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Mixed Emotions Volume 1!

I took all the energy and excitement from my travels and set them to song. Here is the result, an intro by Poetic Sunshyne and a mix featuring Dessy di Lauro, Laurnea, Vertical Hold, DJ Tobi-Wan,  FaraOne4, Scratch One, DJ Ease, The Brass King, Michael Watford,  Defari, Diargi, Eleonora, Silhouette Brown, and loads more. Let me get this tracklist together. Shouts out to Kevin Tolliver, Sista Suga, Trel, and Gary Anderson.....

Stay tuned for new mixes by yours truly, the Brass King, and DJ Nerstylist. Mixtape format is in full effect and we aim to feature the deluge of soul talent. Thanks for tuning in and an extra special thanks to Brandi from the 24 hour Virtual Mall!    Next stop-Hamburg, Lyon, Gothenburg....


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