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DJ COA: The Second Verse

The gift rested in full understanding for the power of words. His compositions always constructed to enlighten, to uplift, to bring to light essence of the unspoken.

A respecter of persons, he never intended any disrespect, alas, opportunity within grasp, the moment seized to express warm sentiment to one most deserving.

Even the first day his eyes laid hold in total amazement, her beauty as if divinely touched and having an aura non-pareil. Each day a testament that the first

impression left it's mark, her charm irresistible, her company welcomed, he resigned to cherish her from a distance.

The distance represented timing of the ages, this script written in the key of life. Destined to share with her the thoughts of many, the vibe

penned furtively, the secret revealed in both word and deed. Near the closing of his verse, the boldness taking upon a new risk, he chanced it all

so his mind would be relieved, a bet placed so she'd be assured to have his complete trust for future acquaintance. Alas, the two remaining as

friends, forever linked by his admission that began many moons ago, she remained, to him , as most beautiful....




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