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Maty Soul
Maty Soul is a Soul singer, songwriter and composer. Born in Paris in 1981, she studied the piano from the age of 4 to 11. She moved with her family to the South of France when she was 12 years old. From an early age she fell in love with the music of Miles Davis, Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye. She was moved by the rhythms, the voices and the messages of protest in their songs, and developed her own style of singing from these influences. Maty Soul moved back to Paris in 2000, after finishing high school and a short stint at university. She found her home in the Montmartre-district of Paris well-known for its artistic and multicultural vibe. In pursuing her musical career, Maty Soul opened up for a gospel choir in 2000 and recorded her first demo in 2001. Since 2003 she has been singing regularly at Soul and Jazz venues in Paris, including l'Opus Cafe  where independent artists are able to showcase their talent. In April 2006, Maty Soul launched her page on Myspace. She received a warm welcome here in France and also from the U.K. and the U.S..Maty Soul has also been encouraged by the feedback she has had from Karen Bernod (background vocalist for D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige); Peter Black (a Hidden Beach artist who appears on the Unwrapped compilations) , Nicole Russo (who sang with the Brand New Heavies). Maty Soul is working on her album and has just recorded two songs, « My Mind Went To The 70s an Love Jones . with a backing lineup of seasoned jazz musicians such as Michel Alibo (Les Nubians, Manu Dibango, Sixun). Maty Soul's music deals with social and political realities. She feels deeply concerned by injustice and inequality, and dedicates one of her songs to Martin Luther King, Jr. Her voice has been compared to that of Lauryn Hill and Jill Scottt. She has a voice that is warm and powerful, that ranges from the rhythmic force of Soul to the subtle charms of Jazz. Her passion for both is undisputed. And this passion she wishes to share with you.
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Above Ground Music: Brass King Soul Selections

We close out 2006 with the first of two mixes by Bekay the Brass King! Get a full dose of hip hop and soul and witness the blendmaster at work once again. Straight from Miami, Florida to the four corners of the globe. My brotha sets the standard again as he continues the underground scene to the forefront.

Find Bekay at Myspace and at his homesite for Above Ground Music. We welcome your feedback, comments, suggestions, and support.

DJ Come of Age

Bekay the Brass King



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An Evening With Mr. Frizzy!

The new cd is available now!!! A digital only release, it features 12 beautiful instrumentals from producer Sean Mooney and DJ Come of Age. "An Evening With Mr. Frizzy" was designed, readied for licensing and use by DJs, Podcasters, television and radio stations, and artists alike. Also primed to be enjoyed by the masses and supporters of smooth, soul music. Get a taste of this gem titled "Jezebel" and get your copy of the full album now at iTunes and all digital stores. This project will soon be announced and paired up with the Downloads For Dollars Program by DJ COA! I also have to introduce our featured model, Anna, who generously lent her talent for this piece. Find her at Myspace  and contact her for your projects as well.




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Niki Andre: Lost Girl

It's fumbling in the dark but knowing I have wings...and so do you.
First Light has been a labour of love and determination for me.  And
Girl is the single that started it all...Stay tuned for Dawn's Rise."

Niki Andre is the daughter of a jazz musician and a child of music
theatre, whose format-defying blend of hip hop and jazz has attracted
world wide.  Her debut release, First Light, is catching spins at over
stations and shows - from Australia to North America and all across
Europe.  This self-proclaimed diva has coined the term "Dirty Jazz" to
describe her raw improvisational sound.  If you haven't heard of her
you will.  First Light has already crept onto college charts and itâ??s
gaining accolades from hosts and DJs around the globe!  Niki has been
performing since she was a child and works as a studio background
vocalist.  Past shows include performances at Revival, Trane, Ciao
The Drake and The Urban Music Association of Canada's Future Soul
Showcase.  Internationally, Niki headlined at the exclusive Summer Fete
Festival in Alys Beach, Florida.  She's  been invited back to
in their Casvita Fest in the Spring of 2007.



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Downloads For Dollars takes flight!

The advent of digital downloading has created a vast medium for musicians to sell their music to the world.  Modern technology has made it possible for independent artists to promote cds to fans all over the globe. Community websites such as Myspace, Hi5,etc., couple with internet radio and popular podcasts to bring beautiful music to the masses.


In the wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, many musicians donated proceeds from album sales to victims of this catastrophe. The healing power of music came to the forefront to help those in need. The sincerity of collective artistic efforts was duly noted. What effect would music have on society if it were continually used to garner attention for the less fortunate?  In a digital society, shouldn't digital sales play a major role in fundraising?


