Soul Music of the World
A potent mix of neo soul, hip hop,and jazz to move and, share, and enjoy. @djcomeofage
Sha Bless: I Suppose

One of the realest, thought provoking and socially conscious raps to come around in ages. Not only that, this brotha can flow! Check out this exclusive track by Sha Bless titled "I Suppose" and see if he doesn't capture your thoughts. We're waiting to hear more from him and his camp so we can update everyone about the full length release. Until then, keep in touch.


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DJ Purple Reigns

My longtime friend and househead DJ Purple shines on his latest mix. From Chicago to London , this brotha spins house, lives and breathes it deep down in his soul. On this piece, he was celebrating another birthday. You can find more of Purp at . Thanks for listening and downloading. Spread the word. I'll be in touch....


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DJ COA: When A Soul Mates

"Alas, the two remaining as friends, forever linked by his admission that began many moons ago...she remained to him, as most beautiful"

Ever had a soulmate or been in love on a level yet to repeat itself? This mix is designed to be smooth, perfectly suited to warm up that winter evening or to enhance a day off from the madness. Check out the sounds of the artists and be sure to support the music. The mix is yours to download, share, and enjoy. Keep in touch!


Artists on this mix include...

Bekay the Brass King (intro)

The Knack

Paul Mac Innes

Soul David


Hi Tek

dj coa

Wade 3

Amber Ojeda

The Rebirth

Malena Perez

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Heroes of the Dancefloor release "Torch," All Proceeds to Benefit the Homeless

As we are approaching the holiday season, please consider purchasing or helping to promote the forthcoming CD from Heroes of the Dancefloor, "Torch," released on INgrooves November 24th. Fusing old, new, and swing jazz with soulful vocals and mixing hip hop and dub influences, there is a little something for everyone on this album. In addition, every dime made will be donated to two homeless charities in New York City: ‘Picture the Homeless’ ( and ‘Coalition for the Homeless’ ( "Torch," is the second in a series by Heroes of the Dancefloor to benefit the homeless. The sophomore album follows up the acclaimed, "Momentum" which benefited two homeless charities in San Francisco. The next album will benefit the homeless of New Orleans. When the founder of Heroes of the Dancefloor witnessed a very pregnant and crying woman on the streets begging for money, he new he had to do something. With his music connections and shear compassion, he gathered an excellent group of artists willing to donate their time and art for this worthy cause. According to the annual report by the Coalition on Homelessness "New York has reached a new record for the number of homeless families living in our shelters. In this year alone the number of people living in homeless shelters has increased by 11% and the number of children has increased by 18% to over 14,000.

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Amber Ojeda: Ladylike

Amber Ojeda is promoting her new tracks. Here's a sureshot, a funky gem titled "Ladylike". Coming to us from San Diego, California she dazzles in jazz, hip hop, and soul/R&B genres. Personally, I love Amber's look, her voice, and her presentation is completely flawless. Be sure to support her work on iTunes and reach out to her on Myspace. Thanks for listening, sharing, and enjoying the music.


Amber on Myspace

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Fly-by Niki Andre -undefined-
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coming shortly
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400,000 Downloads--World's Fastest Growing Podcast/Vidcast

We welcome aboard our new sponsors...stay tuned for new podcast episodes and new music! So, you have a small business that you want to expand? Why not advertise with us? Contact us below for ad pricing!

dj coa

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Rebekka: Coffee and Music (Featured Download)

"From a small, rural town in the distant province, Norway, sounds an angelic voice. Rebekka, a young, up-and-coming neo-soul artist takes our thoughts way back to the golden era of soul.

Born into a music loving family she immediately learned to appreciate the joy of melody. With her father as a mentor she would travel around to perform along with her brother, and sang in various choirs and groups, until she wrote her first song on her own, November 2006. A star had begun her journey towards the skies.

Still determinately working to develope further in style and expression, Rebekka keeps blessing us with songs that we all can relate to. Inspired by that universal love and divinity that no human can help but to recognize, she writes most of her songs herself. "All kinds of music inspires me, especially soul music from the 1950's. But God, love, life, and my family is my biggest inspiration". Her music stretches into contrasts between the honesty and vulnerability of her lyrics, to the strength of her talent. All of this without getting in the way of catchy hooks, or keeping her humble person from shining through. In short: soothing music to make you feel good.

