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Definition of Chillout: Volume One -undefined-
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Frances Jay: Neo Soul Cafe (Dallas, TX) -undefined-
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Jamie Lin: Funk My Life Did someone say House Music? Jamie Lin spins the decks and keeps only the best in soulful, upbeat, house music in rotation. Straight outta Cali, she has hosted an array of radio shows from Chicago to Germany. Not one to rest on her past achievements, Jamie’s talents extend into realms of fashion, production, and marketing of fellow musicians and djs.

More than just your average DJane, Jamie Lin has contributed her wide range of talents in the video game industry. Some of which have landed her on TV shows, commercials and radio spots. Graduating from Ex'pression College of Digital Arts at the age of 18, her 3d artwork and animations have been released on the PS2, XBOX, PC and Arcade platforms. Download, listen, and be sure to share the latest mix of soulful house from Jamie Lin. Be sure to reach out to her here on Myspace as well. Enjoy….
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Wonder Twinz: Mixtape Kingz -undefined-
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If It Were I.... If it were I,
I'd take you there on the warmest of days
The sand of the beach upon which we would play
In that moment, genuflect, as if in worship
Existing only to witness your receipt of full pleasure

If it were I,
I'd tender your womanhood with no less than
A thousand gentle lashes from the warmth of my tongue
The intensity of which would consume you and your
Moans would echo loudly, the words of a song only
You and I would understand..

The gentle aura would be as if forever
Your legs would spread as if the wings of angels
The rush of your waters so strong but not
A drop of your essence would spill
My stay between your wings lasting long
Long enough to know each hair of your
Womanhood, by name.

If it were I,
I'd watch from the corner of my eye even
As the anklet rolled South, the moment
Of finding your rhythm, an orgasm to take
You high it would be as if your feet touched
The bottom of the clouds...

The gentle lashes now too much to bear
You become mine, the waters now overflow
And meeting the rays of the sun,
A small rainbow will begin to form

My desire now at it's greatest
The longing for you at it's peak
For your tenderness has given me
Strength and vigor, I'd take you
And plunging deep within your walls,
So powerful and strong my thrusts
Would bury you in the sand...

But only if it were I...
And You.

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ONUTSS 4: Visions Unfold




ONUTSS                                          Intro

Jua                                                   Higher

Myshel                                              Movin’ On

Koffee                                               Y U Gotta Be So Good

Angel Williams                                 Give It To Me

Peachy Salthouse                              Lemonade

Rahbi                                                Take You To A Dream

Rahma                                              Whatever You Want

Ali Kiba                                            Cinderella

Nic Nac                                             Vorbei

Gifa Producer                                   In Da Club (Remix)

Queen Sheba                                    Next Recipe

Vicelounge                                        Letting Go

DJ COA                                            80

A-Smash                                           I Luv N.Y.


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Keith "Versatyle" Washington

Poet extraordinaire Keith "Versatyle" Washington is back by popular demand. Have you heard him grip the mic? He does so in a way that isn't always fashionable because he speaks truth. The message in the music is evident and clear, Versatyle is someone to contend with! One of the few gifted poets who will leave your thinking a bit elevated, listen as he ups the ante in neo soul, spoken word poetry. Find Keith now on iTunes and enjoy....


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DJ Bobby Bob: Words and And Sounds Mixtape (Espana) DJ Bobby Bob

Jazz Hop by DJ Ragz

The next time you're web surfing, be sure to Google the name of DJ Ragz! Hailing from Roseville-CA, Ragz has built a stellar name for himself and the Jazz Addixx Crew. A specialist in mixing hip hop, jazz, soul, and funky grooves, we showcase his ill skillz with this featured mixtape. We'd also like you to become better acquainted with Ragz by checking out his video on the Tube. So peace out to my man for sending love this way. The COA fam is much appreciative . Get your download now and be sure to show Ragz your support.


DJ Ragzzzzzzzzz

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Anji Bee: Motherless Child

It's been said that Anji Bee has the sexiest voice in radio....I'd have to agree. My fellow podcaster/videocaster can do much more than hum a nice tune, she can calm and soothe with her charm. Anji hosts the Chillcast which boasts a strong, worldwide audience each week as she features the best in chillout grooves. Born in Los Angeles, Anji has contributed vocals and lyrics to many bands over the past decade.  Now 1/2 of the band Lovespirals,  their music has been featured on such shows as the Oprah Winfrey show, MTV, VH1, and WE to name a few. You can buy Lovespirals cds on iTunes,, CD Baby, and all other online music outlets.

