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Nu Jazz: Free Download of the Week

21 April 2007-- We're moving right along with a host of news to tell !  Let me start with a download that comes out of the vaults of procducer Sean Mooney. This gem is titled "Nu Jazz". Yours truly will begin mixing for "4 Da Soul" Radio Show. Be sure to check for them online as they bring you much more of the soul music that we love. I'm preparing tracks now for my show which will air on weekends and some weekdays. Once I get the lineup, I'll be sure to post. Please take some time to download the recent guests that have featured here. The likes of DJ Soulswede, DJ Crash, DJ Purple, and DJ Wrex. If you love mixes, this is the place to be. And yes, I am getting better at posting the tracklists. ha ha

Much respect and thanks to Trel and Pam at ONUTSS! They've given me so much inspiration and encouragement. I always have to show them love with my blogs and stuff. They're as beautiful and real as it gets. New music compilations and digital only release cds featuring Myoshi, Tara Caballero, and Ahmo Hight are on the way to a digital store near you. We've only just begin y'all . Reach out and touch me via email or Myspace!


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