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Hand In Hand: Free Like Me

Handinhand has a wonderful EP now on sale at Amazon, iTunes, and all digital stores. Today, we are featuring the wonderful work of Mike Genato and Katy Walker...this blaze of a track is titled "Free Like Me" and it features Dee Tague on the vocals. We love being associated with such talented artists, we also love the wonderful feedback our audience freely gives. Thanks to everyone for making 2009 such a successful year. Please continue to download, share, and support these musicians.



Green Streets by Handinhand

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Cloud 9 by Malachi Rivers feat Maria Bentley

Listen in on Malachi Rivers feat the lovely vocals of UK songstress Maria Bentley. Malachi has set his sights on performing and touring all over the globe. I'm predicting that 2010 is going to be a solid year for this gentleman. So tell us what you think. Download, share, and enjoy the groove.



Reach out to Malachi via his social connects:

Malachi on Facebook

Malachi on YouTube

Malachi on Twitter


Where: New York, New York by way of Prince George's County, Maryland
Genre: Hip-Hop/ Rap
Listeners also bought: Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, Andre 3000, Cee-Lo, Black Eyed Peas

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2010--Thanks to the Dough Bar Co.

Thanks to the Dough Bar Co. for their continued support. Maybe you'd like to sponsor an episode of the podcast. Feel free to contact us via our business line or email for details. Promo packages start at $350.00!


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DJ Smoove--Headnod Volume 6

DJ Smoove returns with another tight mix joint. Calling this one "Headnod".  Artists on this mix include Angie Stone, Jeff Bradshaw, Erro, Jill Scott, Green Tea, Innosphere, and others. Go ahead and download, share, enjoy...


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Monet-"Vain" featuring Tarrah Reynolds

We reached out to Monet on Twitter and asked if we could showcase some of her beautiful jazz music. She obliged and blessed us with this gem to share with you all today. Listen in and enjoy it to the fullest, just like we are doing in our offices. Monet's debut album is titled "Essence" and both  the debut and "Vain" are now   available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes. Look for her work in our iMixes as we feel you'll be duly impressed.

"Vain" was released on 2 Dec 2008 on Purpose Records. We thank you in advance for your support and welcome your feedback as always.


DJ Come of Age

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Sajida--No Love

From the album "Thru the Pain" we bring this initial public offering of Sajida. The track is titled "No Love" and it's available for download. Feel free to share and enjoy. As always, leave us your feedback!

Follow Sajida on Twitter now to stay updated with her new projects, tour dates, videos, etc.  We love bringing the hottest music and an array of wonderful talent. Thanks for your support and keep in touch.


dj come of age

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Muddy Soup by Sole Profit  (What IF)

Sole Profit Presents: Muddy Soup (The Eclectic Lounge Volume)

Enjoying the vibes huh? Get the whole EP now for free at:



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Take some time to visit Suzy Chase Osborne!

She plays the best variety of R&B Hits and Oldies...

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Seeker of Knowledge by Kafele -undefined-
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DJ Eric's December Mixx Tape 1. Eric Roberson-couldnt_hear_me
2. Eric Roberson - The Moon
3. Angela Johnson - Get Away (Feat. Gordon Chambers)
4. mint_condition-can_you_be_the_one
5. tracy_cruz-your_dreams
6. Innosphere -Gotta Be Me
7. ryan_leslie-rescue_u
8. Kenny Latimore-Just what it takes
9. Kevon Edmonds- When I'm With You
10.Laurneá-Over And Over
12.Teisha marie-unscripted
14.Sajida - Let Me Know
15.Vivienne McKone - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
17.Ryan Leslie-is it real love
18.Slakah The Beatchild-Enjoy Ya Self


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Astral 22 presents Imperial -undefined-
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Afi: Baby It's Cold Outside

We intially featured Afi in one of our Gentle Aura Mixes...she's still as sought after now as she was then. Here is the single which catapulted her to notoriety. Be sure to download, share, and enjoy it. Much more to come.


dj come of age

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Angela Johnson: Better (Micky More's Classic Mix)

Angela Johnson releases "Better" now on iTunes. Here's the funky, upbeat rework done by Micky More. A lovely dance track we just know you'll enjoy. Find and support Angela Johnson at all digital stores...

dj coa

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Jon Bibbs--

Since his entry in the music industry, Jon has recorded and performed along-side some of the music industry’s best producers, musicians and performers including: Roy Ayers, Kardi’nal Official, Conya Doss, Morris Day & the Time, Kris Haskins, Bilal, Busta Rhymes, John Legend, Anthony David, Mike Philips, Raheem DeVaughn, Sleepy Brown, Stick Man (of Dead Prez), Chuck Brown, Ledisi, Donnie, Jaguar Wright, Jean Grae and Nottz Raw and many more.

