45 - Sole Muzic feat.Suji Tap
6. Jill Scott - It's Love
7. Meemee Nelzy - Soulagée
8. The Brand New Heavies - We've Got
9. Tone Trezure - come with me
10.Angela Johnson - Days
11.Macy Gray - On & On
12.D' Cheri - I'm Alive
13.Kenny Lattimore - Just What it Takes (Human Rhythm Remix)
14.Leela James - So Cold
15.Aaradhna - I Love You Too
16.Yahzarah - Love Come Save The Day
17.Foreign Exchange - Nic's Groove
18.A Race Of Angels - We
19.Lauren Santiago - autumn enemy
20.Five Point Plan - Solid Ground
21.Angela Johnson - Indie In Me
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Bashiri Asad: Beautiful You ​Marion Lombardi and I are really onto something special. Each day we communicate and talk about the multitude of talent we have come across. Sometimes, we run out of time because the music has given way to new ideas and of course, more "work" to do. LOL How about this for discovering new talent? Check out the sounds of Bashiri Asad. Bashiri is currently working on his debut LP which will drop in July 2010. He was kind enough to send us a few tracks and we are going to honor his music by sharing "Beautiful You" with the world today. Do us a favor and reach out to him online. You can find our more about the man and his gift by reading the interview on Marion's blog titled "The Wonderful World of Carminelitta".  If this track finds you wanting more, then spoil yourself with some Hip-Hop Soul featuring Bashiri and Pariah da Poetic on Soundclick. 

We are going to continue to spoil you with wonderful music and passionate writings. Thanks for reading, downloading, and sharing our vibes. Together, we are all ONE.

DJ Come of Age

Marion Lombardi

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Tish by DJ Come of Age: Various Artists
Direct download: DJ_Come_of_Age_-_Tish_1.mp3
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Tish 2: The Complete Neo Soul Mix by DJ COA
Direct download: TISH_2_Continuous_Mix.mp3
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Jahah: Mamas Only Son
Direct download: 14_-_Leave_a_Message.mp3
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Thousands of One: No Separation
Direct download: 02_-_No_Separation.mp3
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Rachel Claudio: Claudiography
Direct download: Water_by_Rachel_Claudio.mp3
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Lauren Santiago et Freddie Joachim: YES
Direct download: Yes.mp3
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Lauren Santiago: Autumn Enemy
Direct download: 02_Lauren_Santiago-_Autumn_Enemy-_Sundays_EP.mp3
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Always Time To Celebrate with DJ Eric
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Marion Lombardi Reviews Choklate (en francais)

J’ai découvert Choklate il y a plusieurs années, avec ce premier album éponyme et j’ai tout de suite été séduite. L’album a tous les critères pour être qualifié de classique, même si Choklate est relativement nouvelle sur la scène soul indépendante.

Ce qui m’a tout d’abord attirée est la très grande qualité des productions, qui créent une impression d’ensemble très soul, mais avec une touche moderne et des rythmes entraînants. Une grande place est donnée aux instruments (notamment guitare, piano et cuivres), ce qui est quelque chose que j’apprécie tout particulièrement. Cet aspect de l’album est l’une des raisons pour lesquelles je le qualifie de classique : il y a un côté intemporel, signe de qualité, et cela permet d’écouter l’album régulièrement sans se lasser.

Ensuite, un élément très important est la voix de Choklate, si particulière et agréable à écouter. Je me laisse bercer par les différents styles qu’elle adopte et avec lesquels elle est toujours à l’aise. Sa voix a une certaine chaleur, elle est apaisante et me permet de voyager encore plus facilement dans son monde.

Enfin, une autre raison pour laquelle je suis vraiment séduite par la musique de Choklate et par cet album est l’écriture et les messages qu’elle fait passer. Choklate est très honnête et ouverte lorsqu’il s’agit d’exprimer ce qu’elle pense et ressent, et cela me permet de m’identifier à elle et de me retrouver dans ses mots. Dans cet album, elle aborde le thème de l’amour, mais traite aussi de la vie en général et la société actuelle, toujours avec optimisme et beaucoup d’inspiration. Ses textes sont très bien écrits, pleins de métaphores et sont très motivants et encourageants.

