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Salakida: The Resurrection (Kiss the Sky) Salakida is back and her timing is just right! Her new album is titled "The Resurrection" and we've been given an advance screening courtesy of this featured download. In the office, it's unanimous! Today's track is none other than "Kiss the Sky" and it's laced with all of the funk, soul, and signature grooves that Salakida is known for. Our podcast first featured her music about five years ago and we held on to our claim that she was more than one to watch. Now, in 2010, we are more than proud of her body of musical contributions. From shout outs, videos, album release parties and then some, Salakida continues to stay true to her talent and we won't hesitate with keeping her in heavy rotation. Feel free to download, share, and enjoy this track and let's hear from you....

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