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A potent mix of neo soul, hip hop,and jazz to move and, share, and enjoy. @djcomeofage
Definition of Chillout: Volume One -undefined-
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Frances Jay: Neo Soul Cafe (Dallas, TX) -undefined-
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Jamie Lin: Funk My Life Did someone say House Music? Jamie Lin spins the decks and keeps only the best in soulful, upbeat, house music in rotation. Straight outta Cali, she has hosted an array of radio shows from Chicago to Germany. Not one to rest on her past achievements, Jamie’s talents extend into realms of fashion, production, and marketing of fellow musicians and djs.

More than just your average DJane, Jamie Lin has contributed her wide range of talents in the video game industry. Some of which have landed her on TV shows, commercials and radio spots. Graduating from Ex'pression College of Digital Arts at the age of 18, her 3d artwork and animations have been released on the PS2, XBOX, PC and Arcade platforms. Download, listen, and be sure to share the latest mix of soulful house from Jamie Lin. Be sure to reach out to her here on Myspace as well. Enjoy….
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Wonder Twinz: Mixtape Kingz -undefined-
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If It Were I.... If it were I,
I'd take you there on the warmest of days
The sand of the beach upon which we would play
In that moment, genuflect, as if in worship
Existing only to witness your receipt of full pleasure

If it were I,
I'd tender your womanhood with no less than
A thousand gentle lashes from the warmth of my tongue
The intensity of which would consume you and your
Moans would echo loudly, the words of a song only
You and I would understand..

The gentle aura would be as if forever
Your legs would spread as if the wings of angels
The rush of your waters so strong but not
A drop of your essence would spill
My stay between your wings lasting long
Long enough to know each hair of your
Womanhood, by name.

If it were I,
I'd watch from the corner of my eye even
As the anklet rolled South, the moment
Of finding your rhythm, an orgasm to take
You high it would be as if your feet touched
The bottom of the clouds...

The gentle lashes now too much to bear
You become mine, the waters now overflow
And meeting the rays of the sun,
A small rainbow will begin to form

My desire now at it's greatest
The longing for you at it's peak
For your tenderness has given me
Strength and vigor, I'd take you
And plunging deep within your walls,
So powerful and strong my thrusts
Would bury you in the sand...

But only if it were I...
And You.

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ONUTSS 4: Visions Unfold




ONUTSS                                          Intro

Jua                                                   Higher

Myshel                                              Movin’ On

Koffee                                               Y U Gotta Be So Good

Angel Williams                                 Give It To Me

Peachy Salthouse                              Lemonade

Rahbi                                                Take You To A Dream

Rahma                                              Whatever You Want

Ali Kiba                                            Cinderella

Nic Nac                                             Vorbei

Gifa Producer                                   In Da Club (Remix)

Queen Sheba                                    Next Recipe

Vicelounge                                        Letting Go

DJ COA                                            80

A-Smash                                           I Luv N.Y.


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Keith "Versatyle" Washington

Poet extraordinaire Keith "Versatyle" Washington is back by popular demand. Have you heard him grip the mic? He does so in a way that isn't always fashionable because he speaks truth. The message in the music is evident and clear, Versatyle is someone to contend with! One of the few gifted poets who will leave your thinking a bit elevated, listen as he ups the ante in neo soul, spoken word poetry. Find Keith now on iTunes and enjoy....


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DJ Bobby Bob: Words and And Sounds Mixtape (Espana) DJ Bobby Bob

Jazz Hop by DJ Ragz

The next time you're web surfing, be sure to Google the name of DJ Ragz! Hailing from Roseville-CA, Ragz has built a stellar name for himself and the Jazz Addixx Crew. A specialist in mixing hip hop, jazz, soul, and funky grooves, we showcase his ill skillz with this featured mixtape. We'd also like you to become better acquainted with Ragz by checking out his video on the Tube. So peace out to my man for sending love this way. The COA fam is much appreciative . Get your download now and be sure to show Ragz your support.


DJ Ragzzzzzzzzz

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Anji Bee: Motherless Child

It's been said that Anji Bee has the sexiest voice in radio....I'd have to agree. My fellow podcaster/videocaster can do much more than hum a nice tune, she can calm and soothe with her charm. Anji hosts the Chillcast which boasts a strong, worldwide audience each week as she features the best in chillout grooves. Born in Los Angeles, Anji has contributed vocals and lyrics to many bands over the past decade.  Now 1/2 of the band Lovespirals,  their music has been featured on such shows as the Oprah Winfrey show, MTV, VH1, and WE to name a few. You can buy Lovespirals cds on iTunes,, CD Baby, and all other online music outlets.

Be sure to visit Anji on her Myspace page and download her freebies there as well. If you're in the mood for chillout music , this should be your first stop. Her voice alone is the perfect complement for a long drive or any escape from the hectic rush of everday life. You're gonna love it.



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