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new program Downloads for Dollars. A revolutionary idea, it partners stellar independent musicians with established non-profit organizations . The program has a dual purpose (1) Give deserving artists much needed recognition and a viable outlet to sell their music (2) Provide a continuous opportunity for non-profit organizations to raise money for their stated aims.


Downloads for Dollars was created by DJ Come of Age and Markus Ekholm. A world renown dj/producer combo, the two have garnered international acclaim with the podcast 'Soul Music of the World'  and a catalog of over 200 songs, beats, and graphic designs.  Each week, thousands of listeners tune in for a welcome introduction to new musicians in soul, jazz, house, spoken word, and neo soul music. To date, podcast episodes have featured over 150 bands, labels, producers, and have been downloaded over 100,000 times! From the Americas to Asia, Africa to Europe, the music has both educated and entertained to the delight of thousands. To see the program in action, click on the links below. Stay tuned for more partnerships and announcments to come!

Animus Association--Bulgaria

Cheetah Conservation Fund

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Music to smile about!  Stico Von Drake

This post is borne out of love! See, I love all the support I receive from everyone. It motivates me to achieve more every day. As a result, the effort remains intact to find music which will touch your very soul. In the modern era, no sound exudes my vibe more than the music of Stico Von Drake. From Richmond-VA, Buck Buck Productions is as sweet as it gets. The album is titled "Sacrifices" and it will make you a believer like the Loose Ends of old. In a word, it's marvelous!  Read more about Sticko below and be sure to get your copy of "Sacrifices" today! You owe it to yourself.


STICO VONDRAKE was born in 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. He lost his sight at the age of 7, and was totally blind until the age of 17, at which time he regained sight in his left eye. Stico moved to Richmond, Virginia at the age of 14 due to his motherâ??s job. He graduated from high school in 1993. Instead of college, he took up part time jobs at McDonald's,  Burger King, TIME LIFE, Inc., landscaping companies, etc...,all to support his music career. He is currently devoting 18 to 24 hours a day to changing other peoples lives through the gifts given to him by the Creator. He is a session producer as well as a fluent drum, bass, and keyboard player. Stico has been producing for 12 years. He is currently the sole producer for production company, Buck Buck Productions, located in Richmond, VA. His production artillery includes the Roland VS2480-CD, Roland VS2400, ASR-10, and ASR Rack mount, Ensoniq Workstation MR-76, A Station made by Novation, Ibanez acoustic bass, Fender P-Bass, Fender Fretless J-Bass, all percussions, drums, and acoustic piano just to name a few. Stico Vondrake has worked with a host of creative beings such as Black Waxx recording artist Nana Soul, worldwide recording artist Jarrard Anthony, recording artists S/O/U/N/D/P/R/O/O/F, former Miss DC and recording artist Rashida Jolley, up and coming recording artist Goldie Braun, world renowned poet Latisha Devine, The Dells, The OJays and countless others.

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Salakida: Like Heaven

It's great to have many talented friends who play beautiful music. It's even better to be able to tell you about them all. Let me introduce you to someone I fell for at first sight, first listen. This is 'my girl' Salakida. Today we share her wondrous debut titled "Like Heaven". She's been in the mix before on the show but I wanted to bring you a bit closer. Reach out for the full effect and find her album online and at CD

We have more on Salakida coming soon. This is just the beginning!



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Untamed Tongues: The Encore Presentation

The Untamed Tongues episode touched some of our listeners tremendously. By popular demand, we bring another feature of the show for your enjoyment. This time, we link to their page at Myspace...take note of Keith 'Versatyle" Washington as he delivers his underground piece titled "Art of Being A Black Man". Without further adieu, we give you a little more from the Untamed Tongues Poetry Show!



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For Goldrose, Suga Shock, Trel, and Gary Anderson

It feels so good to be back in the mix! Thanks for everyone who knew my hiatus was all but planned. I've been balancing a lot of projects, some of which took me by surprise with the public response. "Download for Dollars" has taken flight. During the week I've been promoting, calling, networking, explaining, and all things in between. In the end, it will be well worth the grind.

When the schedule gets too hectic, I resort to doing what I know best...playing some sweet , soulful grooves and having a bit of fun with it. This mix episode ushers in a new era for me and hopefully for you as well. In the next three weeks, we have new music mixes from DJ Purple, The Brass King, more spoken word from The Untamed Tongues, and new full length COA mixes. So for Trel, Goldrose, Suga Shock, Gary Anderson, and all those people who help keep my faith on solid ground, this is for you.



