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In love with Lizz Fields... Don't sleep on Lizz Fields! This gorgeous chanteuse hails from Philly and has made her mark on the music world. I've been a longtime fan of Lizz so this is my effort to share her music with the masses. Also featured on the show are Hand in Hand and Fat Jon!!!! -One- Lizz Fields Lightweight Heavy
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Pour Fouzia et mes amis dans le monde qui ecoutent en francais! Merci et bienvenue... On this episode we amp things up with some dope hip hop tracks by Plussign, Hitchhiker, and TrickDeck. Also, a snippet from my girl Frances Elizee (Montreal/New York) who will be on my new cd titled "Emancipation". Show your love. -One- DJ Come of Age
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For immediate release..... Shouts out to Shugaree, The Square Egg, Eric Roberson, and Sunshyne from DaNawlinz Groove Radio/Podcast. This episode is short and sweet, a prelude of things to come. Stay tuned for Mark de Clive Lowe, Fascade, TA.DA, and a replay of Kimberly Holloway and Dread Daze!!! COA
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Hand in Hand...and friends... Another blaze!!! Hand in Hand, Masters at Work, Raff, Soul Basement, and Mooli all present on this episode. WElcome to the spot!! DJ Come of Age
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Bienvenue Lasonya et Sol Show your love to Lasonya Gunter et Sol Anderson. Keeping this show on the smooth tip as they put it down. Shouts out to everyone who is supporting the music and a special hello to Emily Anne in Destin, Fl! This episode is short but sweet. Visit DJ COA at CD Baby and on iTunes!!
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The Mixtape: Project Sponsored by my good friends at ! We amp things up a bit with this "mixtape". This mix features Jahah, Slick and Rose, RayeDan, Choklate and Chali 2NA, DJ Tobi-Wan , and Grap Luvah from the cd Solevision. Please visit our sponsor and the artists on today's show. Share the mix with everyone as we continue to grow. DJ Come of Age
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