In August 08', Kyte TV took notice of the buzz and approached Jon with a partnership deal. Fans will follow and interact with Jon during his recording sessions, rehearsals, while on tour and his journey as an independent musician to mainstream success.

Thanks to the massive following, Jon understands that his success comes from the support of his fans, peers in the industry and the ability to provide an experience of showmanship like the pioneers that paved the way... as pure gratitude. Currently touring & working in the studio on his much anticipated album for late 2009, Jon is no longer considered underground nor confined to the label as a "Soul" artist... but a LIVE MUSIC PHENOMENON

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Nonameko: Goddess-Volume 1

Goddess makes a coherent statement about the ups and downs of life, consequences of our choices, love and relationships and it's all wrapped up in a slightly surrealistic sometimes retro-istic genre-crossing gift wrap. Producers: Kankick, Mr. Rourke, Von Pea, Obsidian Blue, Steel Town Sounds, Caledon , and Dawu. Recorded by Rome at Gooney Tunes studio and mastered by Jay Soul "The Groove Architect".

enjoy and support the music...

dj coa

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DJ Eric..does it again!  Soul Classic Mixtape 2

"a stellar blend of 'old school' soul mixed by Kenya's finest, DJ Eric..."




dj come of age

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Kafele Bandele: Faraway Places

Kafele Bandele shines again with another winner. Listen in on "Faraway Places" and please give us your thoughts on this one. Find all of his music, including the debut cd Prodigal Moon, on iTunes and!




dj coa

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Coming soon...

Mr. Walters: Traveling Man Music Mix

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Luv Luv Movement by DJ Malachi



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Fly Gypsy From Russia to Jamaica. The much talked-about new hip-hop duo Fly Gypsy made its first splash in late 2008 with an election-themed single that introduced the duo’s energetic, guitar-driven sound to music fans around the world and scored the duo its first TV and radio spots. The group formally launched in July 2009 with a release of the summertime single “You.” The video for the single was shot in Jamaica by Ras Kassa, acclaimed for his work with Sean Paul, Beenie Man, and Damian Marley. 

Kowboy Kom, the group’s vocalist, moved from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Brooklyn, New York with his family when he was still a child. Growing up in New York during the golden era of Hip-Hop, Kom was inspired by hip-hop artists of West Indian descent coming up in Brooklyn, such as Wyclef Jean, Busta Rhymes, and Notorious B.I.G. When he was in the seventh grade, Kom began to write poetry and rhyme. By his early twenties, Kom rose to become one of the nation’s best recognized spoken word artists and emcees, praised for his clever storytelling, signature style, and natural swagger. He has headlined numerous college tours, appeared on BET J, and opened for artists such as Jill Scott, Dwele, and Doug E. Fresh.

Kom stands apart from other emcees in his preference for performing with a live band, rather than just a DJ. A true musician, who himself plays guitar and dabbles in piano, Kom has an intimate understanding of music and infuses his flow with musicality seldom seen in modern hip-hop.

Alexei, the duo’s producer and its one-man band, grew up on stage, dancing and performing music. Born and raised in Russia during the tumultuous years of the Soviet Union’s collapse, Alexei began playing piano and dancing when he was only six. When he was eight, his parents bought the family’s first double-deck boombox and within a few weeks, Alexei was selling mixtapes in his elementary school.

In his teens, Alexei came to the United States as an exchange student and later returned to attend college. Moving to Washington, D.C. after college, Alexei quickly established himself as a prolific songwriter, a gifted producer, and a dynamic DJ, earning airplay on the country’s top R&B stations. Alexei’s unique production style reflects his diverse musical influences. He seemlessly moves from bopping his head to Lauryn Hill and singing along with Sting to ripping Nirvana on his guitar and playing an Ella Fitzgerald love song on piano. In his production, Alexei prefers to build tracks from scratch, playing keys, guitars, bass, and percussion himself rather than relying on samples.