She is working closely with producers such as Harry West from Bergen and Jonesy for "JNS Beats" in Oslo. She has made great live performances, as well as a couple of international collaborations. Some with rap artists from the US. Her dream is to one day be able to make a living of her music, and concentrate fully on her great passion, on a lable that allows her to keep her artistic signature.

Meanwhile the fans can enjoy the new, free EP called Coffe and Music from this young lady with such a mature voice."


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Parlez-vous Hip Hop?

I know you do! You’re gonna wanna download this master mix that was done by DJ Sly (Marseille, San Francisco). Sly is wicked on the turntables and a standing member of the Transformerz-Turntable Dragunz Crew. We’ve posted this mix on our page for your listening pleasure and you can now download it for free via this link:


You can contact DJ Sly here on Facebook or via email at

We look forward to hearing from you!


DJ Sly


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Hope Of A Better Day: President Elect Barack Obama! -undefined-
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coming soon....right after the election! ha ha
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Meet Lee: Back 2 Love -undefined-
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coming soon (I promise)
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Dreamworld: Neo Soul Mix by JWill2k8

I connected with JWill on Facebook. This mastermixx is a smooth blend of neo soul gems.  We guarantee you will enjoy it. For starters, check the tracklisting! So go ahead and grab it and then be sure to reach out to JWill. Much more of his work coming soon. Thanks for the support!


1 - Telephone - Erykah Badu
2 - Vain - Dwele
3 - Dreamworld - Robin Thicke
4 - Oh Girl - Raphael Saadiq
5 - Sometimes - Bilal
6 - Twist you Around - Benny Sings
7 - 2 The Sky - Robin Thicke
8 - The Way That I Feel - Vikter Duplaix
9 - Clean Living - RJD2
10 - Turn it Around Again - AlexKid
11 - Take My Time - 4hero ft J'Davey
12 - So Far To Go - Common ft D'Angelo
13 - No More - J'Davey
14 - Do You Feel Me - Anthony Hamilton
15 - Sometimes - Raphael Saadiq

dj coa





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DJ COA: The Second Verse

The gift rested in full understanding for the power of words. His compositions always constructed to enlighten, to uplift, to bring to light essence of the unspoken.

A respecter of persons, he never intended any disrespect, alas, opportunity within grasp, the moment seized to express warm sentiment to one most deserving.

Even the first day his eyes laid hold in total amazement, her beauty as if divinely touched and having an aura non-pareil. Each day a testament that the first

impression left it's mark, her charm irresistible, her company welcomed, he resigned to cherish her from a distance.

The distance represented timing of the ages, this script written in the key of life. Destined to share with her the thoughts of many, the vibe

penned furtively, the secret revealed in both word and deed. Near the closing of his verse, the boldness taking upon a new risk, he chanced it all

so his mind would be relieved, a bet placed so she'd be assured to have his complete trust for future acquaintance. Alas, the two remaining as

friends, forever linked by his admission that began many moons ago, she remained, to him , as most beautiful....




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DJ Rav  Old Skool Hip Hop

DJ Rav


1. LL Cool J - Mamma Said Knock You Out
2. Wrecks n Effectz - Rump Shaker
3. Public Enemy - Fight The Power
4. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You
5. LL Cool J - Around The Way Girl
6. Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
7. Sugar Hill Gang - The Message
8. Alicia Keys - Juciest
9. Notorious BIG - Juicy
10. A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way
11. cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain
12. Naughty By Nature - OPP
13. Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Hooray
14. A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It
15. Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre - Nuttin But A G Thang
16. En vogue - My Lovin
17. SWV - So Into You
18. Bobby Brown - Every Little Step
19. Blackstreet - Bootycall

Enjoy and reach out to DJ Rav:



