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DJ Eric..does it again!  Soul Classic Mixtape 2

"a stellar blend of 'old school' soul mixed by Kenya's finest, DJ Eric..."




dj come of age

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Kafele Bandele: Faraway Places

Kafele Bandele shines again with another winner. Listen in on "Faraway Places" and please give us your thoughts on this one. Find all of his music, including the debut cd Prodigal Moon, on iTunes and!




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Coming soon...

Mr. Walters: Traveling Man Music Mix

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Luv Luv Movement by DJ Malachi



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Fly Gypsy From Russia to Jamaica. The much talked-about new hip-hop duo Fly Gypsy made its first splash in late 2008 with an election-themed single that introduced the duo’s energetic, guitar-driven sound to music fans around the world and scored the duo its first TV and radio spots. The group formally launched in July 2009 with a release of the summertime single “You.” The video for the single was shot in Jamaica by Ras Kassa, acclaimed for his work with Sean Paul, Beenie Man, and Damian Marley. 

Kowboy Kom, the group’s vocalist, moved from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Brooklyn, New York with his family when he was still a child. Growing up in New York during the golden era of Hip-Hop, Kom was inspired by hip-hop artists of West Indian descent coming up in Brooklyn, such as Wyclef Jean, Busta Rhymes, and Notorious B.I.G. When he was in the seventh grade, Kom began to write poetry and rhyme. By his early twenties, Kom rose to become one of the nation’s best recognized spoken word artists and emcees, praised for his clever storytelling, signature style, and natural swagger. He has headlined numerous college tours, appeared on BET J, and opened for artists such as Jill Scott, Dwele, and Doug E. Fresh.

Kom stands apart from other emcees in his preference for performing with a live band, rather than just a DJ. A true musician, who himself plays guitar and dabbles in piano, Kom has an intimate understanding of music and infuses his flow with musicality seldom seen in modern hip-hop.

Alexei, the duo’s producer and its one-man band, grew up on stage, dancing and performing music. Born and raised in Russia during the tumultuous years of the Soviet Union’s collapse, Alexei began playing piano and dancing when he was only six. When he was eight, his parents bought the family’s first double-deck boombox and within a few weeks, Alexei was selling mixtapes in his elementary school.

In his teens, Alexei came to the United States as an exchange student and later returned to attend college. Moving to Washington, D.C. after college, Alexei quickly established himself as a prolific songwriter, a gifted producer, and a dynamic DJ, earning airplay on the country’s top R&B stations. Alexei’s unique production style reflects his diverse musical influences. He seemlessly moves from bopping his head to Lauryn Hill and singing along with Sting to ripping Nirvana on his guitar and playing an Ella Fitzgerald love song on piano. In his production, Alexei prefers to build tracks from scratch, playing keys, guitars, bass, and percussion himself rather than relying on samples.


Fly Gypsy

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Daisha Graf: Starry Eyed Surprise
Daisha Michelle Graf was born in Columbia, Maryland where the arts played a significant role in her development. From a very early age she began training in all different disciplines of dance including ballet, modern, tap and jazz. At the age of 5 she began taking private piano lessons and was involved in school chorus and plays. Daisha knew at a young are that she had a passion for performing and would sing and dance in front of her family with a fake microphone in hand. Daisha grew up with music playing throughout ther household and was pleasantly exposed to all different types of sounds ranging from Bach to the Beatles, Jazz, international music and Motown. Nurtured by summer arts camps in music and prestigious dance programs such as The Ailey School in New York City and American Dance Festival at Duke University, her dream of becoming an artist grew into an insatiable need. 
Daisha continued her training by receiving a BA in Dance from Hofstra University (Long Island, NY). While in school she performed with the student organization, Imani Dance Ensemble, and was immediately taken by the world of hip-hop. She would catch the train to Manhattan several times a week to take classes from recognized hip-hop choreographers such as Rhapsody James, Luam Keflezgy and Jermaine Brown and became a member of Rhapsody The Company. 
Music had always been a part of Daisha’s life, and dance was the perfect medium for exposing her to the professional music industry. Even before graduating, Daisha landed her first big dance engagement with pop star, Rihanna for her European tour of “A Girl Like Me”. When she returned, she signed with the agency, Clear Talent Group and continued performing with world-renowned artists such as Diddy, Ryan Leslie, Chris Willis and Beyonce. She also had the opportunity to dance in the blockbuster hits, Step Up 2 and Step up 3D. 
Surrounded by the music industry, a new love for singing and writing music resurfaced. Under the tutelage of vocal trainers, Craig Derry and Clurel Henderson, Daisha honed her craft and shaped her sound and style. Writing and recording her first song, “Love Set Me Free,” confirmed that being a musical artist would be more than a hobby – it would be her life’s work. With a strong work ethic and a naturally captivating stage presence, Daisha has already performed her music at various venues in New York City and in Trinidad opening for artist Annya-Li. She has a unique style that she coins, “alternative R&B,” a sound that combines soul, jazz and alternative music. Daisha’s talent continues to grow, as does her infinite love of music. She is excited about the future before her.
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Welcome back to the show...this week's feature on "DJ Smoove". Hope you like the, share, and enjoy this smooth mixtape.  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and iTunes!


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1. Anthony hamilton-the_day_we_met
2. Dj Jazzy Jeff ft.Chinah Blac-Touch me wit ur handz
3. Adriana Evans - Reality
4. DJ Jazzy Jeff,Raheem - My Peoples
5. Anonamas - Footsteps
6. Wendy McIntyre - Count It All Joy
7. Goapele - Milk Honey
8. Vikter Duplaix ft. Ms.Saigon - Stimulation
9. Vikter Duplaix - Electric Love
10.Mia Zuniga -Between The Lines (aybee's_scorpio_mix)
12.Kipper Jones-Better
13.Will downing- Something Special
14.Don-E - Stay Awhile
15.Toni Hill - Love Is
16.Kloud9 - Can't Hold This Love
17.Richard Anthony Davis-The more i get to know you
18.Nite Flyte ft. Jean Carne- if you believe
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