Fly Gypsy

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Daisha Graf: Starry Eyed Surprise
Daisha Michelle Graf was born in Columbia, Maryland where the arts played a significant role in her development. From a very early age she began training in all different disciplines of dance including ballet, modern, tap and jazz. At the age of 5 she began taking private piano lessons and was involved in school chorus and plays. Daisha knew at a young are that she had a passion for performing and would sing and dance in front of her family with a fake microphone in hand. Daisha grew up with music playing throughout ther household and was pleasantly exposed to all different types of sounds ranging from Bach to the Beatles, Jazz, international music and Motown. Nurtured by summer arts camps in music and prestigious dance programs such as The Ailey School in New York City and American Dance Festival at Duke University, her dream of becoming an artist grew into an insatiable need. 
Daisha continued her training by receiving a BA in Dance from Hofstra University (Long Island, NY). While in school she performed with the student organization, Imani Dance Ensemble, and was immediately taken by the world of hip-hop. She would catch the train to Manhattan several times a week to take classes from recognized hip-hop choreographers such as Rhapsody James, Luam Keflezgy and Jermaine Brown and became a member of Rhapsody The Company. 
Music had always been a part of Daisha’s life, and dance was the perfect medium for exposing her to the professional music industry. Even before graduating, Daisha landed her first big dance engagement with pop star, Rihanna for her European tour of “A Girl Like Me”. When she returned, she signed with the agency, Clear Talent Group and continued performing with world-renowned artists such as Diddy, Ryan Leslie, Chris Willis and Beyonce. She also had the opportunity to dance in the blockbuster hits, Step Up 2 and Step up 3D. 
Surrounded by the music industry, a new love for singing and writing music resurfaced. Under the tutelage of vocal trainers, Craig Derry and Clurel Henderson, Daisha honed her craft and shaped her sound and style. Writing and recording her first song, “Love Set Me Free,” confirmed that being a musical artist would be more than a hobby – it would be her life’s work. With a strong work ethic and a naturally captivating stage presence, Daisha has already performed her music at various venues in New York City and in Trinidad opening for artist Annya-Li. She has a unique style that she coins, “alternative R&B,” a sound that combines soul, jazz and alternative music. Daisha’s talent continues to grow, as does her infinite love of music. She is excited about the future before her.
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Welcome back to the show...this week's feature on "DJ Smoove". Hope you like the, share, and enjoy this smooth mixtape.  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and iTunes!


DJ Come of Age

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1. Anthony hamilton-the_day_we_met
2. Dj Jazzy Jeff ft.Chinah Blac-Touch me wit ur handz
3. Adriana Evans - Reality
4. DJ Jazzy Jeff,Raheem - My Peoples
5. Anonamas - Footsteps
6. Wendy McIntyre - Count It All Joy
7. Goapele - Milk Honey
8. Vikter Duplaix ft. Ms.Saigon - Stimulation
9. Vikter Duplaix - Electric Love
10.Mia Zuniga -Between The Lines (aybee's_scorpio_mix)
12.Kipper Jones-Better
13.Will downing- Something Special
14.Don-E - Stay Awhile
15.Toni Hill - Love Is
16.Kloud9 - Can't Hold This Love
17.Richard Anthony Davis-The more i get to know you
18.Nite Flyte ft. Jean Carne- if you believe
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Akoma Aya: Creolite urbaine feat Afrosoulicious
Depuis quelques années une certaine musique fait son come back en France en douceur mais de manière certaine : la « SOUL ». Elle est arrivée essentiellement par le biais de concerts. Des évènements dans lesquels une pléiade d’artistes Français ont pu être découverts pour former au fil du temps ce qu’il est devenu légitime d’appeler « La Scène Soul Française ». Parce que SOULISSIME est le premier label entièrement dédié à cette musique, il se devait de réaliser la première compilation « Officielle » téléchargeable gratuitement. Cette compilation réunie une grande partie des artistes de cette scène avec un tracklisting conséquent de 19 titres. On y retrouve des inédits d’artistes dont on attendait des nouvelles comme Jango Jack,  Sandy Cossett et Monsieur Nov, des découvertes comme Sabrina Adel, Leslie Phillips ou bien encore Shad Murray mais aussi des titres extraits des albums de Third Shot, Erik, Freddy, Rony avec le titre « J’me dis » remixé pour l’occasion. La compilation laisse aussi une place à des artistes Hip Hop/Soul qui évoluent dans le même univers que ces chanteurs avec des artistes comme Kohndo qui s’offre un featuring avec Dwele et le D3CCPT avec Sly Johnson (Saïan Supa Crew). Une compilation à posséder absolument pour tous les amoureux de la soul…
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Soulissime Volume One: Elisa par Erik (soul-creole)
Depuis quelques années une certaine musique fait son come back en France en douceur mais de manière certaine : la « SOUL ». Elle est arrivée essentiellement par le biais de concerts. Des évènements dans lesquels une pléiade d’artistes Français ont pu être découverts pour former au fil du temps ce qu’il est devenu légitime d’appeler « La Scène Soul Française ». Parce que SOULISSIME est le premier label entièrement dédié à cette musique, il se devait de réaliser la première compilation « Officielle » téléchargeable gratuitement. Cette compilation réunie une grande partie des artistes de cette scène avec un tracklisting conséquent de 19 titres. On y retrouve des inédits d’artistes dont on attendait des nouvelles comme Jango Jack,  Sandy Cossett et Monsieur Nov, des découvertes comme Sabrina Adel, Leslie Phillips ou bien encore Shad Murray mais aussi des titres extraits des albums de Third Shot, Erik, Freddy, Rony avec le titre « J’me dis » remixé pour l’occasion. La compilation laisse aussi une place à des artistes Hip Hop/Soul qui évoluent dans le même univers que ces chanteurs avec des artistes comme Kohndo qui s’offre un featuring avec Dwele et le D3CCPT avec Sly Johnson (Saïan Supa Crew). Une compilation à posséder absolument pour tous les amoureux de la soul…
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DJ Bounce--New Jack Swing Mixtape.... -undefined-
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Introducing DJ Phaze...Worldwide There's only one DJ Phaze! 