Be sure to visit Anji on her Myspace page and download her freebies there as well. If you're in the mood for chillout music , this should be your first stop. Her voice alone is the perfect complement for a long drive or any escape from the hectic rush of everday life. You're gonna love it.



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Jahah!!!  Ha Ha!

I'm warning you now, Jahah is gonna dazzle, amaze, and get you movin' again! It's always good to represent for my brotha! We all became acquainted with Jahah back in the day on the early DJ COA mixes. From time to time, we put his "Ear For Music" in rotation. Jahah has new flava for ya to enjoy. His new cd is now on iTunes and CD Baby and it's titled "The Melting Pot". Be sure to check out his video on my vidcast. Get a hold of "Reverse" now and reach out to Jahah! You'll be glad you did.


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Hello again! Been a very busy and productive year to say the least. As we look 2008 into the eye, I'm very eager for the next chapter in this indie journey. Thanks to all of you for your messages and support via downloads, comments, phone calls etc. We just wrapped up the finishing touches on our new cd titled 'Chez Nous'. I must say it's one of my proudest moments and has given me an opportunity to work with some great artists such as Myoshi Marilla, Tedjee, Paolo,Lasonya Gunter, Oddlogik, J-Soul, and others. Be sure to get your copy now on iTunes and CD

The videocast is in full effect. We will bring the show to you from such places as Paris, Oslo, Forbach, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Luxembourg City, and more in 2008. Stay tuned for all of that as well. So what's new with you? Hit me up via email or text anytime and let's stay connected.


DJ Come of Age

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Raff: A Scottish/Italian soul singer-songwriter whose beautiful and unique voice brings a fresh sound to the uk urban soul scene.

Poised to release his ep, gotta get it right, Raff has already been getting major support all over the world, but this is definitely not one of those over-night stories. Raff has been perfecting his craft for years, with an ep and album already under his belt, proving that this talent definitely has something to say.

A chance meeting with underground hiphop producer, Yush2k, lead to raffs first foray into the recording world. But until then, the only people who had really heard raff sing were his family: too shy to even call the operator, it wasnt until raff recorded himself singing along to boyzIImens, 4 seasons of loneliness, that he thought, hey, I could maybe do this!. A job as a singing waiter soon brought raff out of his shell, giving him the confidence to really go for his dream - the illusive record contract!

So while singing stevie wonders, as, Yush2k saw something special and asked raff to record his first album and ep, hypnotized - an eclectic mix of street soul, rnb, hiphop beats and jazz. Not only was this raffs first album but his first chance to really express himself, with full writing and executive production credits. Rave reviews from dj mag, metro and straight no chaser followed, with calls from Warner Bros, but raff remained unsigned.

Keen to explore the world of music further, raff also found himself recording for the highly acclaimed Playstation2 series, Grand theft auto (3, vice city, san andreas and liberty city stories). However, his passion for creating his own music drove him on to start work on his follow-up project.

A change of producer found raff working with liam saunders, further establishing raffs own sound - a mix of old skool harmonies, acoustic guitars, live beats and swirly electro sounds. With such a live sound, the new material truly showcases raffs strength - the live performance, where his passion for music becomes clear, proving not only can he write from the soul, but sing from it too. On stage is where raff thrives and his influences can be clearly seen; ranging from the old skool Aretha and stevie, to the nu skool, India arie, erykah badu and Raphael saadiq.

As an artist raff is eager to develop and grow, hoping to, learn from the best in the business. As a result, a series of collaborations with other local unsigned talents have been helping raff to reach wider audiences. A reggae-soaked duet with Glasgows L-marie has been recently getting spins on galaxy fm in Newcastle, and a collaboration with perth mc, shogun, has been earning major support on Radio1xtra, showing raffs versatility and appeal across the board. What is clear, is that raff is here to stay and its only a matter of time before that deal comes his wayspread the word.

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Free Download courtesy of The Dough Bar Co.

This week's free download is brought to you by the Dough Bar Co. !

    "because life should always be sweet"


Be sure to stop by and see what goodies they have in store. The Dough Bar Co. is a proud sponsor of the podcast and independent music! Today's featured track comes to us from the group Slowmo and they recently appeared on the videocast as well. Thanks for the love and be sure to download, share , and enjoy. See ya next week!