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DJ Rahdu: Swoon Unitz

As a child, Roderick Moody grooved to the music his father played in their basement. Little did he know that songs by Aretha Franklin, the Isley Brothers, Curtis Mayfield and P-Funk would ignite a spark in him that would shape his future. Now Moody, better known as DJ Rahdu, has evolved from the basement to the stage by infusing his own musical spin at parties, concerts and events throughout the Southeast. Rahdu started Deejaying in August 2002 on UAB’s Internet Radio Station, Blazeradio. After hearing him spin on that station, poets from the local poetry scene became instantly impressed with his skills and quickly asked him to spin for their poetry night. Now, Rahdu can be found opening for hot acts such as Dwele, Anthony Hamilton, Calvin Richardson & Leela James. Rahdu is often on the scene mesmerizing crowds with his unique blend of Hip-Hop, Neo Soul, Acid Jazz, Funk Jazz, Afro Beat, Classic Soul, Soulful House and Broken Beat. In addition to juggling DJ gigs, Rahdu is pursuing a degree in African American Studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham . Rahdu boasts an impressive resume which includes regular performances at First Fridays and R.I.S.E among countless others. Music aficionados also can check him out at Amani Raha Martini Lounge, Fusion Iradio on by demand, and the Diamond Soul XXXperience on Hot107.7. He also has performed at special events for Saks Fifth Avenue and other organizations Rahdu’s passion for music exudes in each of his performances. His vision is to increase the appreciation of diverse music and promote the awareness of viable alternatives of music beyond what is presented by mass media.


Enjoy the mix by DJ Rahdu, reach out and show support!


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DJ R4V : Greatest Bad Boy Mix (Unofficial)

1. Puffy's Intro
2. Jodeci- Come and Talk To Me (Bad Boy Remix)
3. The Notorious BIG - The What
4. Mary J.Blige - I'm Goin Down (Bad Boy Remix)
5. The Notorious BIG - Warning
6. Total ft. The Notorious BIG - Can't You See
7. R Kelly ft. The Notorious BIG - Be Happy
8. Faith Evans - You Used To Love Me
9. Faith Evans - You Used To Love Me (Bad Boy Remix)
10. New Edition ft. Missy Elliot & Ma$e - You Don't Have To Worry (Bad Boy Remix)
11. 112 - In Love With You
12. The Isley Brothers ft. 112 & Lil Kim - Float On (Bad Boy Remix)
13. Usher - I'll Make It Right
14. Mary J. Blige ft. LL Cool J - All Night Long (Bad Boy Remix)
15. Mary J Blige - Love No Limit (Bad Bot Remix)
16. SWV ft. Puffy - Someone
17. The Notorious BIG. - Ten Crack Commandments
18. Total - No One Else
19. Total - No One Else (Bad Boy Remix)
20. The Notorious BIG - Big Poppa
21. The Notorious BIG ft. R Kelly - Fuckin' You Tonight
22. Gina Thompson ft. Missy Elliot - The Things You Do (Bad Boy Remix)
23. Faith Evans ft. Queen Latifah - Ain't Nobody (Bad Boy Remix)
24. Faith Evans - Ain't Nobody
25. 112 ft. Mas$e - Love Me
26. Horace Brown - I Want You Baby
27. Brian Mcknight ft. Ma$e - You Should Be Mine
28. Tasha Holiday ft. Ma$e - Just The Way You Like It
29. KRS One ft. Puff Daddy - Step Into A World (Bad Boy Remix)
30. Total ft. Black Rob - What About About Us (Bad Boy Remix)
31. 112 ft. The Notorious BIG & Ma$e - Only You (Bad Boy Remix)
32. Mary J. Blige ft. Smif N Wesson - I Love You (Bad Boy Remix)
33. The Notorious BIG - Juicy (DJ R4V Refix)
34. Puff Daddy ft. Ma$e - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down
35. Mc Lyte ft. Missy Elliot - Cold Rock A Party (Remix)
36. Total ft. Ma$e - If You Want Me
37. Soul For Real - Every Little Thing (Bad Boy Remix)
38. Notorious BIG ft. Faith Evans & Mary J. Blige - One More Chance (Remix)
39. Ma$e ft. Total - What You Want
40. Imajin - Shorty You Keep Playing With My Mind
41. Boyz II Men - I Cant Let Her Go
42. The LOX ft. Kelly Price - So Right
43. Total ft. Puff Daddy - Kissing You (Bad Boy Remix)

Find more on DJ R4V on Facebook!