In the US, PHAZE is on the Guest DJ roster at premier venues in the Washington, DC metro area on select nights. Formerly a member of the Adidas DJ “In-Store Crew” for 3 years, PHAZE has been spinning at PUMA in Georgetown for the past two years as a result of the marked increase in store traffic and sales realized at his former placement.  PHAZE has mastered applying the psychology of music as it relates to the shopping experience and is credited with increasing and maintaining sales volume at PUMA Georgetown. In Short, he's a spokes-model for the brand at all public appearances & providing giveaways at his gigs mostly from his own collection.

Though based in Baltimore, he's available to travel at a moment's notice both nationally and globally. PHAZE keeps his fingers on the pulse of music from the US, to Northern Africa, and from Asia to the Caribbean.  Available for weddings, banquets, concerts, band tours, clubs...and more. Covering all genre, from acid jazz to zouk. You have an event? Need a DJ or sound system for indoor or outdoor events? Contact PHAZE today at

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Teau : You Got Me (Exclusive)

Teau Johnson is as humble as she is talented. Taking all compliments in stride, she is deserving of all accolades. We asked Teau for a sample of her work and she obliged by sending in a track from her debut album. "Dust From A Rose" is now available everywhere for your listening pleasure. We hope you make room for it on your playlist and that you reach out to Teau as well. As always, leave your feedback, comments, and suggestions so we may better serve you.

dj coa


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Bag of Old Soul by dj coa and sean mooney

It's always great to work with wonderful producers. These guys are driven with talent and fueled with such act is Sean Mooney. Mooney's style is smooth, laid back, and groovy. He is finishing up his debut album and we have an exclusive track to share today. We hope you find him on iTunes, Facebook, and Myspace. Enjoy the groove...


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Direct download: Scorpio.mp3
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Down On Your Knees: Exclusive Track We are now on Twitter! Come follow us!!!
Direct download: Down_On_Your_Knees_by_Slowmo.mp3
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Direct download: 02_Polar_Personified.mp3
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Direct download: Pseudo_Slang-Broke_And_Copasetic_feat_Vin.mp3
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Strange Fruit Project: The Feeling Remix by Sly Transformerzqfoclan

Introducing DJ Eric...welcome aboard!

We introduce Deejay Eric by way of his September Neo Soul mixtape. Now, if you love this one, feel free to hit him up for all the others. Also, we encourage your support of the artists in the mix. Your love for the DJ and the music is most appreciated. Look for Deejay Eric on Facebook and Twitter. Download, share, and enjoy...


1. V-one_love
2. V-yours_for_life_feat._ronnie
3. L'Renee- Let's Ride
4. Grace - Imagine One Day
5. Eric Roberson-Further
6. deborah_jordan-home_(feat._replife)
7. N'Dambi - Insecurity
8. Amerie-talkin_to_me
9. mint_condition-why_do_we_try_ft._ali_shaheed_muhammad_(of_a_tribe_called_quest)
11.Rhian Benson-Stealing My Peace of Mind
13.V- Gone Away
16.Honey Brown - Sweet November


dj coa

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Blue by Markus Ekholm and DJ CoA

When we say "download, share, and enjoy...we mean it!" Thanks to everyone who has found us online. Myspace, Facebook, , and iTunes. Ahhhhhhhh, can't forget Twitter too. See for yourself what the fuss is all about. This groove is for you!