DJ Come of Age

Text me at +49 160 917 90264

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Jua: A Testament of Quality Soul Music

Some individuals may recognize early in life their dreams yet only a few dedicate themselves to the actual realization of those same dreams. And then there’s Jua. "Jua" Swahili for the "Sun", was born in Chicago, Illinois; home of the "Musical Melting Pot". He discovered at a young age that the sound of his voice blended with various types of music, moved others to take notice. Encouraged to share this talent, Jua began performing in fourth grade in the Oakton Elementary School Chorus in Evanston, IL. By the time his family moved to Alabama in 1989, Jua had developed an undeniable love for singing. He continued performing as a soloist with choruses and church choirs, in school musicals, community pageants, fashion shows and weddings throughout high school. During his junior year in 1996, Jua was selected to perform with the Alabama All-State Boys Choir. That same year, he was awarded not only the "Best Choral Member" award by the Alabama Boys State Chorus but received a full four year vocal scholarship to Monticello University in Monticello, Alabama. Before moving to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Emory University, Jua participated in the annual highly regarded All-Atlanta Chorus Gospel Christmas performance with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. While in college, Jua continued singing in talent shows and athletic events including the 1998 AT&T Professional Tennis Championship where he accepted the invitation to sing the National Anthem. Revisiting his gospel background, Jua was a member of the Emory University Voices of Inner Strength Gospel Choir from 1997-2000. The year 2000 found Jua in London, England studying abroad. Attempting to take full advantage of his visit, Jua continued to hone his craft at Open-Mic night performances at local London clubs and venues. Returning to the States to graduate from Emory, Jua has since directed all of his energy to his love of music. Since moving to the D.C. area in 2002, Jua’s musical projects have included singing with a local R&B group and being featured on an upcoming compilation album that fuses neo-soul, jazz and funk. In addition, Jua performs with the legendary Blackbyrds as a featured background vocalist. His latest and proudest undertaking is the putting together of his own CD entitled "Anticipation" which not only showcases his vocal talents but his lyric writing skills as well. Jua brings a vocal sound reminiscent of soul and R&B singers such as Donny Hathaway, Will Downing, Luther Vandross; also major vocal influences on his style, along with Nancy Wilson, Chaka Khan and Nat King Cole. Jua’s rich voice resonates with a combination of depth and fresh emotion that is uniquely Jua.


DJ Come of Age

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One Nation Under the Soul Shack: No Time Like the Present

Bridget Gray headlines the third installment of the ONUTSS Mixtape series. We keep things rolling with Ernesto's winner titled 'Held'. The formula works and remains unchanged: a bit of love, some blasts from the past, and the future hits. Download this lineup that spotlights Davhall, Nonchalant, Davina, Sofi Zerene,Rashaan Patterson, Hengi, and Natalie Williams.

The video show is taking off as well so catch us on YouTube for the latest. We started out slow but with new upgrades and tools at our disposal, only the best is yet to come. As always, tell a friend so we can continue to bring you the best in beautiful soul music.





ONUTSS3: No Time Like the Present

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The Dread Daze Podcast Show (Exclusive) -undefined-
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DJ COA meets Bridget Gray A LettertoHipHop
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Chez Nous

The new cd is titled 'Chez Nous' and it will be available only as a digital download. Here is a sample of the album which features music by Myoshi Marilla, LaSonya Gunter, Oddlogik, Soul David, Wendisue, Teau, Corey and Jay Soul, Slowmo, Kafele Bandele, and Stico Von Drake. Look for the full release on iTunes beginning 21 August 2007.



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ONUTSS 2: Unconditional Love

ONUTSS continues to shine! Our latest mixtape in their honor is another surprise and replete with soulful gems. We titled this mix "Unconditional Love" and musicially, we continue to share our passion with Pam and Trel because their love means so much.

Drops by Poetic Sunshyne, Jo'Leon D'Avenue, and my sista DJ Renay!!! A drop by Renay?? Now you know there's some house music in rotation (lol).  Artists in play are as follows:

Trizonna McClendon


Zap Mama

Raheem Devaughn

Billy Miles

Jill Scott



Victoria Wilson James


Jazzy Jeff

Ellington Felton


Carmen Dura

Mark de Clive Lowe

Be sure to get the download, reach out to the artists and as always, bless ONUTSS with your continued support. We look forward to hearing from you.