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Cheetah Conservation Fund: Download for Dollars Campaign


Downloads for Dollars

An Innovative Partnership to Benefit Music and Conservation


Namibia, 14 September 2006 â?? The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) proudly announces ' Downloads for Dollars'  in partnership with DJ COA and Markus Ekholm of  the Swedish band Slowmo. DJ  COA and Ekholm, a world-renowned production duo, have pledged to donate fifty percent of the revenues from Internet downloads of their hit single" From A Window ". This soulful, acoustic track garnered critical acclaim in the U.S., Japan, France, and Sweden during its initial release in 2005.


Music lovers everywhere can now help the wild cheetah each time they download the hit song" From a Window,"  performed by Slowmo. The single can be found on digital music stores such as Apple's iTunes, MSN Music, Rhapsody, and Music Net. Each download will send a heartfelt donation to the Cheetah Conservation Fund on behalf of the artists.  

In the wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, many musicians donated proceeds from album sales to victims of this catastrophe. The healing power of music came to the forefront to help those in need. The sincerity of collective artistic efforts was duly noted. What effect would music have on society if it were continually used to garner attention for those in need?  In a digital society, shouldn't digital sales play a major role in fundraising? Downloads for Dollars  hopes to answer these questions. The program is a revolutionary idea partnering stellar independent musicians with established non-profit organizations, and addresses a dual purpose: (1) Give deserving artists much needed recognition and a viable outlet to sell their music; and  (2) Provide a continuous opportunity for non-profit organizations to raise money for their stated aims.


"Downloads for Dollars" was created by DJ Come of Age and Markus Ekholm of Slowmo. Together, this DJ/producer combo has garnered international acclaim with the podcast Soul Music of the World and a catalog of over 200 songs, beats, and graphic designs!

If you would like more information on CCF's research, conservation and education programmes, please contact: Heike Stackmann on +264(067) 304806 or e-mail, or Dr. Laurie Marker on +264(08)11247887) or email


DJ Come of Age/Slowmo/

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Untamed Tongues Poetry Lounge Show!

"Ambiance is Everything".  There is no place in the world quite like the Untamed Tongues Poetry Lounge. Headed by Warrick "The Husbandman" and Takicha Roundtree, this venue is the nation's premiere platform of spoken word talent. Responsible for breathing new life into poetry, their stage has catapulted both independent musicians and spoken word artists to new heights. My longstanding relationship with Warrick dates back many moons. He introduced me to Bekay the Brass King as well as countless artists featured on my show. With due respect, I now give him a proper introduction.

Listen closely to the voice, the delivery, the passion which with he delivers message and song. My own style, a mere emulation of his natural gift. This is the Untamed Tongues! This is Mr. Roundtree doing what he does best! So welcome to the spot! Tell a friend, pull up a chair, and prepare to be entertained with only the best in neo soul and spoken word majesty!

Untamed Tongues Poetry Lounge Show


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DJ Come of Age: Tish 2

Come of Age in the mix??? Be sure to check out all the mixes and podcast episodes at BZOO Homegrown Radio. This special mix is called 'Tish 2' and is a gem done on two turntables...old school style. A great sample of my mixing style and chillout sessions. Special thanks to BZOO Radio for their unending support.



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Italiano: Soul David and Fara One4

 Soul David has warmed the hearts of thousands the world over. Ever since I put him on the show, hundreds have written to inquire about soul music's latest sensation! A natural vocal talent, the music inspires as we feel the vibe of the Italian Street Soul. The remix of Lasciati Andare was done by my brother, super producer FaraOne4! If you feel this, then link to it. The music being berthed from Italy's premier duo is not to be overlooked. Take a minute to enjoy the sounds and share in the zest, the global appeal which is Soul David!



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Honey Soul: Setting the Standard in Soul Music

By now you know this show is about all things soulful. From time to time we have featured guest DJs, podcasters, and a healthy dose of international musicians with fierce showmanship! Today's Labor Day Special will help you whistle while you work. We feature the talents of Honey Soul...podcaster, dj, interviewer to the stars. I'm a fan of her podcast which has up close and personal interviews with newsmakers of the soul scene. Find Honey Soul at her homesite, iTunes, and  Also, she is a regular DJ at Superstation! Be sure to get all the downloads and support her wonderful work via donation and/or online purchase of artist's tracks! We proudly give to you the one and only Honey Soul.....