L’album permet de découvrir son univers et de suivre ses traces en passant par l’amour et les relations de couple (Never change, Incredible, Amazing, Wish I hadn’t told you and Whenever), puis par les hauts et les bas de la vie (Thank you, Long way, Heavy, Bigger than you).  

Même si tous les titres sont très bons, il y en a quelques-uns qui sortent du lot et que j’apprécie tout particulièrement. Tout d’abord, sa très belle déclaration d’amour à la musique (Dedicated to music), car elle décrit très bien ce que je ressens personnellement, et elle imagine la musique comme un partenaire, et sa relation avec elle comme celle d’un couple. Je peux tout à fait me reconnaître dans ses mots : ‘it’s the music that keeps my sanity’. Ensuite,  Bigger than you est un message très positif, qui encourage ses auditeurs à réaliser qu’il y a une ‘force’ supérieure, une connection entre les gens, qui permet de voir la vie de façon plus spirituelle et de lui donner une signification plus importante. Enfin, le magnifique What’s about to go down est pour moi digne des plus grands classiques soul, par sa production parfaite, l’utilisation des instruments et surtout la place laissée à la musique elle-même, qui m’a beaucoup touchée. Dans ce morceau, Choklate encourage également à se retrouver, à se rapprocher les uns des autres, et je dois dire que grâce à cet album je me sens plus proche d’elle et des gens qui apprécient le même genre de musique.

 Marion Lombardi

Direct download: Choklate_-_6.8_Billion.mp3
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If it were I,
I'd take you there on the warmest of days
The sand of the beach upon which we would play
In that moment, genuflect, as if in worship
Existing only to witness your receipt of full pleasure

If it were I,
I'd tender your womanhood with no less than
A thousand gentle lashes from the warmth of my tongue
The intensity of which would consume you and your
Moans would echo loudly, the words of a song only
You and I would understand..

The gentle aura would be as if forever
Your legs would spread as if the wings of angels
The rush of your waters so strong but not
A drop of your essence would spill
My stay between your wings lasting long
Long enough to know each hair of your
Womanhood, by name.

If it were I,
I'd watch from the corner of my eye even
As the anklet rolled South, the moment
Of finding your rhythm, an orgasm to take
You high it would be as if your feet touched
The bottom of the clouds...

The gentle lashes now too much to bear
You become mine, the waters now overflow
And meeting the rays of the sun,
A small rainbow will begin to form

My desire now at it's greatest
The longing for you at it's peak
For your tenderness has given me
Strength and vigor, I'd take you
And plunging deep within your walls,
So powerful and strong my thrusts
Would bury you in the sand...

But only if it were I...
And You.

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Salakida: The Resurrection (Kiss the Sky) Salakida is back and her timing is just right! Her new album is titled "The Resurrection" and we've been given an advance screening courtesy of this featured download. In the office, it's unanimous! Today's track is none other than "Kiss the Sky" and it's laced with all of the funk, soul, and signature grooves that Salakida is known for. Our podcast first featured her music about five years ago and we held on to our claim that she was more than one to watch. Now, in 2010, we are more than proud of her body of musical contributions. From shout outs, videos, album release parties and then some, Salakida continues to stay true to her talent and we won't hesitate with keeping her in heavy rotation. Feel free to download, share, and enjoy this track and let's hear from you....