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EJ Flavors: Ole Skool Wednesdays is back....

Straight outta the ATL, EJ Flavors represents with an Ole Skool Wednesdays mixx to take us back in the day. Drop in and show your love to one of my close associates in the game! Peace!


01 - (Featuring Jocelyn Brown) - Always There
02 - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
03 - I Love What You Do For Me
04 - Change
05 - Givin' It Up
06 - Step Into My Life
07 - Where Do We Go From Here
08 - Still A Friend Of Mine
09 - Deep Waters
10 - Where Did We Go Wrong
11 - Good Love
12 - Spellbound And Speechless
13 - Hold On To Me
14 - All That You Want Me To Be
15 - Labour Of Love
16 - Centre of the Sun
17 - Nights over Egypt
18 - Marrakech
19 - Magnetic Ocean
20 - Barumba

  At first, when I started designing an OSW, I thought I would start out with a nice post-disco mix, but a friend of mine from Chicago, DJ, suggested (rather surreptitiously, I might add) that I do a mix with Incognito. At first I shrugged at the thought, believing that they they didn't have enough material to fulfill the OSW requirement.  I was seriously mistaken. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that they had quite a bit of material before 1997.  It was on.




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DJ Renay's Soulful House Music Session
Mixes have been featured on, and and
My story and gospel house mix were featured on  The gospel house mix is still available on their DJ Mixes Archive Page.
Formerly played at the Five Spot
Brooklyn, NY 11205 
I am a house music lover who accidentally became a DJ because of my frustration of not finding the house music I wanted on cds.  I started my journey late in the game  (age 42) and spent the past 5 years learning to mix and playing music in my livingroom for my own enjoyment.
I finally got the courage to play in public at an "Open Turntable" and, after appearing a few times, I was offered an opportunity to play during the breaks of the regular band and eventually advanced to playing 4 and 5 hour sets. 
For the detailed story of my DJ Journey... stop by  I want to be an inspiration for those who think that age hinders your dreams...It really doesn't....Dreams are meant to be followed and realized...You've just more patience to do it at an older age.
I developed a passion for soulful and gospel house music after hearing selections from SuSu Bobien, Barbara Tucker, Cece Rogers, Kenny Bobien and the list goes on.
"Gospel house music inspires me and assures me that it's gonna be alright - even when I am frustrated and unsure of my next step. It deposits my troubles in a safe place until I am ready to pick them up again - mostly in a better state of mind than when I started.  That's why I love gospel house music."
1.   For Devotion (I Want You Mix) - K.C.Y.C.
2.   Miscommunicate (Soul harmonica Remix) - Rachel Claudio &          
  Nicholas Vautier
3.   Ol' Skool Vibe - Nu Soul Orchestra
4.   Stay Together - Barbara Tucker
5.   Mixdown (Strictly Rhythm Sampler 2007) - Grand High Priest
6.   Stompin' Grounds - K.C.Y.C.
7.   Stop - Fred Everything & JT Donaldson
8.   Jam Session -Troydon
9.   P 2 Da J - Dennis Ferrer
10. Whispers in the Dark - (Kings of Tomorrow Remix) - STP
11. Open Up - Jazz n Groove
12. Lose Control - Chrissy Brewer
13. Trabajar (Innate Soul Remix) - Andre Harris
14. I Wanna Go - DJ Romain feat Emory Toler    
15. Do You Even Know - Rachel Claudio

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Let Me Be Me                                   Patti Austin

Black Butterfly                                  Sounds of Blackness

Thank You                                        Choklate

Ketch A Vibe                                      Julie Dexter

Caged Bird Sings                               Buckshot Lefonque

Music                                                Leela James

Search for the Hero                           M-People

Midnite                                              D-Influence

Interlude                                            Solevision

Soul David Live                                  Soul David

Faut qu'on sorte de La                       Fonky Family

  Stone Groove                                   Big Bud

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One Nation Under the Soul Shack: The Mixtape

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Detrel and Pam from One Nation Under the Soul Shack. This wonderful duo has lifted my spirits on many a rainy day with their kind words, selfless promotion, and sincere dedication to great soul music. Mama used to say to me,"Give a person the roses while you can!" I could never repay my friends at ONUTSS for all they've done but I sought to express a sincere thanks in the mix!