I'm a strong believer in making your own opportunities. In Oct. 2004 I created a site called's audience consists of a large number of loyal, soul music supporters who actually buy music (yes I know that's a strange concept but I'm not kidding, it still actually happens). In addition to featuring my own mix of "radio blogs," full CD previews, videos, new releases, and headlines I am very proud of my interviews or "conversations" as I like to call them.

I have had the pleasure of talking to Jaguar Wright, Dwele (twice), Wayna, Gaelle, Carmen Rodgers, Lina, Julie Dexter, Darien Brockington (twice), Syleena Johnson, Ladybug Mecca, Stokley Williams (Mint Condition), Jonz, Geno Young, Jon B, Anthony David, Goapele, Frank McComb (twice), Valencia Robinson, Eska, Javier, Esthero, Yewande, Joi, Ron Isley, Lisa Shaw, Van Hunt, Amel Larrieux, Kim Hill, Teena Marie, Donell Jones, Bilal Salaam, Sy Smith, Randevyn, Carol Riddick, Yolanda Johnson and Raheem Devaughn. Who's next? It may be you. If you're a soul artist making meaningful music, let's talk.






Honey Soul




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Corey: It Just Iz.....the wait is finally over!

 I predict that in the years to come, many of us will remember the first time we heard the beauty of Corey's voice. One of my greatest rewards occurs when listeners write to tell how thankful they are at the musical introductions! It will suffice to say this will be the beginning of a long lasting relationship. Our journey takes us to Amsterdam--Netherlands where Corey's debut album "Movin' On" has been released to rave reviews. A killer 16 track production, she has opened for the likes of John Legend, Adina Howard, and amazed crowds at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Isn't it about time you whet the appetite for deep soul with global reach and mass appeal?  Reach out , feel the vibe, and get to know one of my dear friends whose career is poised to take flight.


Official Website

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Feel My Flo!!!  Free Download of the Week

Flo is a female artist from the French West Indies. She writes in English, French, and last but not least in her native tongue of Creole. She mixes languages and styles in her own way. A product of her heritage, she writes about her traveling experiences in France, the U.S. and the Caribbean. A young black woman who is not afraid to show her emotions Flo will make you think, dance, and overall offer good steady vibes to your ears. Her sophomore release The Lost Flows mixtape shows what you can experience with Flos music. She drops twenty tracks and unites with fellow South Floridian Creole Hip Hop protagonists Mecca and Dr Zoe on Nap Monte, a Creole anthem in the name of the Kreyol Hip Hop movement in Miami. She brings some flavor to the tape with a surprising Zouk song, or reggae and dancehall tones. Flo is definitely a proof of Hip Hops global horizons of growth. Her first LP, the Aflowdiziak is also available and merits some attention. Flo features on the Pass Di Rhum Riddim album (2004) with international artists like Exxos, Admiral T, Krys, or Tiwony. This year she scores another vibrant song on the international KSS Caribbean sessions with artists like Jocelyne Beroard (songstress of the international sensation Zouk band, Kassav) or the original voice of Jamaica, Tanya Stephens. In the United States, Flo has worked with nationwide artists such as X=144 of TDP, and Sol-Illaquist of Sounds. Flo gets involved in the local Miami community as a photograph and community writer. She also helps up and coming artists to build their visual personality through her graphic works.


Sista Flo

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Nick Nack

From vinyl manipulation on the turntables, to current production of jazz infused hiphop tracks, Crowd Control Records CEO, NickNack is a true soundcraftsman. His musical journey began in the late 80's after making the transition from hiphop spectator to participant. Cutting his teeth from the very beginning as a young appreciative turntablist knocking off rivals at Dallas' Sound Wars battles in the mid-nineties, Nick has worked hard to encompass a broad vision of ability, and a verbose sense of instrumentality, to match his already fruitful passion for music.

These days you can find Nick performing/touring with the jazz band BLAZE, or hear him rocking dance floors at various downtown clubs. Most recently, Nick has been enjoying the success of his latest full length release, "Improving Silence". The record has garnered him international attention and sales have been phenomenal. His progression as an artist and deejay is quite obvious, but his job is never done. Always in exploration of advancing his full turntablist potentials, and with countless projects on the horizon, Nick has grown into a unique artist, in a constant search of endeavors new and improved. Stay tuned, because this is only the beginning.