dj coa


DJ COA on iTunes

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New Freedom by Hassanah -undefined-
Direct download: New_Freedom_by_Hassanah.mp3
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Direct download: 01_Soulaquarian_Luv_Luv-Disc_1.mp3
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Do You Love Me by COA and Sean Mooney -undefined-
Direct download: Do_You_Love_Me.mp3
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The Diva: Nikki Wade -undefined-
Direct download: Nikki_Wade_U_R_The_Only_1_Track_2.mp3
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Introducing DJ Malachi: The Luv Luv Movement (Lost Files) Vol 1

DJ Malachi has a serious series of mixtapes out. Titled the "Luv Luv" series, it's a set of neo soul, conscious hip hop, and laced with elements of jazz and mellow vibes. We hope you enjoy this first part of a double set from Malachi, "The Lost Files...Volume 1".  I'm grateful for his work because he has opened my eyes, and my playlists, to some great musicians. This is how we interact. So reach out, download, share, and enjoy what we have in store for you. Keep in touch too...

dj coa

dj malachi

Find us on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and iTunes!

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COA--Myxer: Ringtones and Wallpapers for your mobile! -undefined-
Category:general -- posted at: 3:49pm UTC

Soulfrito: Reggae Special -undefined-
Direct download: Soulfrito_Mix_Radio_Show_Part_1__Reggae.mp3
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Aurevoir(MrWindmillJaySoulRemix) -undefined-
Direct download: AurevoirMrWindmillJaySoulRemix.mp3
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Direct download: Jarrard_Anthony_-_Damn_Sista.mp4
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Introducing V.Rich -undefined-
Direct download:
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Soulfrito Mix Radio Show:Hosted by The Brass King and Mercedes Soul
Latin Soul: A colorful tour of sounds that blends Nuyorican Soul, Earth Wind & Fire, Miami Sound Machine demo days with Maxwell serenading Nikki Giovanni & Celia Cruz cultivating Tony Touch and The Sugarhill Gang’s new grooves. Cocktails of cultural old and new Hip-Hop heard through Brass Kings ears and translated onto his turntables as they entertain, entice and inspire the listener. 

Having a diverse musical taste that ranges from Hip-Hop, Salsa, Jazz, Classical, House, Disco and Old Motown R&B, The Brass King will not only share his old vinyl and CDs but will collectively explore the many similarities of the Urban Latin and Urban African Americans. “We have many different names and descriptions for musical genera today, but it all stems from the same place – Africa!” – proclaims The Brass King, co-host and DJ. 


Got Soulfrito? Send us your old school Latin Soul, R&B of local or rare world artists that no one has heard to The Brass King and Mercedes Soul will pick their favorite submissions looking for professional recordings and high quality world music, no restrictions on genres. 

20 Questions - Interview and debut emerging talent Artists, actors, poets, producers, musical historians … share old school antidotes, talk about who influenced them most. New musical technology vs. old musical technology. Always focusing on how influential Latin music has been to Blues, Jazz, old & new R&B, old & new Hip-Hop and vice versa. 

SoulFrito Live! Performances taken from SoulFrito Live, monthly event (i.e. Little Louie Vega and Nuyorican Soul) Live studio performances of guest soloist & Brass King on the turntables. Live performances from renowned Latin Soul, and R&B Artists taken from Live! albums and/or shows. 

SoulFrito’s Flava - Brass King and Mercedes Soul will pick different hot topics, artists, songs or current events that make it the Flava of the Week

SoulFrito’s Spoken - Debuting internationally acclaimed spoken word artist from a vast archive collected and/or created by The Brass King

Love and Hate - Brass King and Mercedes Soul as well as their guest will speak on things they love and hate from places, things and music.

The Rare Grooves Segment - Brass King will play the original songs from where samples have originated of your favorite artists of today, you will be surprised.

Brass King's Mixes - a vast collection of popular mixes that have made The Brass King "The Rare Grooves Selector" in South Florida and beyond. A collection of music that overflows with soul and originality that only BK knows how to pick. Each CD has been a sought after collector's item. And you will be able to hear them only hear at The Soulfrito Mix Radio show unless you already have a copy of one of his mixes.... 
Get in touch: 



Direct download: Soulfrito_Part_1.mp3
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Jarrard Anthony "Meditates" in the Underground! -undefined-
Direct download: Meditate.mp3
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The Latin Project :Musica De La Noche


Following the success of the bands first release Nueva Musica (Billboard #1, Grammy Nomination for remix of ?rst single, IDMA Award for Best Latin Dance Song), The Latin Project comes straight at you with a superb set of brand new songs, AND a collection of stunning remixes. Stylistically evolving to include more mid-tempo material, the album raises the bar yet again for Latin Electronica.