DJ Come of Age

Direct download: Kiss_the_Sky_by_Salakida.mp3
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1. Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't Be Long
2. Choklate - Incredible
3. Jean Baylor - Morning Time
4. Algebra Blessett - Do It For Me
5. Steve Wallace - Searchin' (Vibey Ayers Mix)
6. Blackshire - Tonight
7. Elliot Luv - Letting You Go
8. Common Feat. Marsha Ambrosius - The Light (REMIX)
9. Darien - Gone
10.Brian McKnight - Grown Man Business
11.Anonamas - Soul Flo Powers
12.Ayah-might not be
13.Jerzee Monet - Most High
14.Fertile Ground - Like Poetry
15.Zap Mama ft Erykah Badu - Bandy Bandy
16.keke wyatt-who knew
17.Colonel Red - The Flow
18.Gianna-picking up the pieces
19.Philip Clark - World Turns Around

Direct download: deejayeric_May_Mixx_Tape_2010.mp3
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Anesia Williams is determined to make 2010 her breakout year. She began with new vision, website, and of course, some new tracks! We are happy to have the live, instrumental version of her song "Can't Be A Fool" which is flying off the digital shelves online. You can follow up to sample her vocals and support her indie release! In the meantime, we'll keep you posted on the release date of her full album. Also, stay tuned for our Q&A session with Aniesia as we continue to put you in touch with the artists. Download, share, enjoy...and do keep in touch.

DJ Come of Age

Aniesia Williams
Direct download: Aniesia_Williams-Cant_Be_a_Fool_Live.mp3
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Jaleenah Birdland by Marion Lombardi  Marion Lombardi's interview with Jaleenah Birdland has done wonders to expand the audience of both artists. The passion that Marion exudes , when coupled with the gifts of a stellar chanteuse, are more than enough to capture our attention. We are pleased to share in the connection of beautiful music as we offer a featured track from Jaleenah's upcoming debut album.  "Out of My World" comes from the soon to be released 'Just Jalee'. As we aim to keep you posted on the album's developments, we hope that you will enjoy this exclusive interview and delve deep into the life of this future star. You may indulge here: Marion et Jaleenah and please share your thoughts and comments with us.

DJ Come of Age

Marion Lombardi

"download, share, enjoy..."
Direct download: Out_of_my_world_by_Jaleenah.mp3
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DJ Eric: The Saga Continues

We spoke briefly with DJ Eric earlier in the week. He's currently balancing life as a superstar DJ and soon to be label owner. He confessed that after all these years, his mixes are starting to take him place beyond the walls of his quaint studio. The first mix we posted by DJ Eric was well received! At times, we couldn't keep up with the influx of "fan" mail that found it's way to our inbox. You'd figure that he'd be used to it by now. LOL! A kind person and with an even gentler demeanor, DJ Eric will shun the spotlight everytime. That's okay because that's where we come in to sing worthy praises and even more deserved accolades. So on behalf of everyone who vibes to this brand of music, we are set to bob our heads in agreement and extend a virtual embrace to DJ Eric. All the best bro!


DJ Eric

This featured mix includes the music of John Legend, Choklate, Dwayne Wiggins, Incognito, V, Jay Dee, Platinum Pied Pipers, Maxwell, Darien, and others. Please support the artists and feel free to share the mix.

Direct download: deejayeric04_on_Sultry_Songbird_Show_Week_3.mp3
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Introducing Philip Clark: World Turns Around -undefined-
Direct download: World_Turns_Around_by_Philip_Clark.mp3
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Bashiyra : Don't Get In My Face

We love our work here at the DJ Consortium. Connecting beautiful music with wonderful people. Today's offering showcases the artistry of Bashiyra and we are elated to bring you "Don't Get In My Face" as a featured download! Take a minute to review her biography and you will discover that she is a seasoned performer with a stellar resume backing the likes of Patti Labelle, Diana Ross, and others. Bashiyra's onstage presence is captivating, her voice powerful, the music full of substance and appeal. If you're lucky enough to catch her live, or in between Atlanta and London, so much the better! Until then, keep updated with Bashiyra's music by visiting her at her homesite!

Her new album is titled "Thought You Knew" and is now available on iTunes,, and . This is a winner and we predict it won't be long before you'll add to your playlists. Let us know your thoughts and reach out to us and support the work of our friend Bashiyra!