Quick Mix 27:


Memphix "Neighborhood" inst
Mos Def/Talib "Respiration RMX"
Electric Company "Respect Life" inst
Pete Rock "Take Your Time"
Freddie Kruger "Angler" inst
Mountain Brothers "Paper Chase"
Hezekiah "Gypsy Slang" inst
PUTS "Montego Slay" inst
C-Mon & Kypski "Ode to Rhoades" inst
Eratik Statik "Keep Rockin" inst
YNQ/Bobbi Humphrey "Uno Esta" inst
Poisen Pen "Fallback" inst
Ugly Duckling "Rio de Jeneiro" inst


Nick Nack

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November Promise

Carlos and I go way back. A young producer with a lot of promise, his music is a rare blend of multiple styles. Here is a sneak peak to from his soon to be released debut album. Much more on this young prodigy coming very soon. We present to you C-Stylez from Miami, Florida! Tune in now to listen and download  "November Promise"!




As a young producer i have come across many aspects of life. Things like Love, Trails, and most of all the Society in which we dwell made my age look like nothing in this buisness. I am 18 years of age, been dropping beats since I was 13. Long time comming to finally get recognition! (Laughs looking down) But it took alot of people's help. Theres something I do want to say to all of you, the loves and thoes haters of my music. Although I may not talk to you or we once had a friendship or we cant stand eachother, the music you hear is deep and clear enough to here your story. Everyone influences! (Says in serious tone) The music industry is about Drama. I want my industry to be about life, and the people living it! DALE!"


Contact C-Stylez for production now via email and Myspace!

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Guess who's back?  DJ Nerstylist!!!!!!!!!!!

The incomparable DJ Nerstylist is back by very popular demand. Mixing in rare form, hip hop and soul on this blend titled "45 Soul volume 2". It's true we have similar tastes in music and our styles mirror each other. Nerstylist is one to watch, one to admire, and he's responsible for keeping a whole generation interested in the mix! So from the man who brought you "Forward Listening" and so much more, we present another soulful session on the wheels of steel!  Without further adieu, listen in and be sure to reach out to us via email or at Myspace. You can also find all his mixes at Feel My Grooves Vinyl!!

DJ Nerstylist

Feel My Grooves Record Store!



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Mixed Emotions Volume 1!

I took all the energy and excitement from my travels and set them to song. Here is the result, an intro by Poetic Sunshyne and a mix featuring Dessy di Lauro, Laurnea, Vertical Hold, DJ Tobi-Wan,  FaraOne4, Scratch One, DJ Ease, The Brass King, Michael Watford,  Defari, Diargi, Eleonora, Silhouette Brown, and loads more. Let me get this tracklist together. Shouts out to Kevin Tolliver, Sista Suga, Trel, and Gary Anderson.....

Stay tuned for new mixes by yours truly, the Brass King, and DJ Nerstylist. Mixtape format is in full effect and we aim to feature the deluge of soul talent. Thanks for tuning in and an extra special thanks to Brandi from the 24 hour Virtual Mall!    Next stop-Hamburg, Lyon, Gothenburg....


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Menoosha, donnes moi un coup de fil! Menoosha,my beautiful sister who hails from Cameroon. As talented and gifted as anyone I've ever known! I just got back from Londres and the whole vibe there is pure and passionate for real soul musicians. I want to share a snippet of the atmosphere there with an impromptu mix. It's impromptu because I imagined the scene upon my return. I feel this dream coming to fruition and see it taking form! Menoosha will be a large part of things to come. She's not in this mix but is the inspiration behind it. So check it out, put my sister in your search engine. Reach out to her as well. She'll be glad to hear from you.

In the meantime, it's about to get serious. 13 August for the new mixtape format of the podcast. We're gonna redefine independent, unsigned, and the movement which so many talk about will become the realness.

Support your podcast and as always, holla back!

DJ Come of Age

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Reggae vibes with Dread Daze!!

The show moves on with another slammin' free download. This week we bring the peace and harmony with Dread Daze out of Los Angeles, California. Much respect to Belfast Brian and Najashi for the intro spot for the feature. The track is titled "One Drop" and will be on their new album. Already on iTunes  with the hit "Fly High", be sure to  catch Dread Daze live and in concert from Cali to Brazil. Check them out on Myspace and their homesite as well for all the showdates.

Get ready for the new mixtape format of the podcast coming at ya on the 15th of August. Until then, lend your ears to Dread Daze! You won't be disappointed.


