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A potent mix of neo soul, hip hop,and jazz to move and, share, and enjoy. @djcomeofage
DJ Nerstylist: Quiet Time Mix From Union City, California we present DJ Nerstylist. This gem of a mix is titled "Quiet Time". I'm a fan of his mixing skills, track selection, and am pleased to showcase his talent today. As always, contact us both at Myspace or via email . This tracklist is posted at Myspace and available upon request. Welcome to the show...enjoy. COA DJ Nerstylist

DJ Come of Age: The Gentle Aura Mix DJ Come of Age - Soul Music of the World Remember that one room in the club where everyone went to relax and chill out in? Yeah, folks getting mad blunted and positive vibes filled the room as the DJ played a set full of tracks no one had told you about. Now you are in that room again so sit back, relax, and take it all in. Oh yeah, the DJ you were asking was COA.
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When Barcelona calls....introducing Irene! We have a tradition here called the "free download of the week". Irene. is in the spotlight today and she hails from Barcelona, Spain! A student of music, she sings soulful vibes in both spanish and english. I recenlty had the pleasure of meeting Irene and her voice is magnificent. Listen in and give your feedback to this rising star from Spain. Enjoy!!! DJ Come of Age. Please take a minute to rate the podcast . Rate the Podcast
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Impetus From Within!!! Fresh from my quick trip to Paris, here is a warm introduction to the best in soul music. Spring is definitely in the air as we showcase the peace of Afi, Ya Mama NYM, The Chapter, Mia Miata, Gentle Aura, Lemon Music, and Soul ID from ABB Soul Records. Ms Keisha graces the page as our featured model. Welcome to the show and thanks for your continued support. Stay tuned as we keep the hotness coming next week. Also, don't forget to Rate the Podcast DJ Come of Age
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