Direct download: Dont_get_in_My_face.You.2009.mix.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:58am UTC

Introducing the Soulrific Podcast Show -undefined-
Direct download: Soulrific_Episode_76.mp3
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Gabbie McGee: Mississippi's Daughter

We've been in contact with some wonderful artists the past few weeks. I was so happy, elated even, to speak with Gabbie McGee. See, Gabbie and I "met" a few years ago shortly after I listened to her debut cd "Certified Soul Starring Gabbie McGee...". We featured the track 'Bobbie's Groove' on one of our early editions of the podcast. Since then, we've been bragging about and promoting her talent to people all over ther world. It was satisfying to talk to and reminisce with Gabbie all the wonderful things the music has done for both of us. I am happy to see  her growth as an artists and fortunate to know her thus far.

Gabbie continues to support us as well and she quickly responded to our request for a few songs that we could share with everyone. So here's to a few more years of talking about Gabbie McGee. Feel free to download, share, and purchase her new album now available at CD Baby... and iTunes. She's as sweet a person as she is talented. Enjoy and keep in touch.

DJ Come of Age

global reach--global appeal

Direct download: IDEALISTIC_LOVE.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:19am UTC

DJ Eric--The April Mixxtape
Direct download: DJ_Eric--April_Mixtape.mp3
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Beautiful by Stevy Mahy

Stevy is a beautiful human being and an amazing artist. Hailing from Guadeloupe in the French West Indies, having lived in Paris and traveling back and forth between the two places, she is a Creole woman and you can feel this bridging between the two cultures in her music. She sings in French, English, Creole, and her main subject is love. Love for her man or love in the broader and more spiritual sense of the word. Her music is very soothing and uplifting, her lyrics very inspiring and her voice perfectly smooth. You can check out her single "Beautiful" which is a perfect introduction to her universe.  Enjoy!


Marion Carminelitta London

Direct download: Beautiful_by_Stevy_Mahy.mp3
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Moonlight Sessions by DJ Nerstylist

DJ Nerstylist returns with a new website, new mix, and even a funky Twitter account. Yeah, we nabbed the "Moonlight Sessions" mix and couldn't wait to share it. Hopefully, you'll do the same. Keep Nerstylist in your loop and we'll be sure to keep you posted on his latest. Be safe and let's keep in touch.



DJ Nerstylist....

Direct download: dj_nerstylist_-_moonlight_sessions__pt._1_.mp3
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Introducing Soul Monique (London)

I came across Soul Monique's Podcast on Facebook. Yeah, on the page of a mutual friend and future video blogger, Marion! Seeing as we have very similar tastes, I sampled the Soul Monique Show and instantly fell in love. Not only does she play and support great soul music, she's been doing so for years ! Selfless and genuine, it pays to connect with kind personalities in this business. My hope is that you'll reach out and show your love as well. Take an interest in the Soul Monique Show, subscribe on iTunes and you'll see what I mean. Consider this a welcome opportunity to spruce up your playlists and further expand your musical horizons!

DJ Come of Age

Soul Monique

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Gagnez Poet: Perception -undefined-
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Eric Daniel and Friends: Art of Sax

How about a touch of some sweet jazz today? This should soothe your soul. We feature the sounds of Eric Daniel and Friends. They bring us the "Art of Sax" with this podcast episode. Now, how about you indulge in the melody and support our friends from Rome, Italia!   Find the crew on Twitter at

This is just a taste of the music they have to offer. As always, support the artists with a purchase of the album or digital download. We look forward to your feedback and thanks for allowing us to share our passion with each of you.

DJ Come of Age

24 March 2010

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Tru Spinna and Ty Music Present: Something Big

DJ Bounce, aka Tru Spinna, has put together "Something Big". The mixtape features the music of Ty, just a few short weeks before his new album launches. The album is titled "Special Kind of Fool" and comes to us from one of our favorite labels, BBE! Be sure to grab the debut single "Emotions" which features Serina Leah and Shaun Escoffrey. This free download is yours to share. We hope you enjoy the skits and the remixes in here. Let's keep in touch and be sure to reach out to DJ Bounce and Ty on Twitter.