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Jarrard Anthony: Damn Sista -undefined-
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Wayna: My Love

Remember Wayna from the Gentle Aura Mixtapes? We loved her and her album "Moments of Clarity". It's wonderful to keep the connection strong and Wayna blesses our growing audience with an exclusive track titled "My Love". I know you'll dig it...just like I did. Download it and be in touch. Find the latest on Wayna from her tour, new album, and more on her Myspace page.

Wayna on Myspace



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Drea: Love Affair

Her style has been likened to that of the multitude of artists that have influenced her throughout her career; Kim Burrell, Stevie Wonder, Missy Elliot, and Sergio Mendez just to name a few. No matter what the project is, all of Drea’s productions have been described as being, “what true music sounds like and you getting a heavy dose of it” Austin Jeter, Urban Mainstream Magazine

Balancing the many projects Drea is involved in, her solo career with her debut CD release “Love Affair”, and the creation of her independent label SoundDoc Entertainment, founded in the summer of 2007 continues to give this artist/producer the inspiration and drive to make her mark on music history



dj coa

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Jazmine Sullivan-Need You Bad (Conway's Groovy Groove)

Jazmine Sullivan-Need You Bad (Conway's Groovy Groove)

Neal Conway(formally of Basement Boy Music) has been on the music scene since the late 80s. Neal cranked out hits like Gypsy Woman (Shes Homeless), Makin Happy (Crystal Waters), Scandal, Rejoicing (Ultra Nate), Tonite (Those Guys) and many others. Neal Conway was the man behind a number of the Basement Boys early hits(JUST CHECK THE CREDITS ON THE RECORDS AND ASCAP!!!!!)!!! Neal has produced a number of tracks and remixes for a number of artists. You can hear Neal's music on Multi-Platinum Artist T.I.'s hit single "Why You Wanna". The Music is by Neal Conway for Neal Conway Music. Neal's fusion of instruments and styles give this Project's solid foundation!! Gerard(Geology)Young world-renown DJ/Producer lays his trademark sound down on "Stop and Go"performed by Danay Williams, co-produced by Neal Conway. Geo-logy is "THE SH&^%TTT!!! Also check him out at!!

Direct download: Jazmine_Sullivan-Need_You_Bad_Conways_Groovy_Groove.mp3
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Raze: Break 4 Luv -undefined-
Direct download: dj_coa_presents_Raze-Break_4_Luv.mp3
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Nairobi--Funky Soul Makossa -undefined-
Direct download: Nairobi_-_Funky_Soul_Makossa_Streetwise_1982.mp3
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Another Fabulous Mix by DJ Pockets of WorldCast Radio

This master mixx was done by DJ Pockets. It's hott so let me warn you ahead of tim. Pockets specializes in 'ole skool' mixes. Any flava whether it be house, soul, hip hop, he's got it on lock! Check it out and be sure to reach out to DJ Pockets at


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Forever: Sponsored by The Dough Bar Co.  

The Dough Bar was created as a way to pass a love for food and delicious desserts on to my friends, co-workers and loved ones. As the Cookie Creator and owner of The Dough Bar I have always loved to cook and entertain. Inspired by my memories of time spent with my Mother and Grandmothers in the kitchen cooking and baking.

As a regular participant at company bake sales and a generous contributor to my family gatherings, I decided it was time to pass on my love and passion to a larger audience. I became disenfranchised by Corporate America and the need arose to start my own business and focus on my baking skills. Encouraged by my friends and family, I sat down with my best friend and came up with a name for my new enterprise…“The Dough Bar.” Now my great love affair with rich goodness and comforting sweets is being passed on to you. Each of our one of kind, handmade gourmet creations is baked with love and care. I offer only the best from our kitchen to yours.                           


Thank you for choosing The Dough Bar. 

Rosilind Coleman

Cookie Creator/Owner

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Martha Wash: Carry On Vocal Bass Dub Mix

Martha Wash

Carry On: Vocal Bass Dub Mix

Direct download: 08_Vocal_Bass_Dub_Mix.mp3
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Michael Jackson turns 50!

Michael Jackson turned 50 years's my take on MJ!


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DJ COA: Disponible Partout

One of three free instrumental tracks from the new, untitled album. Hope you like the sample . Get in touch and stay tuned for more...