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Heavenly Noise

How about some funk out of Jacksonville- Florida, crisp vocals laced with dope hip hop beats? How about Heavenly Noise? A little funk, a little soul, and a whole lotta love.  Batsauce the beatmaker with Lady  Da*sey the vocalist and designer. I found them at Myspace and the track "To Find You" is part of the Gentle Aura 4 mix. Here it is now as the free download of the week. So download it, check their site for more solid tracks, and bless us with your feedback. Keep it Heavenly!

This free download has been sponsored by the 24 Hour Virtual Mall!



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DJ COA presents Gentle Aura 4: The Come Up!

DJ COA presents Gentle Aura 4: The Come Up!  We had to go back and re-upload the mix but it's on now! Check it, we put the following in the mix....Adi, Tony Ozier, L'Renee, Paul Mac Innes, Soul David , JT and Dirty Truth, Heavenly Noise, Groove Barcelona, The Brass King w/Fat Jon, Sandra St. Victor, Fertile Ground, and Foreign Exchange. This set is the prelude of the new mixtapes and podcasts coming at ya. We are going to the mixtape format for all shows so get ready to fill up your mp3 players in the mix.....

Support the show by downloading and telling a friend or ten. We need the love and support. Big things happening behind the scenes so bear with me. London bound, it's all about to take flight. Keep it locked in and locked on "Soul Music of the World"...

Yours truly,

DJ Come of Age

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Marcel Penn: Soul on the Fast Track

"Fast Track" was featured in the first Gentle Aura Mix! We bring it back as this week's free download in order to announce the release of Mr. Penn's full length cd  "From the School of Soul". Find it on iTunes and all major music stores. Be sure to reach out to this talented artist. I'm sure you will embrace the rich sound as I have already done. Thanks for getting the free download. Share the vibe and let's keep it movin'! New shows next mixes coming soon.

Until then, be blessed!



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Billy Miles...A Style All Her Own!!!

If I'm not Billy Miles' biggest fan then I want to know who is! Ever since she was featured on one of my earlier podcasts, the requests for more of her music continue to pour in. I reached out to her to honor the growing demand  and trust to do ample justice with this dazzling freebie from her debut album. Give an ear to "The One You Need" which comes from the self titled "Billy Miles" cd. For you Myspace addicts, it may suffice to know her site features four more songs to sample. Find Billy on iTunes,, and all major stores everywhere. Be sure to reach out to her and tell her COA sent ya!!!


Direct download: Billy_Miles___The_One_You_Need.mp3
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Gentle Aura 3: Chez Nous

For my dearest friend in all the world, Beatriz! This is for anyone who ever believed and held on to a dream. This is for anyone who takes part in my own personal vision and supports the wonderful talent in the soul scene. Gentle Aura 3: Chez Nous puts the spotlight on some fierce musicians . It will test you, move you, and inspire all in the same breath. Email me for the complete tracklist !

CD Baby/iTunes

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DJ COA meets Fat Jon!

Fresh off of a trip to Oslo, Norway I want to share the free download of the week. Check out this twist which features mega producer Fat Jon, a snippet from the late comedian Robin Harris, Thin P-Adachi, and COA. Stay tuned for the new Gentle Aura Mix: Volume 3 coming later this week and back to back episodes of the podcast. Look for us on iTunes and at Myspace!



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Queen Sheba: Business Sense

Queen Sheba is nothing short of the realness! Spoken word poet, author, educator, hailing the crown on many fronts.  Out of Norfolk, Virginia her resume is loaded so take note, this is just a taste . My brother gave me the cd titled "The Message" and I've been hooked on her wit ever sense. She's as we say when we can't quite explain to another, "deep". Poetry for me is like a language that I can't speak but understand very well. In such instances, I sit back and let one who knows tell the story. Check out the free download of the week and see if you hear what I heard.



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DJ Riz: Welcome to RizRock

Some guys need no introduction. Props and respect to one of the illest djs and mixmasters of all time, DJ Riz. Click the link to read all about one of the pioneers, a resounding influence and breakthrough artist of his day. Mixing with precision  and style, as we used to say ,"this is how it should be done." Props to DJ Riz and the Crooklyn Clan. Respect due...




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Power Outage

I was really into this one. The lineup includes some dope exclusives, a couple of spoken word tracks, some hip hop, and a healthy portion of smooth grooves. Almost done and close to the 80 minute mark, the power went out in the neighborhood...guess it's one way to slow down the movement. ha ha So here is "Power Outage" which features the talent of Candis Francis, Eboni Wilson, Desdemona, Queen Sheba, Sticko Von Drake w/Camasiya, Reci Semien, Aaron Acosta, Celestial Dancer, Natalie BrownMooliBig Brooklyn Red, Niki Andre, Jo Beng, Dagga Layne, Slow-B Productions, and Flo..... Reach out to me at and check the links for the artists. This is your "free" mixtape. In a couple of weeks, all episodes will be done like the mixtapes we grew up on. Finally, thanks for your support. Find DJ COA at iTunes and CD . All music purchases go to support the show. Until next time, I hope the lights stay on....enjoy!!!