Much luv,


DJ Bounce



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Wendisue: Suffer the Loss

My sister Wendisue is back!! You feel me? She's back y'all!! After extensive touring with international-supergroup INXS, Wendisue has returned to the studio and has new, exciting material coming soon.  We celebrate her return (don't call it a comeback) by featuring some of her funky material. Check out "Suffer the Loss" and find Wendisue on Facebook, iTunes, etc. Be sure to reach out and bless us with your comments. That always makes our day. This one's for you.


Peace and Love



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Meemee Nelzy: Soul of the French West Indies

We are very happy to introduce you to the music of Meemee Nelzy. She's beautiful and we're doing our part to spread her sound to the masses. Hailing from the French West Indies, he sound is a complete, satisfying dose of Hip Hop-Soul and Creole. It's an amalgamation of all things wonderful and pure. Have you seen her video yet? The track it titled "L'Essentiel" and it recently caught our ear, our attention. Be sure to download this featured track "Soulangee" and then reach out to Meemee Nelzy and support her music. Her new album is now "disponible partout" available everywhere. Enjoy the music.

 P.S. I'd be totally remiss without giving credit to my friend  Marion Carminelitta London for introducing us to Meemee's music. She's an established blogger and soul certified music lover in her own right. Look for big things coming from her and find her exceptional literary gems here!


Meemee on YouTube



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March 2010: DJ Eric

DJ Eric continues to prove that this is going to be a great year. We actually had to pull him out of the studio, tell him to take a break, go smell the roses. Well, we hope that this keeps you coming back..judging by the stats, it will! Now, go one step further and reach out to DJ Eric on Twitter.

and by now, you know where to find the rest of us...right?



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Bekay the Brass King -undefined-
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Introducing the wonderful mixes of Miles Maeda...Sweet, soulful, underground house, electronica, and completely spiritual vibes. This is just a sample so be sure to stop by Miles' page for all the goodies. Enjoy...



Miles Maeda Online


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Back2Bassix by Jay Soul

Let me introduce you the the man who is going to compose your next film score, deliver a dope mix, and provide you with instrumentals for all projects large and small! His name is Jay Soul, a musical prodigy hailing from Amsterdam, now settled in China!!! We feature a sample of his production today, his mixes gracing our podcast in the past. So tell us, what do you need to license music for? Video game development, indie films, webisodes, more? Download, share, and enjoy the idea that we are ready for you.




Jay Soul

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Keke Wyatt: Who Knew -undefined-
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Global Reach-Global Appeal..DJ Eric February Mixxtape

We are please to bring to you the February Mixxtape by DJ Eric. DJ Eric is making quite a name for himself. His official album is currently in the works. Stay tuned and feel free to share the mixxtape. Keep in touch.




DJ Eric


 1. D-Influence - I've Got My Mind Made Up
2. Groove Theory - Ride
3. Billy Miles - The One You Need
4. Amp Fiddler Sly & Robbie - I Believe in you
5. Grenique - Anything
6. Kem Ft Floetry - Love Calls (Remix)
7. Faith Evans - Cant believe
8. Lenny williams-sunday Afternoon
9. Andy Allo-hooked
10.Dwele - im cheatin
11.Inobe - Today
12.Eric Roberson ft Raheem devaughn -for da love of da game
13.Bradd Marquis - Always
14.Hil St Soul-wash away
15.Vikter Duplaix - Make A Baby
16.Bradd Marquis - Radio
17.Jaguar Wright - Ecstasy


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Green Tea Soul

Green Tea has just released her fabulous mixtape titled Beautiful Weirdo. Beautiful, she is and even more talented as a singer/performer who is showcasing her skills all over the U.S. Have you seen her video postings or found her on Twitter  yet? Well, we're all about great soul music on this show so take our word for it....

Today we have an exclusive from the mixtape titled "Rose Coloured Glasses"  featuring Kenny Wesley. Listen in and be sure to download the full mixtape via . In addition, feel free to leave us your feedback and to interact with Green Tea! We already know you're gonna love her.


