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Jodeci: Freek' N You (M.K. Dub)

Househeadz unite! All true househeadz will remember this gem. The Mark Kinchen remix of Jodeci's Freek N' You. Whenever I throw it into my house mixes, you can see the heads begin to bob. ha ha People start to stretch as if going into battle where they know they have to give it their best. This track is a classic so go ahead, download and enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts....



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Where is Casserine?

Does anyone remember Casserine feat Cato? She came out with this joint around 1994, "Why Not Take All of Me"? Here's the hip hop remix to a song that I loved. Admittedly, the album didn't fare too well but at the time, the single left it's mark on the masses. Maybe she was a victim of the industry, we all know how that goes. I'd like to know when, where, and why . In any case, we hope all is well with Casserine and please enjoy the track.



DJ Come of Age

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DJ COA presents Stone Mecca: Come Home

I just have to tell you about Stone Mecca! This group embodies soul, funk, and R&B to the fullest. Today we feature the track "Come Home" which is one of my favorites off of their debut cd titled 'First Contact'. A surefiyah smash, the album is now availabe for digital download on iTunes,, and other fine music retailers. It's no wonder they now boast a full slate of concert, likely coming to a city near you. From Montreal to Tucson and all points in between. I'm making my own plans to catch them live as the positive reviews keep pouring in. Join me in listening to Stone Mecca and be sure, as always, to spread the word about some great music!



dj come of age

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