Direct download: Disponible_Partout--DJ_COA.mp3
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Frizzy's Groove: 101

Instrumentals....this is one of the free tracks from my new album. It will be a 15 song compilation of smooth, plush instrumental tracks. Go ahead and download this, share, enjoy, and use for non-commercial purposes. For licensing, contact me via email at . Have you seen the video reviews on Be sure to check that out and keep in touch.




DJ Come of Age

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Maxin' and Relaxin'--New Album coming soon!

DJ Come of Age has officially entered into beat production. With a library full of smooth, almost 'sinful' tracks,  listen, download, and enjoy this sample track. Keep your ear close to the street as the new album is coming out 15 December 2008! Hit me up on Myspace and keep in touch.



Direct download: Maxin_and_Relaxin--DJ_COA.mp3
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Bernie Mac: You left us way too early!

I can't believe what I just read. Bernie Mac died at age 50! This is sad for me as he was one of my favorite comedians. My heart goes out to his family and may he rest in peace.

9 Aug 2008


dj coa

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coming soon
Direct download: The_Truth_pt1._2.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:32pm UTC Dark and Lovely the dark & lovely project is a series of deep, soulful, underground house music compilations mixed by soultripper.  the syncopated rhythms, lush soundscapes, and ambient interludes of dark & lovely invite you to--in the words of diamondancer --"elevate your mind and set your body free."

dark & lovely mixes are not for sale. please support the artists who create this music by purchasing their tracks online at beatport .




dark & lovely: sum of this

01 sunrise | soda inc.

02 sex track | montego muzik

03 one in a million [cooccer remix] | babak shayan

04 point in time [micros reverseride] | microstar

05 tokyo star | adam jace

06 deep down inside | dj akisy

07 jive on it | montego muzik

08 electric vibes | microstar

09 can you relate [plastic avengers deep mix] | rubber souls

10 all over | black jazz consortium

11 alien jungle | unknown

12 earthbound | mark o. sullivan

13 black woman | soulphiction

14 i need you so much | moodymann

15 tha queens | dj aakmael featuring j. mellodeez & esquire

16 the troubleshooter | javier varez

17 crickets | mother nature

For bookings please contact: .



Direct download: www.soultripper.com__Show_Your_Love--coa.mp3
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Flavorfull: Diggin4ALivin

A DJ since 1997, and more recently as a songwriter, she defines her sound through rich chord progressions, heavy beats and thick textures. From hip hop and dub/reggae, to rare funk and soul, this taste-maker brings her new blends from Austin, TX all the way up to Brooklyn, NY. In 2003, she formed HandinHand with partner Mike Genato. As shown by the songs ‘Smooth Love’ and collaborations with singer/songwriters, this fusion project puts an emphasis on flowing melodies, rich harmonies and lyrics that get at the human psyche, while keeping the beats heavy enough for head nodders around the globe. Also check out any of the 10+ eclectic DJ mixes on and visit her Myspace page where you can subscribe (for free) to her podcast. The new album from HandinHand is titled Green Streets and it will be available soon. We'll mos def keep everyone posted. Until then, enjoy this first of ten free mixes. Download, share, enjoy...


Track Listing: 1. intro 2. the doors - riders on the storm 3. röyksopp - eple 4. neptunes instrumental 5. culture club - do you really want to hurt me 6. tom tom club - genius of love 7. masters at work - get up remix 8. coldcut - beats and pieces 9. taco - putting on ritz 10. terrence trent d'arby - wishing well 11. bananarama - cruel summer 12. man parrish - hip hop be-bop (don't stop) 13. hall & oates - I can't go for that 14. george clinton - atomic dog 15. tone loc - funky cold madina 16. father mc - i'll do for you 17. micheal jackson - billie jean 18. wham - everything she wants remix 19. sos band - take your time (do it right) 20. orbital - halcyon 21. roll mottle - steppin right on out 22. genesis - invisible touch 23. love and kisses - accidental lover 24. prince - when doves cry 25. 212 north - special mix 26. eurythmics - sweet dreams (are made of these) 27. masters at work - aaliyah remix 28. outkast - the way you move 29. automan 6 - security 30. one dove – breakdown (william orbit



Direct download: diggin4alivin.mp3
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I put this one together while on vacation in San Antonio. After 10 days or ripping and running I actually found an hour to myself. So what do I do in my downtime? I like to chill to some smooth grooves. This one features music from:

Foreign Exchange

Soul David



Lisa Shaw


Soul Basement

Stone Mecca

Be sure to keep in touch....