DJ Come of Age

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DJ Cornelius (France) Globalsexydeephouse Music Mix DJ Cornelius has been spinning soulful house music for years. In his opinion, it's what this crazy world needs. We are pleased to present this smooth, sexy, soulful groove for you to enjoy. We hope it doesn't stop there. Reach out to my friend Cornelius on Facebook or via email at : Thanks for listening and sharing the music. Find us, follow us on Twitter. We can't wait to hear from you. DJ COA DJ Cornelius
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Wade III: The Best Album You've Never Heard

I'm on a personal crusade with this one! This is one of the dopest, funkiest albums I've heard in my lifetime and quite honestly, I'm tired of it being an "underground" sensation. So I'm begging you, if I have ever been right about an artist, with this plea to give this an ear.

Artist: WadeIII

Album: Dreams

We take a sample from the album and use it to introduce you to the sound of WadeIII. No, not the basketball player...the singer, the producer, the all around talented musician who is set to "blow up" any minute now. Feel free to follow Wade on Twitter and as always, do keep in touch.


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Soul on Twitter?  Tweet to this...

2010 rolls on. We give you a small portion of what's in store. Musical gems for you to listen to, download, and enjoy. Are you following us on Twitter, Facebook, or iTunes? Be sure to get connected and support the artists by purchasing their cds and MP3 downloads. Shout outs to DJ Eric (Kenya) for the mixtapes and the Global Appeal series on iTunes!


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Mattias Axelsson: STRAY (If Lovin' U)





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Priscilla Cruz: LoveFiend

What do you get when you mix one of musics all time greats with one of it's brightest new faces? Beautiful Stranger. The first release from singer/songwriter Priscilla Cruz. Set to the timeless musical catalog of legendary producer J Dilla, Cruz instantly brings you into her unique world. Blending neo-soul sensibilities with progressive textures and a classic touch. Cruz has also enlisted a worthy cast of features that include Balance, Frank Nitt, Phil The Agony, A. Wolf, Dae One, I.V.A.N and Kristo. Though she may be a new voice, it won't be long before we're all familiar with this "Beautiful Stranger".

Recorded and mixed by Drew Larsen and Todd Cooper
Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Street Symphony Studios, Fremont CA.


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Showtime by SPODA-Mr. Dopeflow

2010 is here and it's "Showtime"! This is how it should be done, my man SPODA is poised to conquer the world with his lyrical skillz. This is more than nice, it's reminiscient of a time when rappers actually rapped, when the word "flow" had significant meaning and separated true mic lords from the rest. Give an ear to this track and show some love to SPODA. Reach out and stay tuned for more from this rising star!


SPODA--Mr. Dope Flow

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DJ COA presents Jahselle: Infatuation

Download, share, and enjoy "Infatuation" by Jahselle. This single comes off of the album "Hidden Souls" which is available online. Also, if you dig this vibe, be sure to download "Hidden Souls 2"  from CD Baby, Amazon MP3, or iTunes. Thanks for the love and a big shout out to everyone who is linked in to us on Twitter.


DJ COA on Twitter!!!

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Welcome to 2010: DJ Eric's January Mixxtape 1. donell_jones-marry_me
2. Innosphere - Everlasting Love
3. Jarvis - Radio
4. Raphael Saadiq ft Stevie Wonder & CJ Hilton-never give you up
5. TwinSpirit-Song_About_Nothing
6. Anonamas - This Moment
7. Jill Scott - Whenever You're Around
8. Kevon Edmonds-Aprils Fool
9. Trish Andrews-Comfort Zone
10.Velvet-The Only One(ft.Emily Riley)
11.Luther Vandross - I Wont let you
12.Angie Stone - Hey Mr. DJ
14.Joss Stone-could have been you
15.Andreus-Hey young world(vrs Remix)
17.Amber Ojeda - All I Need
18.Maze & Frankie Beverly- Silky Soul(Ft.Musiq Soulchild)
19.Kloud 9-special one

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