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Jonas: Sweet Dreams Guaranteed

Jonas: Sweet Dreams Guaranteed


It is moments like these, introducing you to a personal friend and a great musician, that highlight my career. Believe me when I say it is an honor to present Jonas and a full slate of soul music that will complement the collection of any music connoisseur. Jonas hails from Copenhagen, Denmark and has recently settled in London-UK to further enhance his stellar career. No stranger to the soul scene, he has performed worldwide and opened for such acts as Bilal. His current tour has taken him to East Africa while promoting his new album in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. For those fortunate to catch him stateside, Jonas recently linked up with the lovely ladies of ONUTSS, Detrel and Pam, his performance securing his name in the annals of performers we hold close and claim as our own.His latest public offering is titled "Sweet Dreams Guaranteed" and boasts 12 rhythm and funk laden gems such as 'Miss Leading', 'As Good As It Gets", and my longtime favorite 'Not Compatible'. The album is now ready for download at iTunes and's MP3 sanctuary. You can sample Jonas' sound and style now by downloading 'Put A Spell On Me' via the link below. Also, take a moment to catch the video and reach out to him on Myspace or via email.Be on the lookout for his collaborative work with the Hip-Hip/Soul band "Sweatshop" as they bring their new album , The Hustle, to stores soon. Peace to Jonas for sharing the vibe. We'll be sure to keep you posted on all the great projects to come. Stay connected as one!COA

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