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2009: The Year of Kim Arrington

I want to wish everyone the most possible and prosperous of a year to come. It's fun to set your sights and to accomplish said goals! I like to predict what others will achieve as well. Set your ears and eyes on a dazzling musician named Kim Arrington. She will quickly become one of your favorites and I hope you remember COA said so.

My good friend Nat Harris from London turned me on to Kim's lovely sound. During my recent recovery from emergency surgery, it was Kim's music that helped ease my pain. Kim has performed for thousands of people and her debut cd, available everywhere, is titled

First Love Note of Kim Arrington. I hope you delight in it half as much as myself and that her sweet sound finds rotation in your music library. Here is one of the gems from her album, the single track "Front Door". Thanks for hanging in there with me and be sure to spread the word. 2009 is gonna be an excellent year.

Your Friend,


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