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For Goldrose, Suga Shock, Trel, and Gary Anderson

It feels so good to be back in the mix! Thanks for everyone who knew my hiatus was all but planned. I've been balancing a lot of projects, some of which took me by surprise with the public response. "Download for Dollars" has taken flight. During the week I've been promoting, calling, networking, explaining, and all things in between. In the end, it will be well worth the grind.

When the schedule gets too hectic, I resort to doing what I know best...playing some sweet , soulful grooves and having a bit of fun with it. This mix episode ushers in a new era for me and hopefully for you as well. In the next three weeks, we have new music mixes from DJ Purple, The Brass King, more spoken word from The Untamed Tongues, and new full length COA mixes. So for Trel, Goldrose, Suga Shock, Gary Anderson, and all those people who help keep my faith on solid ground, this is for you.



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