Direct download: Impromptu.mp3
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coming soon....honestly!
Direct download: dj_coa_introduces_Song--Walk_With_Me.mp3
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More of DJ Casper: 90's Hip Hop and R&B Flava

DJ Casper, aka Turntable Fitness,  is the premiere event disc jockey on the East Coast! Originally from Pittsburgh, PA he now lives in Washington, D.C.  DJ Casper has over 20 years of professional experience and he'd like to bring his live show to you! I must say this brotha is a beast on the wheels of steel. You can tell from this live set that he has a gifted ear for music, superb track selection. This mix is part of his 90's R&B Flava Series. Dig into this as Casper has already dug in the crates for us all. I promise you will enjoy it. Afterwards, reach out to Casper on Myspace...and tell him COA sent ya.


DJ Casper on Myspace

DJ Anonymous: Haus Classics

I found this site by accident and I haven't left the page yet! It's called DJ's Delight and offers a plethora of free downloads for the discerning collector. Ol Skool, Funk, Jazz, Remixes, and more! This classic mix was done by DJ Anonymous...and you're gonna love it. Here is the tracklisting and let us know if you feel the groove. Enjoy the vibes!




Intro (Tribute To Boyd Jarvis)
Trojan Horse feat Romanthony: What $ Love
Dee Dee Brave: My My Lover (Kaoz Again Mix)
Park Ave: Don't Turn Your Love (Tee Scott Mix)
Phase II: Mystery
Blunted Dummies: House For All
Powerhouse 3: Hitten The Bottle
Pal Joey: Runaway
Earth People: Reach Up To Mars
Wild Boys: Do Your Thing
El Barrio: Across 110th Street
Willie Colon: Set Fire To Me
The Castle Beat: Today, Tomorrow And Forever
Basil Hardhaus: Hard For The DJ (Anonymous Edit)
Debbie Gibson: One Step Ahead (MAW Dub)
Underground Solution: Luv Dancin
Lil Louis: You Saved My Life (MAW Remix)
Teulé: Drink On Me (Club Mix)
Charane: Follow You
Dionne: Move Groove
Soundfactory: Understand This Groove
Landlord: I Like It
Freestyle Orchestra: Keep On Pumpin It Up (Anonymous Edit)
Ten City: Whatever Makes You Happy (New York Mix)
Romanthony: Hold On

A quick note to my HKI peoples: House Kiinnostaa returns on Saturday, June 14, at Redrum. More on that soon.

Shout outs to the Helsinki House Underground who teached me everything I know about house music. Also thanks to my brother from another mother, Pablo Steffa, for the artwork.

Direct download: DJ_Anonymous-Helsinki_Finland.mp3
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Jonas: Sweet Dreams Guaranteed

Jonas: Sweet Dreams Guaranteed


It is moments like these, introducing you to a personal friend and a great musician, that highlight my career. Believe me when I say it is an honor to present Jonas and a full slate of soul music that will complement the collection of any music connoisseur. Jonas hails from Copenhagen, Denmark and has recently settled in London-UK to further enhance his stellar career. No stranger to the soul scene, he has performed worldwide and opened for such acts as Bilal. His current tour has taken him to East Africa while promoting his new album in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. For those fortunate to catch him stateside, Jonas recently linked up with the lovely ladies of ONUTSS, Detrel and Pam, his performance securing his name in the annals of performers we hold close and claim as our own.His latest public offering is titled "Sweet Dreams Guaranteed" and boasts 12 rhythm and funk laden gems such as 'Miss Leading', 'As Good As It Gets", and my longtime favorite 'Not Compatible'. The album is now ready for download at iTunes and's MP3 sanctuary. You can sample Jonas' sound and style now by downloading 'Put A Spell On Me' via the link below. Also, take a moment to catch the video and reach out to him on Myspace or via email.Be on the lookout for his collaborative work with the Hip-Hip/Soul band "Sweatshop" as they bring their new album , The Hustle, to stores soon. Peace to Jonas for sharing the vibe. We'll be sure to keep you posted on all the great projects to come. Stay connected as one!COA