DJ Come of Age

Germany/France/The World............



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Gentle Aura II: Nadia's Theme

The vibe is alive as we groove to this mix which features Deborah Bond, Solevision, A.G. Thomas, Goapele, N83 feat/Jon B., Anonomas, Carmen Rodgers, Gabbie McGee, Sean Mooney, Mark de Clive Lowe, Hassanah, and Achien' g Abura (Kenya). Be sure to contact me for the complete tracklist and look for all the artists at or their homesites.  (Nadia, thanks for the love...) DJ COA will be in Paris on the 6th of May and more showdates will be announced shortly. Thanks for vibing with me and as always, holla................




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Slowmo: The start of it all.....

It's been almost two years since I began putting the music out. For me the start of it all began by hooking up with the group Slowmo from Sweden. At first we only had a vision which fueled our dream of being heard and appreciated. Today we have arrived and are even more determined to break new ground. This free download of the week comes from the EP "Hidden Souls" and is called 'From A Window'. It is a favorite of radio and podcasters worldwide and has it's noted share of underground success. Vibe with me as I take you back to the start of it all. Look for all Slowmo tracks on iTunes also.



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Support the Podcast: Soul Music of the World

I just want to thank everyone for their continued support. The dates for the live sessions are being planned right now. First stop in Paris on the 6th of May. More to come next week. Won't you join us? Please visit us at  CD Baby  and iTunes to pick up singles and albums. All purchases go to support the podcast and help us to grow. Also, share the links and mixes with everyone. I'll do my best to keep the tracklists readily at hand. That's very important. Finally, visit me at Myspace or drop me an email at  ! As always, I'll see you at the top! My new mixes will be at very soon.



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Bekay the Brass King: Above Ground Music

I've always confessed to having humble beginnings. My journey has been fruitful and my success due in part to many people who have guided me in this music career. None more so than my brother Bekay, aka, the Brass King. Who would have ever thought I'd be in a position to give him a celebrity endorsement? Bekay wears many hats: DJ, producer, promoter, music historian, etc. His knowledge and respect for his craft set the standard for others to emulate. An ardent supporter of soulful musicians both major and indie, his mixtapes run the gamut of styles: soul, salsa, latin jazz, hip hop, etc. Today's podcast is a special arrangement for you to get acquainted with the man I give much deserved credit. Without further adieu, let me introduce to you all Bekay the Brass King!!!


Bekay the Brass King

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DJ Nerstylist: Quiet Time Mix From Union City, California we present DJ Nerstylist. This gem of a mix is titled "Quiet Time". I'm a fan of his mixing skills, track selection, and am pleased to showcase his talent today. As always, contact us both at Myspace or via email . This tracklist is posted at Myspace and available upon request. Welcome to the show...enjoy. COA DJ Nerstylist

