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A potent mix of neo soul, hip hop,and jazz to move and, share, and enjoy. @djcomeofage
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Jarrard Anthony: Damn Sista -undefined-
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Wayna: My Love

Remember Wayna from the Gentle Aura Mixtapes? We loved her and her album "Moments of Clarity". It's wonderful to keep the connection strong and Wayna blesses our growing audience with an exclusive track titled "My Love". I know you'll dig it...just like I did. Download it and be in touch. Find the latest on Wayna from her tour, new album, and more on her Myspace page.

Wayna on Myspace



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Drea: Love Affair

Her style has been likened to that of the multitude of artists that have influenced her throughout her career; Kim Burrell, Stevie Wonder, Missy Elliot, and Sergio Mendez just to name a few. No matter what the project is, all of Drea’s productions have been described as being, “what true music sounds like and you getting a heavy dose of it” Austin Jeter, Urban Mainstream Magazine

Balancing the many projects Drea is involved in, her solo career with her debut CD release “Love Affair”, and the creation of her independent label SoundDoc Entertainment, founded in the summer of 2007 continues to give this artist/producer the inspiration and drive to make her mark on music history



dj coa

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Jazmine Sullivan-Need You Bad (Conway's Groovy Groove)

Jazmine Sullivan-Need You Bad (Conway's Groovy Groove)

Neal Conway(formally of Basement Boy Music) has been on the music scene since the late 80s. Neal cranked out hits like Gypsy Woman (Shes Homeless), Makin Happy (Crystal Waters), Scandal, Rejoicing (Ultra Nate), Tonite (Those Guys) and many others. Neal Conway was the man behind a number of the Basement Boys early hits(JUST CHECK THE CREDITS ON THE RECORDS AND ASCAP!!!!!)!!! Neal has produced a number of tracks and remixes for a number of artists. You can hear Neal's music on Multi-Platinum Artist T.I.'s hit single "Why You Wanna". The Music is by Neal Conway for Neal Conway Music. Neal's fusion of instruments and styles give this Project's solid foundation!! Gerard(Geology)Young world-renown DJ/Producer lays his trademark sound down on "Stop and Go"performed by Danay Williams, co-produced by Neal Conway. Geo-logy is "THE SH&^%TTT!!! Also check him out at!!

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Raze: Break 4 Luv -undefined-
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Nairobi--Funky Soul Makossa -undefined-
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Another Fabulous Mix by DJ Pockets of WorldCast Radio

This master mixx was done by DJ Pockets. It's hott so let me warn you ahead of tim. Pockets specializes in 'ole skool' mixes. Any flava whether it be house, soul, hip hop, he's got it on lock! Check it out and be sure to reach out to DJ Pockets at


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Forever: Sponsored by The Dough Bar Co.  

The Dough Bar was created as a way to pass a love for food and delicious desserts on to my friends, co-workers and loved ones. As the Cookie Creator and owner of The Dough Bar I have always loved to cook and entertain. Inspired by my memories of time spent with my Mother and Grandmothers in the kitchen cooking and baking.

As a regular participant at company bake sales and a generous contributor to my family gatherings, I decided it was time to pass on my love and passion to a larger audience. I became disenfranchised by Corporate America and the need arose to start my own business and focus on my baking skills. Encouraged by my friends and family, I sat down with my best friend and came up with a name for my new enterprise…“The Dough Bar.” Now my great love affair with rich goodness and comforting sweets is being passed on to you. Each of our one of kind, handmade gourmet creations is baked with love and care. I offer only the best from our kitchen to yours.                           


Thank you for choosing The Dough Bar. 

Rosilind Coleman

Cookie Creator/Owner

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Martha Wash: Carry On Vocal Bass Dub Mix

Martha Wash

Carry On: Vocal Bass Dub Mix

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