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Bekay the Brass King: Above Ground Music

I've always confessed to having humble beginnings. My journey has been fruitful and my success due in part to many people who have guided me in this music career. None more so than my brother Bekay, aka, the Brass King. Who would have ever thought I'd be in a position to give him a celebrity endorsement? Bekay wears many hats: DJ, producer, promoter, music historian, etc. His knowledge and respect for his craft set the standard for others to emulate. An ardent supporter of soulful musicians both major and indie, his mixtapes run the gamut of styles: soul, salsa, latin jazz, hip hop, etc. Today's podcast is a special arrangement for you to get acquainted with the man I give much deserved credit. Without further adieu, let me introduce to you all Bekay the Brass King!!!


Bekay the Brass King

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