DJ Come of Age: The Gentle Aura Mix DJ Come of Age - Soul Music of the World Remember that one room in the club where everyone went to relax and chill out in? Yeah, folks getting mad blunted and positive vibes filled the room as the DJ played a set full of tracks no one had told you about. Now you are in that room again so sit back, relax, and take it all in. Oh yeah, the DJ you were asking was COA.
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When Barcelona calls....introducing Irene! We have a tradition here called the "free download of the week". Irene. is in the spotlight today and she hails from Barcelona, Spain! A student of music, she sings soulful vibes in both spanish and english. I recenlty had the pleasure of meeting Irene and her voice is magnificent. Listen in and give your feedback to this rising star from Spain. Enjoy!!! DJ Come of Age. Please take a minute to rate the podcast . Rate the Podcast
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Impetus From Within!!! Fresh from my quick trip to Paris, here is a warm introduction to the best in soul music. Spring is definitely in the air as we showcase the peace of Afi, Ya Mama NYM, The Chapter, Mia Miata, Gentle Aura, Lemon Music, and Soul ID from ABB Soul Records. Ms Keisha graces the page as our featured model. Welcome to the show and thanks for your continued support. Stay tuned as we keep the hotness coming next week. Also, don't forget to Rate the Podcast DJ Come of Age
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Tati: A Modicum of Succor "Tati" is the ultimate reprise. The last few weeks have seen the show grow by the hundreds in terms of subscribers so I feature some notables and new tracks as well. New episodes will post by week's end and more great music will come from the likes of Mia Miata, Antonia Jenae, Laurnea, and more. New segments on turntablism and producers in the game coming soon. Get the download and spread the word. To support the show, please purchase the official cd titled Emancipation at CD ! Official CD of the Podcast See you all at the top! DJ Come of Age
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If the SHU fits... SHUwill be in concert on 10 March at Club Titan in Paris. I'll mos def will be in the audience and looking forward to meeting everyone who can come out. We keep the vibes moving with Laurnea, Darnell Kendricks,Menoosha, Irene, Danielle, and more. Get the download and holla at me in the City of Lights. COA
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ONE ONE incorporates all elements of the mixtape and represents more of who I am as a person. Exclusives, drops, shout outs, and a touch of a blend. We feature artists from New York, France, French West Indies, Spain, Miami, Detroit, Dallas, and beyond. The lineup of Big Brooklyn Red Big Brooklyn Red , Square Egg The Square Egg , Reel Carter, DJ Tobi-Wan, Deborah Magdalena, Ursula Rucker, Carmen Rodgers Carmen Rodgers , Flo, PhranckoPhonie Productions, and Slum Village Slum Village & J Dilla . Keep it locked in and locked on. Soul Music of the World -One-
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Valentine's Day Jazz Suite Special Norvell Molex Jr. hosts the Jazz Suite Podcast. He prepared this special episode for our listeners. Happy Valentine's Day from us to you. Thank you for your support and subscribe to the Jazz Suite at Jazz Suite
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Songs for Leonil...... Here is to the artist in each of us. I found some beautiful pieces, exclusives from the artiste Nathalie Leonil in Paris. Visit her website Mystik Arts and tell her COA sent ya. Great music, gorgeous art, what a combination. This show features Inobe, Carlton Blount, Armand and SHE, Queen Lane, and a taste of Marc Rapson w/Hybrid Styles. So much more to come so I'll be back shortly. To Leonil, c'etais mon plaisir. A++ COA
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Bienvenue, Bienvenidos, Wilkommen! We do a reprise along with some new tracks to introduce. 45 minutes long, sure to cure the ills of a traffic jam. Stick this in and unwind. So much more music to come beginning next week. All new shows. Don't forget to order your copy of "Emancipation" now at CD! DJ COA
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The Influence of Gabriel Rich The noted work of publicist Gabriel Rich and Starchild 7 Public Relations in Raleigh, North Carolina! Not only is this episode sponsored but all the tracks come from his roster of talent. Slick and Rose Slick & Rose , Laura Jane Laura Jane , Lugo, Xavier (Chocolate Butterfly) Chocolate Butterfly and Teau! 30 minutes of the smooth stuff. For more information on publicity packages please contact Gabriel Rich at Starchild 7 Public Relations Phone: (919) 835-0743 Cell: (919) 673-0538 Tell him COA sent ya! -One-
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The Nickel_G Session: Volume 1 Calysha, quelque chose pour toi! This episode is sponsored by clothing designer and radio personality Nickel G! Hailing from Mississippi, this is the first of a few episodes Nickel G Clothing brings to ya. Check them out online at . We feature acts from the UK, Atlanta, Montreal, and Miami. Peachy Salthouse, Gabbie McGee, Samata X,Hassanah,, Fat Jon and then some. Thanks for the love and big up Nickel G for the sponsorship. DJ Come of Age
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Standing on Fertile Ground... We present another chill-out session with tracks from D'Nell, DJ Genesis, Fertile Ground, and Lizz Fields. Listen closely to info presented on each artist, all of them can be found at iTunes and Myspace. Feedback is always welcome and please Rate the Podcast ...enjoy the show!! Black Is....
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The Sexiest Woman in Radio.... The gorgeous and multi-talented Deborah Magdalena graces the podcast alongside Bekay the Brass King. She brings soulful, latin flava and boundless energy for those in touch with timeless music. Listen to the show and reach out to Deborah and Bekay. They would love to hear from doubt! Deborah Magdalena Bekay the Brass King Rate the Podcast

Welcome to the show. Now here's an opportunity to sample my mixing stle. Each track guaranteed to raise your awareness that commercial radio is off key. The tracklist is available as I want to put you in touch with these artists. As always, enjoy and spread the word. COA
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