The first of five , this amalgamation of soul, chillout, and jazz is deeply rooted in the essence of all ONUTSS represents. We piece together local talent, artists from across the pond, and as always, provide a welcome intro to some musicians you may have missed. The idea of sharing great music while putting the spotlight on others continues to give our vision both sense and purpose.

ONUTSS: The Mixtape features music from SHU, Davina, Lynden David Hall, Jahah, Cholkate, Aaron T., L'Renee, Paolo, Martine Girault, Grap Luvah, Martha Wash, COA, Carmen Dura, and drops by Poetic Sunshyne, Semokee, Jo'leon D'Avenue, and more. So welcome to a new era in the mix. Welcome to One Nation Under the Soul Shack. Please download the podcast for free, share it, and enjoy. I hope you all reach out to Detrel and Pam and show them a snippet of as much love as they have blessed us with. It is the greatest honor we can bestow upon those who have inspired so many.

Peace, love, and some roses...


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The Return---Back in the Mixx!

Peace fam! I'm back in the mix now. I must admit the hiatus was planned. Took a minute to reflect on where we're going and where we've been. As it turns out, we're on the right track. Thank God for friends like Myoshi, ONUTSS, Carmen McDonald, Tara Caballero, and a slew of others who have, in their own way, boosted my spirits. So here is the format to digest: A new mix every two weeks and a weekly spotlight artist as the free download.

"The Return" features music from Shanelle Gabriel, Elyse "Elle" Johnson, Carmen Dura, Liquid Lounge, Foreign Exchange and Peven Everett, Big Brooklyn Red, Queen Sheba, and Sean Mooney.

The show has grown by leaps and bounds. Many guest djs have appeared the past two months. Be sure to get all the downloads, burn 'em, and share them with others. Also visit us on iTunes. Stay tuned for the first in a series of mixes titled 'ONUTSS' as we show love to One Nation Under the Soul Shack. The best is yet to come....

                                        The Return

Intro                                                 Thin P (Japan)

Start Something                               Shanelle Gabriel

Come Around                                  Foreign Exchange

Love It                                              Choklate

Sonrise                                              Stico Von Drake

Interlude                                           DJ COA

Slums of Paradise                                      Wayna

Blue                                                  Carmen Dura

Pawns                                               Queen Sheba

Still Here                                          Anonomas

My Destiny                                       Big Brooklyn Red

COA’s Groove                                 Sean Mooney

My Peoples                                       Jazzy Jeff

Driftin                                              Elle aka That Chick

Martin’s Civil Break                        Bekay the Brass King


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Nu Jazz: Free Download of the Week

21 April 2007-- We're moving right along with a host of news to tell !  Let me start with a download that comes out of the vaults of procducer Sean Mooney. This gem is titled "Nu Jazz". Yours truly will begin mixing for "4 Da Soul" Radio Show. Be sure to check for them online as they bring you much more of the soul music that we love. I'm preparing tracks now for my show which will air on weekends and some weekdays. Once I get the lineup, I'll be sure to post. Please take some time to download the recent guests that have featured here. The likes of DJ Soulswede, DJ Crash, DJ Purple, and DJ Wrex. If you love mixes, this is the place to be. And yes, I am getting better at posting the tracklists. ha ha

Much respect and thanks to Trel and Pam at ONUTSS! They've given me so much inspiration and encouragement. I always have to show them love with my blogs and stuff. They're as beautiful and real as it gets. New music compilations and digital only release cds featuring Myoshi, Tara Caballero, and Ahmo Hight are on the way to a digital store near you. We've only just begin y'all . Reach out and touch me via email or Myspace!


Direct download: Sean_Mooney-Nu_Jazz.mp3
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DJ Crash: The Mixologist

Welcome to the mix show presented by DJ Crash. This is what I term a "master-mixx". A perfect blend of old school hip hop and the house music a lot of us grew up on. DJ Crash, legendary dj, mixer, producer, and now podcaster? For sure. Be sure to tune in to his podcast mix show on iTunes and while you're there, look for him on the Tara Caballero project titled The Essence of Me. This is my man, DJ Crash, as he put down this mix for XM Radio. Yeah, I'm well connected...and this is for you.

DJ Crash on the COA Podcast.....

Direct download: CrashonXM-Radio2.mp3
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 Welcome to The Soul Swede Show...

