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EJ Flavors: Ole Skool Wednesdays is back....

Straight outta the ATL, EJ Flavors represents with an Ole Skool Wednesdays mixx to take us back in the day. Drop in and show your love to one of my close associates in the game! Peace!


01 - (Featuring Jocelyn Brown) - Always There
02 - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
03 - I Love What You Do For Me
04 - Change
05 - Givin' It Up
06 - Step Into My Life
07 - Where Do We Go From Here
08 - Still A Friend Of Mine
09 - Deep Waters
10 - Where Did We Go Wrong
11 - Good Love
12 - Spellbound And Speechless
13 - Hold On To Me
14 - All That You Want Me To Be
15 - Labour Of Love
16 - Centre of the Sun
17 - Nights over Egypt
18 - Marrakech
19 - Magnetic Ocean
20 - Barumba

  At first, when I started designing an OSW, I thought I would start out with a nice post-disco mix, but a friend of mine from Chicago, DJ, suggested (rather surreptitiously, I might add) that I do a mix with Incognito. At first I shrugged at the thought, believing that they they didn't have enough material to fulfill the OSW requirement.  I was seriously mistaken. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that they had quite a bit of material before 1997.  It was on.




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