The album features showcase performances by vocalists Freddie Crespo (veteran performer with Tito Puente, Joe Bataan, Charlie Palmieri); Debi Nova (Sergio Mendes, Sean Paul), Lonnie Jordan (from WAR), Mitchell Long (Sergio Mendes, Bill Summers), Joel Virgel, Lauren Evans, and rapper Kool Kojak (from Urban Legend).

The CD combines 8 original recordings with remixes The Latin Project have produced artists Bebel Gilberto, Incognito and Ceci Bastida, all put together in their unique tradition-meets-electronica approach of fat beats blended with live musicianship. Also included are remixes of their new material by genre heavy-weights Shawn Lee and Supreme Beings of Leisure.

Direct download: musicadelanoche.mp3
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TwinSpirit: Song About Nothing

 We've been trying to contact TwinSpirit for some time now. Ever since we heard the snippets and album tracks on Myspace. Needless to say, we managed to catch up with her recently. Not only that, but the phone conversation I had with her was quite enjoyable. This woman sings, produces, and lo and behold, she's a thriving entrepreneur too! Need a website designed? Check out TwinSpirit for that. Ahem, back to the music.

I'm pleased to introduce you to one of Atlanta's hottest singers by way of song. TwinSpirit has sent us the track titled "Song About Nothing" so we can share with our audience. Don't let the title fool you, there's a message here and I am guessing it will be well received. So download, share, enjoy , and be sure to reach out to my homegirl via the information below. As always, let us know if you vibe to this.



Twin Spirit on Myspace

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Choklate-To Whom It May Concern (Promo)


Is it really to early to pick the 2009 Album of the Year? If it is, no one told me! Get a hold of this album sampler! Three minutes, a small snippet of what Choklate's new blaze promises to be. Be sure to leave your feedback and support Choklate and good music.

Peace and love!

dj come of age

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La sagesse de Louisa Stephanie

A fierce collection of music brought to you by dj coa and Louisa Stephanie. Louisa is on the verge of going public with her new blog/podcast. We think you are in store for something special as she lends her vast knowledge of French and African music to us to share. I had the pleasure of meeting Louisa a few weekends ago. We discussed music, culture, and life. Here are a few of her favorite tracks grouped into a mixtape . So , do you share her vibe? Reach  out to Louisa and all the artists as well. Be sure to find them on iTunes! Let's keep the show going strong.


dj coa


Louisa Stephanie (Paris)

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Jay Soul: The Groove Architect

Jay Soul

It's time to expand your musical horizons...again! We've done so well in 2009 introducing you to some great artists and DJs. Today is another day and we are proud to bring you another wonderful performer. Jay Soul: The Groove Architect blesses us from Amsterdam to Shanghai! DJ, producer, blogger, the author of sweet mixes, a plethora of soul. Check out all the elements and be sure to reach out to Jay! Download, share, connect, and enjoy. Oh yeah, here's the tracklist:

 Tricatel Inc. – Alegria
Azaxx – Fiesta Tropica
Quantic and Nickodemus - Mi Swing Es Tropical
Zeb - The Water The And The Sun
Owusu & Hannibal – Monster
Rodney Hunter - Work That Body
Frankie Valentine – Zumbi (Isoul8 Remix)
Metro Area – Pina
Teresa Jenee – Remember (Ale remix)
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Flashback (Jazzanova’s Breathe Easy Remix)
Shirley Horn - Come Dance With Me (Sugardaddy Remix)
Chateau Flight – Prism
Manuel Tur & Dplay – Deviate
(can’t remember this one, sorry)
Ben Westbeech – So Good Today (Yoruba Soul Remix)
Black Joy – Untitled
Dimitri From Paris – Live Jazz
Recloose ft. Joe Dukie - Dust



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Nyee Moses: One to Watch

I know!!! Nyee is "gorgeous". Je suis d'accord mais, she sings too. I just want you to listen to her, actually, we talked a bit about her in a video review. You can listen, watch, and even download her album via the link below. Then come back and let us know what you think, if you feel what we feel. Holla!

Nyee Review on!

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E.A.R.T.H.--Sexin' After Textin'

I represent the group E.A.R.T.H. (Everything Around Revolves Thru Hiphop).
E.A.R.T.H. is a multi-cultural hiphop group based in Riverside,CA.
We just released the album "Grass Roots: From The Ground Up"
We want to share it with you.
I just wanted to thank you for taking the time in responding to the message and I appreciate it greatly.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to our songs.