BIO DJ Soulswede 
"He has looked Robert "Kool" Bell (Kool & The Gang) straight in the eye! He dared to ask him why they have been faking the funk in recent years. He has sat in a car with Mitch McDowell from General Kane, discussing at length the problems of crack in the young Afro-American community. He also spoke with Mitch about his passion for p-funk. He has hooked up with old school hiphoppers The Jungle Brothers at a noisy airport. He’s even given Patti Austin a huge hug in Copenhagen. He has met Chicago housers Full House and Daryll Pandy during the period when four channel mixers were the only studio equipment needed for house music."  
Born in 1967 and raised in southern Sweden. At the age of 8, he asked his parents for the new George McCrae single “Rock You Baby". There was something special here with a soulful voice on top of a melodic soulful groove.

He then began to explore his fathers' vinyl collection. The favorites came from Dionne Warwick and Stevie Wonder. In 1980 he bought his own first album, “Secret Combination? by Randy Crawford. His father is a musician and has been playing organs in churches almost all his life. Maybe there is a connection. 
In the mid 80’s he discovered local radio stations, which were a rather new phenomena back then. But he did not appreciate the music they were playing. One day he asked one of the stations if he could run a show playing soul music and "Soul Power Radio" was born. Later "Soul Food Radio". He was doing a one hour weekly show playing soul and funk music only. The response was not overwhelming. Soul music was not the most played genre back then. He was even threatened on one of his live shows and was actually haunted by people for playing black music on the radio. He had to leave the studio through a backdoor for a period of time. 
During that time he also did some freelance work for The Swedish National Radio. He interviewed Robert “Kool? Bell and Dennis “DT? Thomas of Kool & The Gang. He also did his “own? interviews with artists such as Tyrone Davis, BeBe & CeCe Winans and Mitch McDowell of General Kane. It was not always an easy thing to do interviews at a young age of around 20. But the artists respected him for his big knowledge and deep love for the music.  
In 1991 he moved abroad to work in Spain for a couple of years, following this time he moved to Stockholm for a period. He lost close contact with the music for a couple of years during the 90’s, and is now trying to catch up with the music missing on his soulful map for that decade.  
Over the years he has been playing everything from raw, naked and “uncensored? hiphop to quiet storm, smooth jazz, soulful house, deep soul, and hardcore funk. But his heart is in the deeper school of soulful music. It “must? contain a strong melody. He always comes back to the fact that soul music must reflect the person behind it. It’s all about credibility.  
Pls. visit 
Join The Soulswede Show on the first Saturday of every month (Start on June 2) 
14.00-16.00 (GMT) 15.00–17.00 (CET) 9AM-11AM (EST) 
Sky Digital Channel 0129 (To the UK & Eire) (Worldwide)

DJ Soulswede

Radio presenter and music journalist Solar Radio



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Soul David on Mercedes Benz Podcast!!!

I predict that in two years, Soul David will be one of the biggest names in soul music. I can't say enough about his talent and unique appeal as a performer. Soul David and his producer, Italy's FaraOne4, were recently recognized on the Mercedes Benz Mixed-Tape and Podcast!! This is indeed an honor and the recognition is providing excellent publicity and acclaim. We rebroadcast the Mercedes episode featuring Soul David. Listen for yourself and remember, only two years....



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DJ Purple: After Hours House Mix

This one is for Trel, Sista Suga, Paloma, Jazzy Blue, and all my friends and fam who love deep, soulful House Music. Let me introduce you to DJ Purple from Chicago! I've known Purple (Reginald Davenport) for over ten years now. We connected over House Music and share a bond and a passion for it that has taken us to many countries in pursuit of the sound. Trust me when I say Reggie, I mean DJ Purple, is one of the most humble men on the planet. With a vinyl collection of over 5,000 records and nearly as many mixes, he is sure to have the track you're looking for.

DJ Purple's roots are in Chicago. Being the birthplace of House, it's full of energy, creativity, and a legacy of great DJs. Remember the whole scene that took the world by storm in the Eighties? Yeah, in the beginning there was Jack!!! Purple continues to carry the torch for Chi-Town and everyone who moves to the tune of House. "And this is fresh....."



