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DJ Riz: Welcome to RizRock

Some guys need no introduction. Props and respect to one of the illest djs and mixmasters of all time, DJ Riz. Click the link to read all about one of the pioneers, a resounding influence and breakthrough artist of his day. Mixing with precision  and style, as we used to say ,"this is how it should be done." Props to DJ Riz and the Crooklyn Clan. Respect due...




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Power Outage

I was really into this one. The lineup includes some dope exclusives, a couple of spoken word tracks, some hip hop, and a healthy portion of smooth grooves. Almost done and close to the 80 minute mark, the power went out in the neighborhood...guess it's one way to slow down the movement. ha ha So here is "Power Outage" which features the talent of Candis Francis, Eboni Wilson, Desdemona, Queen Sheba, Sticko Von Drake w/Camasiya, Reci Semien, Aaron Acosta, Celestial Dancer, Natalie BrownMooliBig Brooklyn Red, Niki Andre, Jo Beng, Dagga Layne, Slow-B Productions, and Flo..... Reach out to me at and check the links for the artists. This is your "free" mixtape. In a couple of weeks, all episodes will be done like the mixtapes we grew up on. Finally, thanks for your support. Find DJ COA at iTunes and CD . All music purchases go to support the show. Until next time, I hope the lights stay on....enjoy!!!

DJ Come of Age

Germany/France/The World............



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Gentle Aura II: Nadia's Theme

The vibe is alive as we groove to this mix which features Deborah Bond, Solevision, A.G. Thomas, Goapele, N83 feat/Jon B., Anonomas, Carmen Rodgers, Gabbie McGee, Sean Mooney, Mark de Clive Lowe, Hassanah, and Achien' g Abura (Kenya). Be sure to contact me for the complete tracklist and look for all the artists at or their homesites.  (Nadia, thanks for the love...) DJ COA will be in Paris on the 6th of May and more showdates will be announced shortly. Thanks for vibing with me and as always, holla................




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Slowmo: The start of it all.....

It's been almost two years since I began putting the music out. For me the start of it all began by hooking up with the group Slowmo from Sweden. At first we only had a vision which fueled our dream of being heard and appreciated. Today we have arrived and are even more determined to break new ground. This free download of the week comes from the EP "Hidden Souls" and is called 'From A Window'. It is a favorite of radio and podcasters worldwide and has it's noted share of underground success. Vibe with me as I take you back to the start of it all. Look for all Slowmo tracks on iTunes also.



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Support the Podcast: Soul Music of the World

I just want to thank everyone for their continued support. The dates for the live sessions are being planned right now. First stop in Paris on the 6th of May. More to come next week. Won't you join us? Please visit us at  CD Baby  and iTunes to pick up singles and albums. All purchases go to support the podcast and help us to grow. Also, share the links and mixes with everyone. I'll do my best to keep the tracklists readily at hand. That's very important. Finally, visit me at Myspace or drop me an email at  ! As always, I'll see you at the top! My new mixes will be at very soon.



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Bekay the Brass King: Above Ground Music

I've always confessed to having humble beginnings. My journey has been fruitful and my success due in part to many people who have guided me in this music career. None more so than my brother Bekay, aka, the Brass King. Who would have ever thought I'd be in a position to give him a celebrity endorsement? Bekay wears many hats: DJ, producer, promoter, music historian, etc. His knowledge and respect for his craft set the standard for others to emulate. An ardent supporter of soulful musicians both major and indie, his mixtapes run the gamut of styles: soul, salsa, latin jazz, hip hop, etc. Today's podcast is a special arrangement for you to get acquainted with the man I give much deserved credit. Without further adieu, let me introduce to you all Bekay the Brass King!!!


Bekay the Brass King

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