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Jodeci: Freek' N You (M.K. Dub)

Househeadz unite! All true househeadz will remember this gem. The Mark Kinchen remix of Jodeci's Freek N' You. Whenever I throw it into my house mixes, you can see the heads begin to bob. ha ha People start to stretch as if going into battle where they know they have to give it their best. This track is a classic so go ahead, download and enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts....



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Where is Casserine?

Does anyone remember Casserine feat Cato? She came out with this joint around 1994, "Why Not Take All of Me"? Here's the hip hop remix to a song that I loved. Admittedly, the album didn't fare too well but at the time, the single left it's mark on the masses. Maybe she was a victim of the industry, we all know how that goes. I'd like to know when, where, and why . In any case, we hope all is well with Casserine and please enjoy the track.



DJ Come of Age

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DJ COA presents Stone Mecca: Come Home

I just have to tell you about Stone Mecca! This group embodies soul, funk, and R&B to the fullest. Today we feature the track "Come Home" which is one of my favorites off of their debut cd titled 'First Contact'. A surefiyah smash, the album is now availabe for digital download on iTunes,, and other fine music retailers. It's no wonder they now boast a full slate of concert, likely coming to a city near you. From Montreal to Tucson and all points in between. I'm making my own plans to catch them live as the positive reviews keep pouring in. Join me in listening to Stone Mecca and be sure, as always, to spread the word about some great music!



dj come of age

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DJ COA presents CJ: The Next.....

CJ hails from my home state of North Carolina.  Raleigh, N.C. to be exact! I had the pleasure of meeting him while performing at the Classic Lounge in Weilerbach, Germany. His style is very much like my own, no boundaries while expressing the love of life through words and song. I'm glad to introduce you all to CJ because I believe in his talent and his music. He sings, produces, and performs with noted passion and reminds me a lot of Eric Roberson!  Well travelled abroad, CJ also speaks french! After you get this download, be sure to connect with CJ at Myspace  and his debut album "Songs 4 You" at CD! Be on the lookout for his sophomore project titled "Mellowtronica" coming soon.  As always, we want to hear from you so feel free to give us your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to listen and enjoy the sounds of a very deserving soul musician.


DJ Come of Age

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DJ Casper: 90's R&B Hip Hop Flava -undefined-
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The Return of Soul David

David Terrzano, aka Soul David, is back. His return is marked by a soon to be released and very impressive sophomore effort. From Italy, and full of love for our soul music, David releases this exclusive track from his new album. We want you to download, share, and enjoy the complete vibe of this groove. Be sure to reach out to Soul David on Myspace as well. Much more to come!



Soul David

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DJ Come of Age: Just the Beats 1

I wish everyone could come to my studio and see how the beats are created. It's one nice vibe session and we take our ideas from many different places, sights, and sounds. Here is a freebie that we're giving away. A very nice "hip hop" groove we think you'll enjoy. It's for free now so be sure to grab it. ha ha Let us know your thoughts.


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DJ Bobby Bob: My Own Way -undefined-
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Jahbhang was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota. Since then he has lived in Seattle, Santa Cruz, Switzerland, Berkeley, Amsterdam, Oregon, Germany, Southern France and Slovenia. Some of Jahbhang's favorite things to do are, mountain biking, yoga, freestyling, cooking, writing music and performing. Jahbhang has performed all over the world. From Amsterdam's famed Melkweg and San Francisco's legendary Fillmore, to the streets of America and Europe. Jahbhang is always trying to learn and grow from his environment. His music reflects the experiences of all the interesting places he has lived. Jahbhang's mission is to spread the message of funk and tolerance through his words and music. Check out Jahbhang's debut album "Let It Drop" coming out this winter. A groovy little old school jam with a new school twist.

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Angel Williams: Give It To Me -undefined-
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MI2: DJ I-Cut in the mixx...... -undefined-
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Hate On Me (Brass King Remix) -undefined-
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