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Versatyle -undefined-
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DJ Wrex: Chillout Live Volume 2

DJ Wrex is the truth!! A master technician on the turntables, he brings neo soul and hip hop to life one mix at a time. Hailing from Duarte, CA his calendar is full of showdates. If you're not lucky enough to catch him live, then check the mix via download. We're gonna feature more of DJ Wrex on the show in the future. The response we've received so far is flattering to say the least. Thanks for the support and enjoy Wrex with the Chillout Live Set: Volume 2!


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Kafele: Prodigal Moon

Kafele, trumpeter, composer and producer, has been playing the trumpet for over 18 years. The name Kafele (pronounced kuh-FAY-lay) is of Egyptian origin, and means "worth dying for". Born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Kafele was first exposed to jazz by his parents. In fact, he attributes his love and appreciation for the art to his father who often listened to recordings of John Coltrane, Freddie Hubbard and Miles Davis among others. Later, his brothers and sisters introduced him to Hip-Hop and R&B. As a byproduct of becoming a Chicago resident for about 7 years, Kafele was inundated with lively, upbeat house music. This musically enriched background provided the influences that helped cultivate his unique sound.

While attending Southern University in Baton Rouge, he studied Jazz Music Theory under the leadership of world-renowned jazz artist and educator, Alvin Batiste. During this time, Kafele was establishing a reputation by performing at various venues in Louisiana, Georgia, Texas and Alabama. He collaborated with a group of talented musicians to form The Kafele Bandele Group. This group frequently performed at M's Fine and Mellow Café in Baton Rouge. He also appeared at the Baton Rouge Blues Festival, House of Blues in New Orleans and the internationally acclaimed New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

After earning a degree in Physics from Southern University, Kafele moved to Chicago with plans to expand and elevate his musical career. Following years of hard work his plan is taking off with an untamable force.

In 2003, Kafele officially launched K. Kapano Records, Inc. in which he plans to elevate his own musical career, produce other talented artists, and perpetuate the appreciation of jazz-fusion. Already, he has released his debut album, "Prodigal Moon" which introduces a new genre of music that infuses spontaneous trumpet riffs with pulsating, hypnotic baselines. He calls this music Cool Fusion-a poetic entanglement consisting of the finest elements of jazz and the richness of Hip-Hop and other forms of music.

In addition, Kafele has successfully penetrated the Chicago music scene and has performed in Baltimore, New York, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Miami at the venues listed below:

The Wild Hare (Opening for Slum Village), Isaac Hayes, Rhythm, The Cotton Club, The District, The Hot House, The Chicago Theater (opening for Kem), The Congress Theater (opening for Erykah Badu) The House of Blues Chicago (opening for Boys II Men/ Amel Larreuix), Sounds of Brazil in New York, and has been featured on various college and commercial radio stations.

Kafele is a musical visionary who believes that there is a difference between music produced for the sole purpose of making money and music created as an expression of one's inner self. He hopes that listeners will recognize this difference in his music. In his own words, "Music is a true reflection of the heart and soul."


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"Roots" by DJ Come of Age

Don't you hate moving? I sure do. This week I'm moving into a new house. Aaaggghh, it's a pain but it has to be done. Before I am finally packed up, I decided to take the few records that aren't boxed up and find my 'Roots'. Speaking with my good friends Trel, Gary, Bauwa, and others, seems the love for house music is as strong as ever. Here is my snippet tape, 27 minutes of some smooth and soulful grooves. I can get down like this!! We start with an intro by Alex Haley, one of my noted heroes. Then we vibe for about 27's short so blame it on the move. 

I made a public declaration that 2007 would be my year....this is only the beginning. I'll soon be firmly ensconced in my new abode, ready to unleash more great house, more soulful vibes. Please keep in touch....and be sure to support Coffee Kids by downloading Downloads For Dollars Vol 1!



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Carmen Rodgers: Free

Every so often a superstar is discovered -a star that is untouchable and appears to transcend all earthly boundaries. But, there is nothing about Carmen Rodgers that is untouchable, yet her music definitely says superstar. In fact, she is so touchable that you can literally feel the warmth of her broad smile. Her "home girl next door" charm resonates through a serenic flow of words that seems to invade your most private thoughts. It's the delivery of those words that is refreshingly calm and patient making you want to scream, "Take your time, girl!" You sense that she is not singing words, but experiences and the issues of her heart. Probably because she truly singing from the core of her heart. Carmen has the talent and ability to inspire millions of people . . .one heart at a time with her debut release "Free."


"her music moves and inspires me , her voice at times bringing tears to my eyes"

dj come of age

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