Ruel Asconcion

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Akoma Aya

Akoma Aya est un duo féminin de la scène Néo soul parisienne composé d'amies d'enfance et artistes exceptionnelles, Mayi, poète/slammeuse/chanteuse et Sissy, chanteuse/choriste.
Oui, leur musique caresse l'âme et les tympans de chaque personne qui l'écoute. Une caresse. Une claque aussi. Une claque audiovisuelle et émotionnelle. Ce duo Slam/Soul est une véritable alchimie, sa musique est imprégnée de beauté, de sincérité et d'authenticité.
Eté 2008, c'est sur la scène de l'Etage que nous la découvrons. Première claque, elle est visuelle; Mayi et Sissy sont tout simplement belles. Elles apparaissent telles deux reines d'Afrique, deux reines urbaines qui interprètent leur art avec leurs tripes. Deuxième claque: auditive. Leur musique ne ressemble à aucune autre : authenticité, originalité et technicité. Elles chantent ''Guéris", nous sommes conquis. Les yeux humides, nous venons de prendre une troisième claque. Emotionnelle. C'est sur le titre "Art Organique'' que nos larmes ont coulé. La musique d'Akoma Aya parle aux âmes. Le message est bien passé.

Le duo prépare actuellement leur premier album et recherche un label. En attendant, je vous invite (et vous conseille vivement même) à découvrir certains de leurs titres comme le très troublant "Poésie" ou encore le très poignant "Voyage d'une Flamme" (Et ça se passe là :
Akoma Aya se produit régulièrement sur scène, toutes les dates sont sur leur space :

Louisa Stéphanie
Promotions Manager
DJ Consortium

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DJ Smoove-Chocolate Soul

"Chocōlate Sōul" is the union of 2 dj's {DJ Smoove & DJ Vibe} who share the love for Nu-Soul & Soulful House music. They are committed to bringing this music to the forefront where it belongs. Please feel free to join their movement on facebook under: chocolate soul (columbus ohio network) If you'd like to book them for an event or you would like to submit music to be featured in their mixes, please contact them at You can sample a "taste" of this dj duo by visiting their podcast at :

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Dister Berlin

I heard this mix by Dister Berlin and immediately contacted him on Facebook. He agreed to share it with everyone so here it goes. Ahhhhhhh I think you're gonna enjoy it.  Check out the scratching over the french and german introduction and the lead into the Masta Ace remix...crazy! Dister is part of the Born2Roll crew and they not only mix and produce, they are well versed in all facets of hip hop to include graffiti and graphix. Vielen danke to Dister Berlin and we hope you reach out to him as well. Enjoy the mix. Download, share it, and keep in touch.

dj come of age

dister berlin

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Velben: Randomness coming soon....
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Old School Live mixed by DJ Kaio (France)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! Or shall I say "oui, oui". DJ Kaio rips it up like no other on this Old School Live mixtape! He's a master blender and keeps a tight flow. So what are you waiting for? The tracklist? ha ha  Just imagine the hip hop , rap, and soul music that the scene showcased in the early nineties and beyond. Think of blends that were so nice you had to rewind the tape a couple of times. How about that scratch that was so crisp you found yourself pretending to be on the turntables....? Yeah, that's this mix and we want your feedback.


Find DJ Kaio on Facebook and be sure to hit us up there or Myspace as well. The ole familiar email address always works too.

download, share, and enjoy....

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So Natural featuring Kia Bennett (DigiSoul)
"So Natural" featuring Kia Bennett is the first song in a project put together by John Manuel (Band leader & drummer of the legendary RAMP, who gave us "Daylight") and Soulpersona (Digisoul)

"So Natural" takes you on a goosebumpy ride of jazz soul groovyness fused together with some hip hop goodness. Topped with a stunningly, delicious, creamy vocal from Ms. Bennett, this track is an essential for your collection.

"So Natural" is written and performed by Kia Bennett (Former background singer for D'Angelo), produced at Digisoul by Soulpersona, with John Manuel as Executive Producer.

This is a limited edition version, with new Digisoul mixes and remixes coming soon....
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Fantastic Planet: Adrenalin forlovers of jazz...

Soil & "Pimp" Sessions are known for their wild live performances and unique style of jazz, punk rock, and funk fusion. With the new album Planet Pimp hitting stores this week and generating great critical acclaim, Soil & "Pimp" Sessions are poised to take over the United States' alternative, club, fusion, and contemporary jazz scenes as they did in their native Japan. The Londonist aptly called it "just what jazz needs right now: an operation to remove all that’s outdated, and a much-needed adrenalin shot in the arm.” 



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Wade 3: Right Now (the video)
In every generation, an artist emerges whose innovation and cutting edge style changes the face of music by combining different genres, taking music in a new direction. Ray Charles did it in the 1950’s and 60’s, merging R&B with gospel to create soul, along with Sly Stone and Jimi Hendrix who both added a psychedelic edge to their soul, funk, rock, and blues. Prince and Rick James turned the trick in the 1980’s, incorporating new wave and punk in their funk and soul. In this era,Wade3 appears ready to be that innovative artist that will blaze a new trail in music in the 2K.
Booking Agent:
Gigi Thigpen: 919-632-8181
Press Contact:
Gabriel Rich: 919-673-0538
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David Mensah: My Day

For bookings/interviews Contact:
Julian Williams

Armed with a varied array of soulful compositions recorded with some of the world's most prolific producers, David Mensah, UK singer songwriter is set to wow audiences when he takes to the stage to perform tracks from his upcoming Debut album.

David's music has already clocked up over 100,000 hits on which is one of the reasons he was choosen from thousands of artists to be featured on the myspace homepage.

He has not wasted the opportunity to learn and develop as an artist working and performing alongside legendary artists such as Jimmy Cliff, Alexander O'Neal, Shola Ama, Damage, Billy Ocean, Ruby Turner and Roachford to name a few.

April 2008 saw the release of “Food of Love” as Mensah joined forces with legendary artists such as the 30 million record selling Billy Ocean, Junior Giscombe, Ruby Turner, Roland Gift, Janet Kay, Tasmin Archer, and Roachford to name a few. They came together to produce an album called “Wilberforce 200, Change is Gonna Come” celebrating 200 years since the abolition of slavery. Proceeds of the album are going towards charities, Save the Children, Freetown Society and the Prince's Trust to stamp out modern day forms of slavery.

Mensah recently recorded the song “Close to My Roots” with the long-time Roc-A-Fella lieutenant, Memphis Bleek who featured on Jay-Z's debut album. “Close to My Roots” is the title track for a project put together by top US producer Coptic who rose to global success with records produced with Biggy, P.Diddy, Snoop Dog, Faith Evans, Bobby Valentino, Trey Songs, Memphis Bleek, Black Rob, Ludacris and Ice Cube. Some of the highlights of Coptic's smash hits have included “Come to Me” (Remix) for P.Diddy, Big, and Nicole, as well as the worldwide #1 hit “I Need a Girl” with P.Diddy and Usher.

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Hassanah and Big Brooklyn Red

Sorry for the delay....this hiatus was not planned. My laptop was stolen out of my hotel room back in January! Can you believe it? First the appendectomy, then the theft. What was upsetting about the laptop was the hotel staff gave a complete stranger access to my room. Yeah, while I was out checking out the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, someone was in my room jamming to all the great music and videos I had amassed over time. It's been about five weeks and still, no settlement from the hotel. Needless to say, I won't stay with that chain again. Where did I stay? I thought you'd never ask!  or

Turns out I was the victim of  scam targeting foreign tourists. My personal information was given to an outsider who proceeds to "check in" to my room. No identification is necessary as long as the name and room number are presented by the person requesting access. Even though the staff member admitted that she neglected to verify identification and I lost over $6,000 worth of music, programs, photos, and other persoanl items, Accor Hotels and Ibis Hotels have not compensated me in my loss. I'm telling everyone this so they will be aware of the scams, the lack of security, the negligence of the staff, and most of all, so you can better protect yourself from being in such a predicament. How much is your identity worth? What's the price to pay for allowing someone into your hotel room? Think about it!


On a brighter note, we come back to the music. Hassanah continues to shine and her new tracks are now on iTunes and at! Remember Hassanah? Download this gem with her and Big Brooklyn Red and then be sure to holla back at me. Much more to come, sorry for the delay.



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2009: The Year of Kim Arrington

I want to wish everyone the most possible and prosperous of a year to come. It's fun to set your sights and to accomplish said goals! I like to predict what others will achieve as well. Set your ears and eyes on a dazzling musician named Kim Arrington. She will quickly become one of your favorites and I hope you remember COA said so.

My good friend Nat Harris from London turned me on to Kim's lovely sound. During my recent recovery from emergency surgery, it was Kim's music that helped ease my pain. Kim has performed for thousands of people and her debut cd, available everywhere, is titled

First Love Note of Kim Arrington. I hope you delight in it half as much as myself and that her sweet sound finds rotation in your music library. Here is one of the gems from her album, the single track "Front Door". Thanks for hanging in there with me and be sure to spread the word. 2009 is gonna be an excellent year.

Your Friend,


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